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Teacher fired after posting about ban on LGBT Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton song: 'When will it end?'

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Jul 14, 2023, 7:34:36 PM7/14/23

A Wisconsin teacher whose students were banned from performing a
controversial Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton song has been fired after
venting online about her frustration over the decision.

Melissa Tempel addressed the ban on Twitter after her first-grade
students’ performance of “Rainbowland,” a song that encourages LGBTQ+
acceptance and references rainbows, was canceled by the Waukesha school

“My first graders were so excited to sing Rainbowland for our spring
concert but it has been vetoed by our administration,” Tempel wrote in
March. “When will it end?”

Soon after, Tempel was placed on leave for violating district policy, with
Superintendent James Serbert recommending she be fired.

On Wednesday, school board members agreed, voting 9-0 to terminate
Tempel’s post, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

After a four-hour hearing Wednesday, Tempel’s attorney Summer Murshid
indicated that the teacher would be filing a lawsuit against the district,
which prohibited students from performing the song over fears it would be
viewed as too controversial.

Lyrics from Cyrus and Parton’s tune include “Wouldn’t it be nice to live
in paradise / Where we’re free to be exactly who we are” and “Brush the
judgment and fear aside / Make wrong things right / And end the fight /
‘Cause I promise ain’t nobody gonna win.”

Melissa Tempel's online post
Melissa Tempel tweeted her frustrations with the district’s decision.
Tempel’s attorneys argued that her use of social media was done on her own
time — not during school hours — and that she thought the public deserved
to know about the change in programming.

“This is not a case about culture wars or rainbows. It’s a case about
constitutional rights, and Miss Tempel has them like every other person in
this country. I think we are moving forward with next steps and Miss
Tempel looks forward to vindicating her rights in federal court,” Murshid

Still, the school board insisted that Tempel violated district policy by
expressing her feelings on social media before talking with her

“Ms. Tempel deliberately brought negative attention to the school district
because she disagreed with the decision as opposed to following protocol
and procedure and I believe that behavior is intolerable,” Serbert said.

Wednesday’s hearing drew a silent protest in support of Tempel, as well as
a smaller counter-protest consisting of community members who agreed she
should be fired.

Sarah Schindler, whose child was in Tempel’s class, showed up in her

“She has a right to her free speech. She’s a citizen of this country just
like everybody else, and it shows that people support that,” Schindler
told the Sentinel.

Those against Tempel’s firing held a silent protest in her support.
Those in favor of Tempel’s firing included Marcus Schroeder, who said he
was proud of the district for taking a stand against a teacher who was
“promoting the LGBTQ agenda in her classroom.”

“I want to show that if there’s a school board willing to take a stand on
these issues, that I’m here to support them as well, because there’s not
very many of them left,” he said.

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