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Mackenzie Phillips addresses decade-long incestuous relationship with 'very dark' musician dad #4826 edition

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Dec 2, 2023, 5:59:45 PM12/2/23
“One Day at a Time” star Mackenzie Phillips is addressing the decade-long
incestuous relationship she had with her late father, John Phillips.

Mackenzie, 64, recently chatted with her half sister Chynna Phillips
Baldwin via the latter’s YouTube channel about how even though she viewed
their dad as a “genius,” she knew he had a “very, very dark side.”

Mackenzie — who first detailed the pair’s abusive affair in her 2011 book,
“High On Arrival: A Memoir” — agreed with Baldwin, 55, that the Mamas &
the Papas frontman was very unpredictable.

“Dad was something else,” Mackenzie said. “And I get a lot of criticism
and a lot of trolling online for having forgiveness in my heart.
Forgiveness because forgiving is for me, not for the other person.”

The substance abuse counselor — who “was in rehab 10 or 11 times over a
30-year period” before she got sober — made sure to note, “Forgiving
doesn’t mean I co-sign or agree with what I’m forgiving you for — or him

“It’s very complicated. It’s very, very complicated,” she added. “And yet,
I am at peace.”

Though Mackenzie’s bombshell revelation initially caused major tension
within her family, she and Baldwin were able to fully reconcile.

“It took a long time, but we came back together as a family,” the former
actress said, admitting that she always feels “guilty” when she discusses
“the conditions of [their] childhoods.”

But Chynna — who is married to actor Billy Baldwin — assured Mackenzie,
“When I stood by you, I meant it with all my heart, you know? I really
did. And I believed you. And I want you to know that I was proud of you
for coming out [with your story] … even though it was painful for

The Wilson Phillips songstress went on to remind her sibling that they are
among the “most dysfunctional Hollywood families;” their half-sister,
Bijou Phillips, recently filed for divorce from Scientologist and
convicted rapist Danny Masterson.

In her memoir, Mackenzie claimed that John first raped her on the night
before her wedding to Jeff Sessler when she was 19.

The musician died in March 2001.

Lying whore. She was fucking her dad long before that and her mom knew
about it.
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