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11/29/97 Worcester Centrum Setlist

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Andrew Hitz

Nov 30, 1997, 3:00:00 AM11/30/97

Hello everyone,
Tonight's show at the Centrum was, well, assinine. My brain
really hurts and I doubt I'll be better by 8 pm tomorrow. Here is how
it went down...

I: The Wedge, Foam, Simple, TMWSIY->Alveenu Malkenu->TMWSIY, The
Sloth, Ginseng Sullivan, Saw It Again, Horn, Water in the Sky, David

II: Runaway Jim->Jam->Jam->Jam->Jam->Jam->Really Good Jam->Weekapaug
Jam, Strange Design, Harry Hood, Fuckerpants (commonly called Prince
Caspian), Suzy Greenburg

E: Buffalo Bill, Moby Dick, Fire

The best encore I've ever seen without Warren Haynes;) This show was
truly unbelievable. The Runaway Jim makes a lot of other versions
seem pretty prepubescent. 64 minutes. It reminded me in a lot of
ways to the Memphis Tweezer, yet very different at the same time. The
Hood carried on the tradition at the Centrum. Saw It Again gave
everyone their arena rock fix. The beginning of Suzy was botched.
During the first section where Fishman screams he yelled "I thought
you said Golgi". Check out the tapes and you'll hear that Fishman
began Golgi when everyone else began Suzy. Did I mention the encore?
A whole lot of fun. The second set and encore went 1 hour 55 minutes.
And the entire show was 3:20 worth of music. Is that more than NYE

See this band at all costs this fall wherever you live. They will
make your brain hurt, just like mine. They are truly on a plateau
right now that makes me want to quit my job and school and see every
show. Oh well, it is tough being me sometimes...

I am very scared for tomorrow night. Everyone should be very


PS Mike's Song->Thriller tomorrow night. The FUNK is upon us.

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