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Steve McGowan

Apr 10, 1995, 3:00:00 AM4/10/95

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From: word...@aol.com (Wordsound)
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Date: 10 Apr 1995 01:16:54 -0400
Subject: Underground dub Label...

Brooklyn is the home of Wordsound recordings, an underground label
dedicated to pushing the limits of dub and its cousins
hip-hop/ambient/jazz, etc.

We have 5 releases all available by mailorder and have some distribution
in Canada and the US as well. Europe should be coming soon. Anyone with
questions please e-mail

We think the stuff is different and interesting. So far Prince Paul (de la
Soul, Gravediggers) , dub poet Oku Onuora, and maestro Bill Laswell have
all contributed their skills to various projects. Plus a whole host of
people you havent heard of but might enjoy.
so e-mail us at

ALSO ***Any interested distributors or press please contact us as well***
Mailing Adress
129 north 11th street
Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 599-1510

Following is our brief e-catalog...

Communique #1

WordSound is not a record label in the traditional sense. We are not
concerned with hitting the charts, breaking groups, or making hits.
WordSound is a guerilla think tank banded together for the purpose of
continual creativity...

WordSound was started to harness the energy of the underground--those
creators whose radical approach to the word, sound, and vision has been
suppressed by the domination of the corporate overlord. We are here to
provide the people with a true alternative to the commercialized arena,
and hijack institutions that choke free expression....

Our name comes from the Rastafarian expression: "Wordsound have power,"
which acknowledges the spiritual energy emanating from the combination of
words and sounds, language and rhythm, text and ambience. WordSound is the
word of sound--how the music speaks to us subliminally, and what it

Because all of our projects are completely produced, directed, and
financed by creators, not businessmen, we retain total control over our
creations. Only in this way can we unite the diverse strands of the past
and bring forth an unadulterated vision of what lies ahead. WordSound
represents the world of sound in constant elevation....

The Red Shift

Oku Onoura, DJ Prince Paul, Scarab, Roots Control

A compilation of label talent, The Red Shift embraces the infinite world
of sound, freely mixing hip-hop, dub, funk, jazz, rock, Middle Eastern and
African rhythms in a cerebral stew of sonic excitement. Featuring such
artists as Jamaican dub poet Oku Onuora and DJ Prince Paul (De La Soul,
Gravediggaz), as well as up and coming groups like Roots Control and
Scarab, this eclectic collection launches the underground sound of


Produced by Scarab & The Mystic

Scarab opens a new chapter in dub with their self-titled debut: Not since
Augustus Pablo have primal dub rhythms and middle eastern melodies come
into such intimate communication. A revolving cast of international
players, Scarab takes you on a journey through the mystical, mythical east
on a caravan of raw percussion and ambient illness. Step lightly through
the vast deserts of the mind as you conjure visions of the future.

Crooklyn Dub Consortium
Certified Dope, Vol. 1

Bill Laswell/Sly Dunbar, Sub Dub, We, Qaballah Steppers, Roots Control,
Spectre, Megabyte

WordSound leads the charge of the bass brigade with The Crooklyn Dub
Consortium, a secret society of subterranean bass terrorists from the
planet Brooklyn. Certified Dope features over 70 minutes of the most
futuristic dub you've ever heard, from the likes of Bill Laswell, Sub Dub,
Roots Control, and Spectre. Forget about trip-hop, this is the real
shiz-nit. Word.

Dub In Fusion

Produced by Professor Shehab & Dr. Israel
Featuring Umar Bin Hassan (Last Poets), Douglas Israel, Dubadelic

Professor Shehab and Dr. Israel from the Institute of Dubology embark upon
a voyage into the realms of Bug with a 5-song EP that seeks to bring a
greater awareness of the subliminal low-end frequencies that control our
inner spatial orientation. Tired of theorizing, and butting heads with the
eggheads of academia, Shehab and Israel set out to prove that dub is
indeed the foundation--with a little help from Last Poet Umar Bin Hassan,
roots singer/junglist Douglas Israel, and Dubadelic.

The Seshambeh Project

Produced by Scarab

A side project by members of Scarab, Seshambeh probes the outer limits of
the imagination using pure and total sound as the key to unlock the hidden
doors of perception. Hailed as an African Head Charge meets The Master
Musicians of Jajouka, this aural tapestry intermangles live playing and
samples in a manner both mind-blowing and majikal. Truly uplifting and

These CD's are available for a price of $11 (U.S.) each plus $2 postage
and handling per disc ($4 P&H for foreign). Please make orders payable to
"S.H. Fernando Jr" and mail to 129 North 11th street, Brooklyn, NY

wholesale inquiries welcome

press/review info or questions please contact us by e-mail
(word...@aol.com) or telephone (718) 599-1510.

Thank you.

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