It's Only Rock & Roll Comix / 1975

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Will Dockery

Sep 29, 2018, 8:32:09 AM9/29/18
It's Only Rock & Roll Comix
Only Printing / 1975 / 36 pages / H. Bunch Associates

"...British artist Joe (J.J.) Petagno. wrote and rrew It's Only Rock & Roll provides a series of parodies of major rock stars in the '70, including Alice Cooper, Elton John, David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Lou Reed. Each parody consists of an adaptation of one of the rock star's hit songs, changing the lyrics to make fun of the star, who is caricatured in the ugliest manner possible... Finally, Lou Reed is depicted as a vile homosexual monster with an STD. Lou Reed...well, I guess one should ridicule his drug use, but Petagno seems to want to attack his sexuality instead, as well as his association with Andy Warhol. The third installment that we show is the parody of former leader of Velvet Underground, with the help of Bowie in 1973, as Lou Reed returning as a star. The Transformer c. the white wall of the album cover will be a real Frankenstein monster, Walk on the Wild Side becomes Walk on the Vile Side , and the girls from the chorus of colored girls are simply ugly (ugly girls). Whatever, the spirit of the comic is apparently to be as mean as possible to mega-rock stars. .."
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