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Dan Spike Swaigen

Jan 14, 1990, 2:35:00 PM1/14/90

DAT's THE WAY IT IS Vol 1 No 5 January 14, 1990

Well, it was announced at the Consumer Electonics Show
in Las Vegas last week that DAT's will be here en masse
by this summer. Prices will probably be in the 1500
to 2000 range though, and will have SCMS - Serial Copy
Managment System.

I still have access to non-SCMS units as those of you
who've received the mailing know.

I wasn't able to attend the CES show, but do plan on
going to the NAMM (North American Music Merchants) show
in LA this weekend. I should have lots of detailed info
when I return.

For those of you that haven't been following this
column, I will be glad to add your name to the mailing
list if you'll send me a POSTAL address. Nearly 70
people should have received the 1st DATPAK by now.
If you responded late, it's on the way..I had to make
more copies.

For the present time..here are a few more DAT related
articles you might want to check out:

Electronic Musician - Dec '89
a quick review of the Sony TCD-D10 Pro on pp 107-108
They rate it as a great little unit, but list the price
at $2900..beyond the budget of alot of us!

The Nov '89 issue of Electronic Musician has a review
of the Casio DA-2 (listing at 1495) on p. 82
It's VERY brief. I personally recommend the Aiwa HD-X1
over the Casio, at around 850 it's also priced right!

Keyboard Magazine Dec '89 has a more involved review of
3 Portable DAT's :Sony TCD-D10 Pro, Casio DA-2, and the
Pansonice SV-255. Of the 3, I'd say the Panasonic's the
best, having XLR connectors it's also better for
serious live recording. They list the prices at 2900,
1499, and 2700 respectively for the Sony, Casio, and

Finally, and article titled "DAT DEAL DOUBTS" in Mix
Nov '89 in the After Mix section on P.159 has an in- depth interview with Hilary Rosen, the RIAA's Sr. VP
for Government Affairs. It gets into what the recording
industry really thinks it has accomplished with the recent ATHENS (i.e. SCMS) deal, and is very interesting.

Until Next Week...DAT's THE WAY IT IS

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