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2-18-24 - Cash Box Reviews of The Day - MARCH 25, 1950

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Feb 18, 2024, 9:35:16 AMFeb 18
MARCH 25, 1950


Sammy Kaye Orch. (RCA Victor 20-3608)

"WANDERIN'" (2:58)

The Sammy Kaye ork follows up their smash success of “It Isn’t Fair,”
with another pair of fresh sides that are surely destined for a top spot
on the nation’s juke boxes. Both ends of this biscuit are hot juke box
items, and should be on top in almost no time at all. Top side has Sam-
my going off the deep end via a musical bit that tugs at your corpuscles.
Titled “Wanderin’,” the side has a sock compelling vocal effort by piper
Tony Alamo and the Kaye Choir. It’s a strong, posh tune, with a ton of
powerful lyrics echoing throughout. Plush production manner of the tune
adds to the luster and polish of the ditty. The flip is in the more familiar
Kaye style, with Laura Leslie, Don Cornell, the Kaydets and the Choir all
joining for the merry refrain of “The Bicycle Song.” It’s a cute melodic
item that rings the bell, and should walk off with a host of honors. Both
ends of this platter are tailor made for the juke box trade—grab ’em!!


Lionel Hampton Orch. (Decca 24946)

"SAD FEELING" (2:44)
"HAMP'S GUMBO" (2:43)

Fresh wax by Lionel Hampton is here for the asking. Top side on this platter
is a medium up tempo novelty item, with Sonny Parker handling the lyrics
effectively. Ditty has no commercial appeal. The flip slows down to a sad
blues item with Sonny in the spotlight again. Tune shapes up as a stock
blues item that doesn’t appear to be headed anywhere in particular.


Dean Martin (Capitol 937)

"RAIN" (2:50)

Dean Martin handles the refrain of “Rain” in effective manner
here, to set up a fair enough biscuit for music ops. Tune is an
oldie currently being revived, and should catch on and go. This
rendition is one of the best around. The flip switches to a Latin
tempo’d piece rolling in moderate patter, with Dean once again
turning in a smooth vocal job. Wax rates heavily for juke box play.




"A Fool In Love" (2:56)
"Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" (2:59)

The high-flying Bull Moose Jackson, currently hot via
a number of click disks, comes up with another pair
of great sides to nab this featured spot this week. Both
ends of this plater have all the ear-marks of becoming
hot coin cullers that should wear white in the phonos.
Titled “A Fool In Love” and “Let Your Conscience Be
Your Guide,” Bull Moose demonstrates the great style
that has made him the top popular performer he is. Top
deck is a bit of romantic blues, with Bull Moose pitching
the lyrics in wonderful manner. Ork backing on the side
rings true to round out the side. Ditty is one that should
be taken up by music fans in no time at all. The flip is
another grade-A tune that should catch on with great
favor. Bull Moose offers a bit of clever advice in his vocal
refrain, with the band joining in the background. The side
that we feel will step out and be a big one is “A Fool In
Love.” Ops should latch on—but pronto!


VAN WALLS (Atlantic 904)

'Tee Nah Nah" (2:44)
"Ain't Gonna Scold You" (2:45)

Ditty that is rapidly catching on in many spots throughout the nation
is this item tagged “Tee Nah Nah.” It’s a zany piece of music, that is
just weird enough to blossom out into a big hit. This rendition, by Van
“Piano Man” Walls and his After Hour Session Boys shows well enough,
and should grab some healthy coin play. Vocal by Spider Sam on the
side echoes the title in effective manner. The flip has Sam back again,
turning in another side that has juke box possibilities. Ops should look
into “Tee Nah Nah.”


CLARENCE BROWN (Peacock 1508)

"It Can Never Be That Way" (2:51)
"I've Been Mistreated" (2:46)

Pair of sides that music ops should get with are these offered by Clarence Brown.
Wax, titled “It Can Never Be That Way” and “I’ve Been Mistreated” has the spark
that makes for juke box winners. Both sides feature Brown on guitar, with some
great instrumental and vocal work, seeping thru too. Wax is the brand that should
draw consistent juke box silver. It rates a top spot in music ops machines.



"Camp Meeting Bounce" (2:37)
"What's Happening" (2:56)

The Guy that made “The Hucklebuck” the big hit it was, comes up here
with a pair of fresh sides in this duo tabbed “Camp Meeting Bounce” and
“What’s Happening.” Top deck is just what the title indicates, with the
Williams crew displaying their instrumental wares in fine fashion. The
coupling has chirp Connie Allen on the vocal, offering a bit of blues that
should do extremely well in the phonos. The wide following Williams has
should account for some lively juke box action with this pair.

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