Something in water that might kill Finches?

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Apr 6, 2020, 5:53:07 PM4/6/20
We have had six finches in a large cage/small aviary in our bedroom for man years. this morning, they were all dead. We can think of nothing that might have caused this. There is no gas upstairs and the kitchen is in a distant addition on the first floor. We give them the same food we have given them for years.

The only thing we can think of is that our water recently tasted kind of metallic/chemically. Is there something that gets into tap water that kills finches? We want to get the water tested, but we have to tell them what to test for. Our plumbing is all newish (2007) and all PEX so it is not copper or something. Our water line was also new in 2006.

It is kind of a long shot, but i am hoping someone has heard of some cause that could do this. Without a focus, having he water tested is next to useless.

Thank oyu.

Simone Karsman

Apr 6, 2020, 8:08:21 PM4/6/20
I am so sorry to hear this, this is so sad. I don't know about the water, but your message just tore my heart up. I have two male Finches, One I've had for 10 yrs and the other is 3, he replaced a 6 yr old who died from a fall. It was devastating to lose him, I can't imagine how you feel losing six. So sorry. :/ I hope you discover the problem.
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