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Cabelas Club Visa

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Robert Drongowski

May 17, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/17/00
I recently recieved my Cabelas CLub Visa, which I figured I might as well
use and at least get points (discount) from the totla orders I placed.
The application process was a little tricky, especially the part on
"Credit Card insurance" of which I declined. On my first Cabelas bill, I
recieved an 0.83 cent "Finance Charge". WHen I called Cabelas customer
service, they esplained that it was another company which charged the
finance charge. i expalined to them that I did not intend to pay, since
I didn't need their credit card protection. I also stated that Cableas
was on my Visa, not "another company" and requested that they remove the
charge. Cabelas stated they would, and I told them if another charge
occurred, they would have my Viasa back.
Lo and behold, on the next statement, a finance charge for $3.50
appeared. I kindly cut up my Cabelas visa and stuffed it into the
payment envelope with a letter explaining that they lost a customer that
had delat with them for 25 years, buit no more. I'll go to Bass or
defender or other such sources. What a rip. Anoe else with such an
experience with Cabelas??

Tom Kadlec

May 17, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/17/00

I obtained a Cabela's VISA and have been very pleased. No
unauthorized charges have been posted and all the appropriate points
have been assigned. I am sorry you had that experience. Sounds like
they got more of a response than they expected and can't handle the
volume. Hopefully, they will take your letter seriously and do
something to insure they don't lose more customers. Certainly, I too
would cut up the card and leave them if the same happened.

I do have one complaint -- they do not have on-line access. I'm
hoping that will come.

Tom Kadlec

Tom Kadlec

Bill and Nancy Weiler

May 17, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/17/00

By "on-line", I assume you mean via their web site. Not true. I placed
my last two orders over the web. Their catalog is easy to use and I
like the verification they send by email. They also alert you as to
when the item(s) was shipped. So far, I have no complaints, but I am a
relatively new card member.

Bill and Nancy Weiler
Tony, Wisconsin

Sue & Greg DeRose

May 17, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/17/00
Here is their web site.

Dec 28, 2013, 7:53:18 AM12/28/13
I've been a card holder for over 10 years. I've always had good customer service with cabelas visa. I was in best buy one time trying to buy electronics for home theater system an card was declined an my phone started ringing. Lol it was cabelas visa telling me my card was trying to be charged with unfamiliar spending habits. Lol. I told them it was me an the next swipe of card my transaction went thru. Never lost my place in line an really thought what happen was good to see they where watching my account that way. There catalog is easy to use on line an points is always redeem as promised. All in all very satisfied with them.
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