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Dec 1, 2011, 10:01:30 PM12/1/11
The Library CD Shelf

Songs from Yeats' Bee-loud Glade
Poems by W.B. Yeats
Music by Kyle Alden
Hearth Music

Songs from Yeats' Bee-loud Glade sets the lyrics of thirteen of W.B.
Yeats' poems to modern-folk music composed by the talented Kyle Alden.
Expert mandolin player Mike Marshall, former Frank Zappa bassist Scott
Thunes, and violinist Athena Tergis of the Dublin Philharmonic
Orchestra perform the music that perfectly balances the Irish poet's
immortal musings. The result is a treasure for any music lover who
also relishes classic poetry. The tracks are "Brown Penny" (3:03),
"Running to Paradise" (3:39), "Colonel Martin" (5:21), "The Lake Isle
of Innisfree" (3:20), "The Song of Wandering Aengus" (2:09), "The
Cloak, the Boat and the Shoes" (2:31), "The Valley of the Black
Pig" (3:46), "The Mask" (2:37), "The Pilgrim" (5:08), "The Heart of
the Woman" (2:32), "The Cap and Bells" (3:40), "The Blessed" (5:59),
and "The Well and the Tree" (2:16).

New Deli
Evergreene Music
450 W. 31st St., 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10001-4608

New Deli is the latest irreverent music album by TriBeCaStan, a band
so eclectic they practically form their own musical nation. Freely
borrowing rhythm, instruments, traditions, and the simple love of
music from cultures across the world, their performance includes
melodies of the charango (a stringed instrument) and the marimbula (a
large thumb piano) drawn from jams with Cuban musicians, to the
baritone saxophone strains of Claire Daly, the newest addition to
TriBeCaStan's tight-knit group. The extraordinary, world-spanning
nature of New Deli is a perfect snapshot of an increasingly
interconnected world as reflected in music, and an excellent, fresh
addition to international music CD collections. The tracks are "Song
for Kroncha" (4:24), "Louie's Luau" (4:20), "Freaks for the
Festival" (4:37), "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (3:44), "Dive
Bomber" (3:23), "A Crack in the Clouds" (4:29), "Bed Bugs" (5:22),
"Jovanka" (4:01), "Daddy Barracuda" (5:18), "Two for Ornette" (4:27),
"Guinea" (3:46), "His Axe Fell into Honey" (5:48), "El Bumpa" (3:41),
"The Brain Surgeon's Wife Serves Lunch" (3:07), and "The Mystery of
Licorice McKechnie" (3:41).

To My Surprise
The Mike Longo Trio plus two special guests
Consolidated Artists Productions
The Creative Service Company
4360 Emerald Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Jazz pianist Mike Longo, bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer Lewis Nash
along with horn-player special guests Jimmy Owens (trumpet and
flugelhorn) and Lance Bryant (tenor saxophone) present To My Surprise,
a music CD showcase of acoustic jazz. Brimming with energy,
complexity, and drive, To My Surprise is an original treasure, highly
recommended especially for jazz lovers. The tracks are "A Picture of
Dorian Mode" (5:30), "Still Water" (5:19), "New Muse Blues" (6:00),
"Limbo" (3:31), "Alone Again" (9:12), "I Hadn't Any One Til'
You" (5:49), "Old Devil Moon" (5:59), "Magic Bluze" (3:24), "To My
Surprise" (6:00), "You've Changed" (6:29), "Eye of Hurricane" (3:24),
and "In the Wee Small Hours" (4:25).

Boom Boom Boom: Round Dance Songs
Gentlemen's Club
Canyon Records Productions
3131 West Clarendon Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85017

Boom Boom Boom: Round Dance Songs is a Native American music album
gathering Pow-wow groups from all across the Great Lakes region,
including Midnite Express, Pipestone, Eyabay, and Tha Tribe. Solid
drumming forms the core of this music; the song lyrics range from
lonely heartbreak to the joy of forming new connections. A vibrant,
driving musical experience, Boom Boom Boom is a cream of the crop
addition to Round Dance music collections. The tracks are
"Funkadelic" (3:46), "Big Girlz" (4:12), "They Dance For You" (3:54),
"Lil' Red's Medley" (3:14), "The Only One for Me" (3:28), "Don't Think
I'll Go Out Tonight" (4:15), "All That Jazz" (4:09), "Oh Me, Oh
Me" (3:30), "Big City Bouncin'" (3:33), "Still Missin' U" (4:18),
"I-29" (4:29), "The G-Club" (3:46), "Judy Dooty" (3:46), "The
Anthem" (4:44), "Baaki" (4:10), "Nothing You Could Say" (3:17),
"Scoutin'" (4:25), and "English River" (3:48).

After the Disquiet
Privately Published
c/o FlipSwitch (publicity)
PO Box 2207
Bloomington, IN 47404-2207

After the Disquiet is a music CD album featuring the multicultural
stylings of Ravish Momin and the band Tarana. All the compositions are
by Momin; the music blends jazz with Asian, Middle-eastern, and
African elements, creating a smooth and lively listening experience.
The tracks are "Disposable", which is based on a North-Indian folk
song; "Hava", which is inspired by the famous Palace of Air in Jaipur,
India and its revolutionary placement of windows to promote air-flow
in the desert; "Night Song", a tribute to the late, great jazz bassist
Wilber Morris that features a sprinkling of hip-hop rhythm; and "The
Black Teeth of Trees", an improvised piece that draws upon the pulse-
pounding intensity of dance clubs and electronic beats. After the
Disquiet is a superb choice for music connoisseurs looking to
experience something fresh!


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