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Jerod Husvar

Aug 22, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/22/95

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Good morning! It's 3:38am on Tuesday August 22, 1995.
This is the 234th day of the year, there are 131 days left.

Happy Birthday to...
In 1240 Rabbi Menahem b. Solomon Meiri, talmudist, author

On this day...
In 0408 Stilicho, regent, general of Roman Empire,
beheaded by the Emperor
In 0634 Death of Abu Bakr, Caliph
In 1138 BATTLE OF THE STANDARD (Scots defeated by the English)
In 1280 Death of Pope Nicholas III
In 1305 William Wallace arrives in London, and is
tried and convicted for treason
In 1350 John II, "the Good" becomes King of France
In 1389 Coronation of Isabella, wife of Charles IV, King of France
In 1485 BOSWORTH and the defeat of (by Henry VII Tudor) and death
of Richard III Plantagenet (end of the War of the Roses)
In 1513 James IV, King of Scots, and his army, invade England
In 1540 Death of John Zapolya, once King of Hungary
In 1547 "Bloody Diet" of Bohemia
In 1553 Execution of John Dudley, Earl of Northumberland
In 1572 Coligny shot and wounded
In 1602 Death of Bartholomew Gosnold in Virginia Colony
In 1642 Charles I, King of England, raises his standard at
Nottingham, beginning the English Civil War
In 1654 Jacob Barsimon, 1st Jew known to have arrived in America,
lands at New Netherlands
In 1670 Hiacoomes, 1st Indian preacher of Christianity, ordained, Mass.

Thought for the day...
Of all the ills that men endure,
hope is the only cheap and universal cure.

Seen on a Pennsic tent-wall...

Democracy: Your Vote Counts
Feudalism: Your Count Votes

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Jerod Husvar

Aug 23, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/23/95

TODAY Version 3.1 09/01/90 Copyright 1986,88,90 By Patrick Kincaid

Good morning! It's 3:23am on Wednesday August 23, 1995.
This is the 235th day of the year, there are 130 days left.

On this day...
Volcanalia (Festival of Vulcan) in ancient Rome
In 0406 FIESOLE (Goths defeated by Stilicho)
In 0408 Stilicho beheaded
In 0476 Odoacer proclaimed King of Italy
In 0634 Abu Bakr, the Upright, 2nd Moslem Caliph, dies
In 1244 Turks take Jerusalem
In 1268 TAGLIATOZZA (Charles of Anjou and Sicily defeat Conradin)
In 1285 Death of St. Philip Benizi
In 1305 Execution of William Wallace
In 1328 CASSEL (Defeat of Flemish revolt)
In 1346 Gobin Agache guides the English army
In 1358 Death of Isabella, widow of King Edward II of England
In 1514 CHALDIRAN (Turks defeat Persians)
In 1591 Death of Luis de Leon, writer and mystic
In 1617 1st 1-way streets established (London)
In 1628 Assassination of the Duke of Buckingham by John Felton
In 1630 Wages for construction workers are limited
to 2/- per day in Mass.
In 1659 WINNINGTON BRIDGE (A Royalist rebellion is defeated)

Thought for the day...
If you bow at all, bow low.

Jerod Husvar

Aug 25, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/25/95

TODAY Version 3.1 09/01/90 Copyright 1986,88,90 By Patrick Kincaid

Good morning! It's 3:29am on Friday August 25, 1995.
This is the 237th day of the year, there are 128 days left.

Happy Birthday to...
In 1530 Birth of Ivan IV "the Terrible," Czar of Russia

On this day...
St. Genesius' Day, actor, patron of actors
In 0383 Gratian, Roman Emperor, slain at Lugdunum
In 0608 Boniface IV became Pope
In 0716 Siege of Constantinople begins
In 1213 Archbishop Langton meets with the Barons and prelates
of England and thus sets in motion the Magna Charta
In 1218 The fleet of the 5th Crusade finally breaks thru to Damietta
In 1248 King Louis IX of France and the 7th Crusade set out
In 1282 Death of St. Thomas of Hereford
In 1282 Death of St. Thomas de Cantilupe
In 1284 Birth of Edward II, King of England
In 1330 Death of Douglas, " The Good Sir James," in Spain
In 1346 CRECY (English archers defeat the French Chivalry)
In 1346 Death of John "the Blind", King of Bohemia, at Crecy
In 1482 Death of Margaret, Queen to Henry VI of England
In 1537 The Honourable Artillery Company chartered in England
In 1539 The Abbey of Glastonbury, England
dissolved as Catholic institution
In 1558 Marriage of Francis II, King of France, to Mary, Queen of Scots
In 1560 Protestantism formally effected in Scotland
In 1580 Antonio, claimant to the Portuguese throne, routed by the Spanish
In 1609 Galileo presents his 30X telescope to the Venetian Senate
In 1635 Great Colonial Hurricane strikes New England

Thought for the day...
Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.....

And something I saw today which I find very relevant to all of the
Post-Pennsic flamefests...

If you were arrested for being kind would there be enough evidence to
convict you?

Jerod Husvar

Aug 26, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/26/95

TODAY Version 3.1 09/01/90 Copyright 1986,88,90 By Patrick Kincaid

Good morning! It's 3:18am on Saturday August 26, 1995.
This is the 238th day of the year, there are 127 days left.

On this day...
In 0846 Basilica of St. Peter plundered by Saracens, Rome
In 1071 MANZIEKIERT (Byzantines defeated by Turks)
In 1278 Death of Attakar II, King of Bohemia
In 1429 Jeanne d'Arc enters Paris
In 1444 ST. JACOB (Swiss defeated by the French)
In 1498 Michelangelo commissioned to make the "Pieta"
In 1541 Turkish Sultan Suleiman I takes Buda (again), annexes Hungary
In 1542 The Duchy of Lorraine becomes independent of the German empire
In 1545 Pietro Farnese establishes the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza
In 1565 The "Chase-about Raid" forces Moray and his supporters to flee
In 1618 Frederick V elected as King of Bohemia
In 1629 Cambridge Agreement pledged; Massachusetts Bay Co. stockholders
agree to emigrate to New England
In 1635 Death of Lope Felix de Vega-Carpio
In 1648 "Day of the Barricades;" Start of the Fronde Uprising
In 1666 Frans Hals, Dutch painter, dies

Thought for the day...
There are very few problems that cannot be solved by a suitable
application of high explosives.

Jerod Husvar

Aug 27, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/27/95

TODAY Version 3.1 09/01/90 Copyright 1986,88,90 By Patrick Kincaid

Good morning! It's 3:00am on Sunday August 27, 1995.
This is the 239th day of the year, there are 126 days left.

On this day...
In 0055 Julius C‘sar lands in Britain (BCE)
In 0413 Athenian army besieging Syracuse fails to retreat because of
an eclipse; later trapped & destroyed (BCE)
In 0543 Death of St. Caesarius of Arles
In 0824 Death of Pope Eugenius II
In 1172 Marguerite, wife of Henry Plantagenet, "the Young King,"
crowned Queen of England
In 1189 King Guy of Jerusalem lays siege to Acre
In 1270 Death of King Louis IX (St.) of France
In 1310 Coronation of Charles I, King of Hungary
In 1529 Henry VIII, King of England, accedes to the Peace of Cambrai
In 1549 Defeat of Kett's Rebellion
In 1576 Death of Tiziano Vecelli, known as "Titian," painter
In 1587 John White sails for England from Roanoke Island
In 1590 Death of Pope Sixtus V
In 1611 Tom s Luis de Victoria, composer, dies at about 71
In 1626 (unknown name of battle) (Danes defeated by Catholic League)
In 1635 Death of Lope de Vega
In 1648 Death of St. Joseph Calasanz
In 1650 1st English expedition to cross the Alleghenies
leaves Ft. Henry, Va.
In 1660 Milton's books burned

Thought for the day...
No man can serve two masters, yes-men can serve hundreds.

Jerod Husvar

Aug 28, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/28/95

TODAY Version 3.1 09/01/90 Copyright 1986,88,90 By Patrick Kincaid

Good morning! It's 3:39am on Monday August 28, 1995.
This is the 240th day of the year, there are 125 days left.

Happy Birthday to...
In 1592 George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham

On this day...
In 0388 Magnus Maximus, usurping Roman Emperor, executed by Theodosius
In 0430 Death of St. Augustine of Hippo
In 0489 ISONZO (Goths defeat Romans)
In 0876 Death of King Louis the German
In 1378 The Ciompi march on the government of Florence, Italy
In 1413 St. Andrew's University, Scotland, chartered
In 1448 Francs-Archers, regular French infantry, created
In 1534 Founding of San Fransisco de Quito, Ecuador
In 1540 Death of Francesco Mazzola
In 1549 A duel takes place with bastard swords between the
Baron d'Aguerre and the Lord of Fendilles
In 1565 Pedro Menendez de Aviles arrives at Fort Caroline,
which he re-names St. Augustine, Florida
In 1565 Jean Ribault arrives at Fort Caroline with French reinforcements
In 1609 Delaware Bay explored by Henry Hudson for the Netherlands
In 1619 Election of Ferdinand II as Holy Roman Emperor
In 1630 Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts colony
holds his first court session
In 1640 NEWBURN-ON-THE-TYNE (Covenanters defeat Royalists)
In 1648 Colchester surrenders to Fairfax
In 1654 Death of Count Axel Oxenstjerna of Sweden

Thought for the day...
A good man gone wrong is usually a bad man found out.

Jerod Husvar

Aug 29, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/29/95

TODAY Version 3.1 09/01/90 Copyright 1986,88,90 By Patrick Kincaid

Good morning! It's 3:28am on Tuesday August 29, 1995.
This is the 241st day of the year, there are 124 days left.

Happy Birthday to...
In 1632 John Locke

On this day...
In 0030 Beheading of St. John, the Baptist
In 1179 Castle Chastelet falls to Saladin
In 1261 Election of Pope Urban IV
In 1315 MONTECATINI (Pisa defeats Florence)
In 1350 WINCHELSEA (English defeat Spanish fleet)
In 1475 England again invades France
In 1475 Treaty of Picquigny
In 1484 Election of Pope Innocent VIII
In 1512 Capture of Prato by the Spanish
In 1512 Return of the Medici to Florence
In 1526 MOHACS (defeat of Hungarian army by Ottoman Turks;
death of Lajos II, King of Hungary)
In 1533 Execution of Atahualpa, last Inca ruler
In 1645 Death of Grotius
In 1661 Death of Louis Couperin, French Baroque composer

Thought for the day...
The floggings will contine until morale improves!
-Ghengis Khan

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