Setlist: 05/04/99 Murat Theatre - Indianapolis, Indiana (and 05/03/99 Corrections)

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Robert G. Johnson

May 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/5/99
Murat Theatre - Indianapolis, Indiana

Set One (Trey Solo Acoustic; approx. 70 min.): Dirt, Dogs Stole Things,
Mountains in the Mist*, Snowflakes in the Sand, Purple Hue**,
Talk, Bathtub Gin***, Kissed by Mist (new original)****, Get Back
on the Train (new original) ^, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Chalk
Dust Torture
Set Two (Electric): Will It Go Round In Circles, First Tube, Ooh Child,
Bell-Bottom Blues, Heavy Thing (new original)^^, Wing of a Bug
(new original)^^^, Somanatin, Andre the Giant (new original)^^^^,
I Can See Clearly Now, Pistol -> Drums Duel#, Voodoo Child (slight
Encore: Row Jimmy, Last Tube -> Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown

* - formerly known (05/03/99) as "Bake and Boil"
** - formerly known (05/03/99) as "Minestrone"
*** - dedicated to aLi and Jesse, for naming the song "Minestrone"
**** - new song for Julia Butterfly Hill, a woman sitting in a tree
named Luna in northern California for a year and a half to
protest logging of the nation's forests
^ - provisional title (consensus best guess of those there)
^^ - possibly called "Heavy Boots" (title apparently unclear)
^^^ - reports mention "Wind" or possibly "Bug" as well as "Winds of a
Bug" ... [my guess is that it is "Wings of a Bug" - Rob ]
^^^^ - possibly "Living in Havana" (Trey apparently undecided on title)
# - Trey on smaller drum kit to the left of the bass; duel was similar
to Monday night's

Thanks to aLi McDowell for the setbreak and after-show calls! :)
Additional thanks to Julia Mordaunt, Andy Gadiel, Mike Noltner and Matt
Hembree for the email

Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Set One (Trey Solo Acoustic): Farmhouse, Snowflakes In The Sand*, Bake and
Boil*, Bouncing Around the Room, Minestrone**, Guyute, ***Brian &
Robert, Possum
Set Two (Electric): Ooh Child, Mozambique****, Come On Baby Let's Go
Downtown, Gotta Jiboo, Keyboard Solo (Trey)^, Then Came You^^,
First Tube, Pistol^^^, I Can See Clearly Now, Will It Go Round In
Circles^^^^, Drums Duel, Silicon Fairy#
Encore: Aqui Como Alla##, Voodoo Child (slight return)###

* - New song, first time played
** - New song, first time played; from Jesse Jarnow: "In the first set
there was an untitled instrumental. Trey said that whomever posted
the setlist first got to name it. In deference to aLi's misreading
of the word "instrumental" on my setlist, we hereby request that
the tune be named "Minestrone"."
*** - Trey talked about reading on Sonicnet about his show at Higher
Ground and how they had allegedly played "Voodoo Child" during
the electric set at the show, when in fact they hadn't (perhaps
"Ooh Child" was mistaken for "Voodoo Child"?), and talked about
how the unknown songs would frustrate fans online. He then
introduced the next song as being "Voodoo Child (acoustic)"
and played "Brian & Robert"
**** - previously listed as "Unknown Song (played at Higher Ground
02/15/99)"; first played at the Eight Foot Flourescent Tubes
^ - included teases of "Axel F" (from the soundtrack to Beverly Hills
^^ - Philip T. Pugh and Sherman Marshall cover; also done by The
Spinners (with Dionne Warwick); first time played
^^^ - previously listed as "Symptom"; also first played with the Eight
Foot Flourescent Tubes
^^^^ - Billy Preston cover, previously listed with a possible title of
"Melody"; first time played
# - also first played at the Eight Foot Flourescent Tubes
## - previously listed as "Mid-Tempo Instrumental"
### - Jimi Hendrix cover, from the album Electric Ladyland; first time
played ... [ Note: more information on whether this was "Voodoo
Chile" or "Voodoo Child (slight return)" would be greatly
appreciated. For now, I'm going to go with "(slight return)" as
that seems to be the more often covered version. Thanks - Rob ]

Thanks to aLi McDowell for the after-show phone call and to both aLi and
Jesse for the email! Additional thanks go out to Jesse, Andrew Jay
Peerless, Bishop, Jonathan Van Schoick, Ross K. Lewandowski, Jamie Lutch,
Christian David Hoard and brereto2 for corrections!

A review of the show can be found on the ABC News/Wall of Sound site at


May 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/6/99
> ^^^ - reports mention "Wind" or possibly "Bug" as well as "Winds of a
> Bug" ... [my guess is that it is "Wings of a Bug" - Rob ]

I recall Trey introducing it as "Windora Bug." Apparently Tony sang, "Is it a
wind? Or a bug? It's a Windora Bug."

Regardless, it's a fun little tune.

We got the rules down now...


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