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May 30, 2001, 1:33:59 AM5/30/01
Since I may just have to linger a little longer in the North Joisey area
(see my earlier post titled "Urgent help needed from Floridians!!!"), is
there anybody in this neck of the woods (even NY or PA) who might have
an empty bird room or aviary in which I might temporarily house at least
some of my flock? We will all be homeless as of June 15, and, as my
current condo is trying to fine me 25.00 a day for keeping these
terrible creatures (parakeets and love birds) who have been such a
nuisance to the entire building that no one even knew about them (for
the past 6 years) until I opened my apartment up to prospective buyers
and a board member happened to come all the way into the actual room in
which the critters live and go "Eek! Boids!" - any help or advice
would be gratefully accepted.

By the way, bird lovers, stay out of Montclair, New Jersey, or if you
must come here, be sure to avoid a condo called "The Dorchester" like
the plague. The place is poison. Since the Board has so mismanaged the
building, they ae desperate for money, and fining anyone for anything
they damn well please, justified or not. Kinda shakes your faith in
human"kind". No wonder we love animals.

(Do I sound bitter? Of COURSE not!)

Faye Rhonda Barmack-Newport


May 30, 2001, 11:08:34 AM5/30/01

"Rhonda" <> wrote in message

Check our your lease, is there a clause about no pets? If not I don't see
how they can fine you for anything.


May 9, 2020, 1:54:37 PM5/9/20
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