Dulcimer as airline carry-on baggage

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Aug 4, 2010, 5:28:36 AM8/4/10

I am a (amateur) dulcimer player from England due to visit the USA on
vacation in a few weeks and am hoping to buy a reasonable quality
mountain dulcimer whilst there.

My hope is to bring it back from the US to England on the plane as
carry-on baggage, but info received directly from Delta airlines is
contradictory and vague.

The Delta rep on the phone stated that it would be fine as long as the
total linear dimensions do not exceed 115 cms - (it shouldn't exceed

However, the Delta website states that all carry on luggage must fit
inside the "carry-on baggage check" at the gate and obviously, whilst
no exceeding the 115 cms, it would be too long to fit completely
inside the baggage check. It does mention that musical instruments
such as guitars etc are acceptable as carry-on baggage but implies
that they must fit inside the baggage check - clearly an

Does anybody have experience of bringing dulcimers (or similar sized
instruments) as part of the carry-on allowance on a UK bound flight??
Obviously I don't want to have an expensive new dulcimer rejected at
the gate and would prefer not to risk it in the hold.

Incidentally, the area we are visiting is the Blue Ridge Mountains
and, purely from a web search, I am looking seriously at a Jeff Sebens
"Fancy Gap" dulcimer. Any comments on this dulcimer?? Possible
alternative suggestions??

I already have a Mike Clemmer Banjammer (shipped to the UK) and also
one of his short dulcimers, bought on a previous visit and which I did
bring back on the plane, but that is designed to meet aircraft
requirements, so wasn't a problem.



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