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interview with 60s Bee Gees member; articles on Johnny Rivers, Trini Lopez

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Jason Gross

Jul 31, 2022, 2:42:51 PM7/31/22

In the new August 2022 issue of Perfect Sound Forever <>, you'll find (among other things):

Interview with '60s member Vince Melouney
"When we think about the Bee Gees, what comes to mind is probably three brothers named Gibb (hence the name), plus disco, plus many hits. What many people don't know is that after Barry, Maurice and Robin bounced back and forth between the UK and Australia, they started getting hits around the global with an expanded line-up that included guitarist/singer/songwriter Vince Melouney."

His new revealing bio pic
"On the surface, Trini Lopez can epitomize ‘60's pop at its most congenial and happy-go-lucky. He's the guy who made folk swing, or even into a sort of go-go party music, with his Top Five 1963 live LP At PJ's. He took "If I Had a Hammer" even higher in the charts than Peter, Paul & Mary did, and brought the same peppy cheer to standards like "Down By the Riverside," "La Bamba" and "This Land Is Your Land," mixing in some rock'n'roll, R&B, and Broadway."

Rocker goes folk
"Odds are, if you've been attuned to popular music of the past half-century, you've heard the two hits from 1966 for which Johnny Rivers is best known: "Secret Agent Man" and "Poor Side of Town." These mid-tempo miracles of pop-rock construction are so hook-laden that you can probably conjure at least parts of their melodies and lyrics ("They've given you a number..." "So welcome back, baby, to the..."), and you might even be able to mentally reconstruct their twangy guitar licks."

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