Peavey Classic Chorus 212 Retail Price

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Buffalo Bob

Apr 21, 2010, 2:13:44 PM4/21/10
Kind of a dumb question, but thought somebody might know. I bought a
Peavey Classic Chorus 212 at B-Sharp Music in Minneapolis in the early
nineties. A trade was involved so I really don't know what the Peavey
actually cost. Anybody know what the MSRP was for the 212? Anyway, I'm
trying to sell my old Peavey because I bought a big boy amp now, and
I'd just like to know what it actually retailed for back when I bought

Anybody who remembers B-Sharp knows that you didn't walk in there and
ask the owners "how much is that amp". Their answer was always "what's
your best price?" assuming that you had been shopping and you were
trying to lowball them. I generally would not deal with the owners. I
don't remember their names LoPresty or something like that. I liked
one of their salesman who had been with them since the sixties and
played in a local blues band. If he wasn't here, I wasn't buying. I
did feel bad when the place burned down. Nobody deserves to lose their
business like that. And they had some cool memories on the walls. I
did kind of chuckle when I heard the younger owner got punched in the
face by a homeless guy going through the ashes. There's alot of guys
that wanted to pop him, but what the f'k ya gonna

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