Do you or your mother know of anyone looking to sell their Benson amp? (vintage 60s/70s)

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Elijah Wells

Mar 7, 2023, 1:12:18 PMMar 7
Hey there,

I'm looking to the edges of the internet to find a Benson 300 amp, or any vintage Benson combo amp. Not to be confused with the modern boutique Benson amp company which is of no relation to the Ron Benson/Howard Roberts endeavor of the 60s/70s.

I've spent a lot of time with these amps - when I was engineering at a recording studio in Hollywood, they had several and all the engineers loved them. I also borrowed one for awhile, which I considered stealing and dropping off the face of the earth just to play it 10 hours a day - just kidding.

But in seriousness, it would be invaluable to my production work to have one of these amps again, and if you or someone you know has one they might be willing to part with for the right place, please do let me know! I would be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance, hope everyone is well.


(**Title is humorously phrased, hope that comes across.)
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