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Pure Mathematics By Backhouse Pdf 91

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Willodean Krell

Nov 29, 2023, 10:54:30 AM11/29/23
The renowned author Vikram Seth had a rigorous selection process for choosing his literary agent. He interviewed several candidates, including Giles Gordon, who later became his agent and friend. Gordon recalled the experience of being questioned by Seth at one end of a long table. "He wanted to know our literary tastes, our views on poetry, our views on plays, which novelists we liked".[11] Seth was not interested in the commercial aspects of his writing, but in finding an agent who shared his passion for poetry as well as his other genres. He proved his literary talent by securing huge advances for his books: £250,000 for A Suitable Boy, which he jokingly called "the ludicrous advance for that book"[12], £500,000 for An Equal Music and £1.4 million for Two Lives.[13] He also showed his creativity and wit by composing an acrostic poem[14] in honour of Gordon at his memorial service in 2005.[15]\n\npure mathematics by backhouse pdf 91\nDownload\n\n\n\nSeth's relationship with Gordon was more than just professional. They became close friends and shared many interests, such as gardening, cooking and travelling. Seth often visited Gordon at his home in Scotland, where they would enjoy long walks and conversations. Gordon also supported Seth through some difficult times, such as his break-up with his partner Philippe Honoré and his struggle with writer's block.[16]\n\nGordon was not only Seth's agent, but also his editor and critic. He helped Seth shape his manuscripts and gave him honest feedback. He was particularly instrumental in the editing of A Suitable Boy, which was originally much longer than the final version. He persuaded Seth to cut down some parts and focus on the main plot. He also suggested the title of the book, which Seth liked and adopted.[17]\n\nSeth admired Gordon's literary taste and judgement, as well as his kindness and generosity. He dedicated An Equal Music to him, and wrote a touching tribute to him after his death. He said that Gordon was "one of the most remarkable men I have ever met".[18] He also expressed his gratitude for Gordon's friendship and guidance in his acrostic poem, which spelled out Giles Gordon's name with the first letter of each line.[14]\n\nSeth's writing career spanned several genres and forms. He wrote novels, poetry, essays, libretti and children's books. He was also fluent in several languages, including English, Hindi, Urdu, French and German. He translated works from these languages into English, such as the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and the novel The Golden Gate by Pushkin.[19]\n\n\n\nSeth's most famous work is A Suitable Boy, which is one of the longest novels ever published in a single volume. It is a sweeping saga of post-independence India, following the lives of four families and their interconnections. It explores themes such as love, marriage, politics, religion and social change. It was widely acclaimed by critics and readers alike, and won several awards.[20]\n\nSeth's other novels include The Golden Gate, which is a novel in verse set in San Francisco; An Equal Music, which is a love story between two musicians; and Two Lives, which is a memoir of his great-uncle and aunt who lived in Germany and England during the Nazi era. Seth also wrote several collections of poetry, such as The Humble Administrator's Garden, All You Who Sleep Tonight and Beastly Tales. He also wrote libretti for operas, such as Arion and the Dolphin and The Rivered Earth.[21]\n 35727fac0c\n
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