Injured Crow

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Apr 15, 2020, 8:04:59 PM4/15/20
Hello, I’d noticed an injured crow in my yard at the feeding station the past 2-3 days. I contacted a wildlife rehabilitation organization and they said that if the injury looks new, they can probably take it, and requested pictures/video. While taking the pictures, I noticed that he/she was headed towards an area where I could corral it down an alley and grab it (unless it could manage to get past 6ft walls. It couldn’t) and I got it. I sent photos of the wing to my friend who’s a vet, who’s offered to splint wings for me in the past, and she said that since it looks like an open fracture, they will probably euthanize it.

No doubt it’s in pain, and unless they can fix it, will probably never fly again. It has a constant supply of food/water in my yard, and eats and drinks, is alert and active.

Should I take it to be killed, or let it go back in the yard?
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