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Benge questions

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Robert Eye 0207949

Aug 11, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/11/95
I have posted this to the Brass and Trumpet mailservs, but I thought I would
it here in case someone on the news list who is not on the other mailservs
might be able to help:

I have some questions about my Benge trumpet that I hope someone out there
can help me with.

The trumpet was made in 1974 according to the serial number I provided to
UMI. They indicated that since they did not own Benge at the time my trumpet
was made, they could provide no other information. The markings on the
trumpet are as follows:

Bell stamping: Resno-Tempered Bell
(pretty standard) CUSTOM BUILT BY

Serial Number: 12427

Bore Stamp: L
(on 2nd valve casing)

Bell Diameter: 4-3/4"

Finish: Silver plate

I would like to know the following if it is possible:

Make/model -- Benge CURRENTLY makes 2 large bore models, a 6X and a 6XM.
The 6X is a large [0.468") bore trumpet while the 6XM is a also a large
bore trumpet with a different lead pipe and a 0.464" "choke in the
bell tail. I am not sure if they made any other large bore trumpets in
the mid-1970's.

Lead pipe -- is there a way to tell just by looking or measuring?
Benge CURRENTLY offers a #53 leadpipe as their standard, and they also
offer a #63 which has more resistance and a #73 which is more free
blowing (their words from their brouchure). I do not know if they
offered other, or even as many, choices in 1974.

Bell style -- they have a variety of bells and I am not sure if this is
a "standard" bell for a large bore trumpet or if it has the choke in it.
Again, is there any way to tell by looking?

Anything else I can determine by inspection.

I know that this is a far-fetched request, but I would like to know more about
the trumpet I have been playing (and allowing to take up space for "someday" --
which has finally arrived!) for the last 20 years. If any other information is
needed to help, let me know and I'll try to provide it.

Thanks ever so much for any help yopu can provide.

Bob Eye


Aug 13, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/13/95
Elden Benge started out in Chicago. Renold Schilke helped him with some
of his tooling and setup. His horns were based on the F. Besson.
Somehow, the company moved to Burbank, CA. Eventually, it was sold.
Donald Benge makes horns under the "Burbank" trade name and supposedly
they use the old Chicago and/or Burbank Benge tooling. I was also told
that Burbanks are made by Zig Kanstull at the former Reynolds/Olds plant.
Can't verify any of this, but makes a good story!

Robert Eye 0207949

Aug 14, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/14/95
My current trumpet teacher (George Defoe) informed me that "E. E." Benge did
indeed start out in Chicago, first with Schilke and then on his own. When he
died, his son Elton (Elden?) moved the company to Burbank (then to L.A.? My
Benge has "Los Angeles, Calif." on the bell stamping). UMI bought Benge in
the late 1970's or early 1980's, kept them in LA for awhile, and then moved
to Elkhart, IN, where they are today.

Interesting to note about the "Burbank" trumpets -- I tried one several months
ago, and I remarked to the dealer that it felt a lot like my Benge, but a
heavier. Note: the dealer's comment was that the Burbanks were "a lot like
Bach trumpets." Is this an example of the "tastes like chicken" comparison?

Also, my teacher informed me that another Benge (Kevin? I believe it started
with a "K") is making trumpets for Kanstul in California.


Bob Eye


Aug 15, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/15/95
Actually, UMI (owner of Benge, King and Conn) has its corporate offices in
Elkhart. However, all instruments from those three makers are currently
being made in Eastlake, Ohio, at the old King factory. Thought y'all
should know.


Robinson Pyle
11 Holworthy Place
Cambridge, MA 02138


Aug 16, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/16/95

that darn benge "cg" trumpet had such a sharp high "A"

it really made the whole horn completely usless...

i wanna know how Claude Gordon thought it right to put his
name on such a failure.

you had to throw that first slide about an inch out
that's not feasable, in lots of instances!

i just had to learn to play with a second valve "A" for years.

Of all people!! Claude Gordon (the guy with his picture in Arban's!
of all places) thougt that was OK?


Randy Walker

Aug 20, 1995, 3:00:00 AM8/20/95
to c

May 27, 2015, 9:39:57 PM5/27/15
Hi Josh,

This is a reply to a VERY old topic thread, but after reading what you wrote I feel compelled to. The Benge CG model is extremely popular with top level pro players to this day, decades after production stopped. Harry Kim of the Vine Street Horns, American Idol, and formerly with Earth, Wind and Fire still plays his CG Benge and has a few spare ones just in case. I play on a CG Benge when I want a good bright sound.

What really surprised me was your claim that high A is sharp on it. I don't find high A to be any sharper on either of my CG's than on other horns. Maybe yours was defective.

Best wishes,

John Mohan

May 27, 2015, 9:42:44 PM5/27/15
This is SUCH a late reply but I just happened across your post.

You have a Burbank Benge 6X model. This is a GREAT horn and MUCH better than what Benge or BINO (Benge In Name Only) was selling in the late '80's onward. If you still have it, hodl onto it!

Best wishes,

John Mohan

Aug 10, 2017, 6:16:02 PM8/10/17
<<My current trumpet teacher (George Defoe) informed me that "E. E." Benge did
indeed start out in Chicago, first with Schilke and then on his own. When he
died, his son Elton (Elden?) moved the company to Burbank (then to L.A.?>>

Here's an even more delayed reply!
E.E. Benge was Elden E. Benge. Although he and Schilke played around with making horns in the mid-1930s, Elden's company was always his own. He moved to Burbank in late 1953, and died in December 1960. His son, Donald, kept it going in Burbank, selling the company in 1971. Production was moved to Anaheim, although Los Angeles was always stamped on the bell. 1983 the King Company moved production to Eastlake, OH.


Apr 12, 2020, 12:14:23 AM4/12/20
I have a old e binge trumpet serial number
Tea o tempered bell 3 but it doesn’t have the city stamped on it. Can you help me with this. I would like to sell it. I inherited it and it does no one good sitting in a closet
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