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Ed Maurer

Oct 30, 1994, 10:59:29 AM10/30/94
The following is a list of 12 inch vinyl items I have for sale.
All prices are in US Dollars. All records are in fine shape.
POSTAGE IS EXTRA. Please write first to reserve,

8 23 Skidoo (UK 86 Illuminated) "The Assasins with Soul" (ep)
6 African Head Charge (UK ?? On-U) "Drastic Season"
13 AMM (JAPO/ECM) "III: It Had Been an Ordinary..."
13 AMM (UK Matchless) "Generative Themes"
6 Anschluss (US 86 Swill Radio) "The Mobile Plumb Bob" (#126/499)
10 Antheil, George (US 73 Orion) "Music for Violin and Piano"
12 Appleton/Cherry (US 70 Flying Dutchman) "Human Music"
4 Arensky, Anton (US 6? Candide) "Concierto for Piano..."/...
14 Art Zoyd (UK ?? Recommended) "Phase IV" (2lp)
6 Ayers, Nigel (UK 87 Earthly Delights) "Spanner Thru Ma Beatbox"
(solo recording by guy from Nocturnal Emissions)
6 Badings, Henk (HOL ?? Philips) "Electronic Music"
25 Barriere, Jean-Baptiste (FR ?? Atem) "Non, Jamais L'Esperance"
30 Bayle, Francois (FR 82 INA/GRM) "Erosphere"
26 Bender, John (US ?? Record Sluts) "I Don't Remember Now"
26 Bender, John (US ?? Record Sluts) "Plaster Falling"
10 Bertoia, Harry (US 7? Sonambient) F/W 1029
10 Bertoia, Harry (US 7? Sonambient) LPS 10570
10 Bertoia, Harry (US 7? Sonambient) F/W 1024
10 Bertoia, Harry (US 7? Sonambient) F/W 1030
10 Bertoia, Harry (US 7? Sonambient) F/W 1025
10 Bertoia, Harry (US 7? Sonambient) F/W 1027
(all Bertoia lps sealed, sound sculpture master)
8 Bertoncini, Mario (GER 89 Edition RZ) "Four Systems"/"Cartridge Music"
8 Beuys, Joseph (GER 8? EMI) (comp of German bands
with "Sonne statt Reagan")
8 Bhagavan Das (US 72 Bhagavan Das) "Ah"
45 Blackhouse (US 8? RRR) "Hope" (ltd 500 copies)
100 Bladder Flask (UK 81 Orgel Fesper Music) "One Day I Was..."
18 Bley, Carla (US 71 JOCA) "Escalator Over the Hill" (2lp box)
16 Bob James Trio (US 65 ESP 1009) "Explosions"
(w/ elecronic madness by R. Ashley and G. Mumma)
6 Bory, Jean Francois (IT 8? Radio Taxi 23) "Game Over"
6 Brigitte (GER ?? DOM Elchklang) "Frau Hansen am Bass" (HNAS pal)
6 Brotzmann, C. (GER 92 Our Choice) "Der Abend der Schwarzen Folklore"
4 Bryars, Gavin (BEL 81 Les Disques du Crepescule) "Hommages" (noisy)
6 C-Schulz (GER 91 Folk) "7. Party Disco"
8 C-Schulz (GER 9? Entenpfuhl) "10. Hose Horn"
4 Cabaret Voltaire (UK 83 Some Bizzare) "The Crackdown"
4 Cabaret Voltaire (UK 80 Rough Trade) "The Voice of America"
6 Cabaret Voltaire (UK 8? Rough Trade) "Eddie's Out/Walls of Jericho"
4 Cabaret Voltaire (US 8? Rough Trade) "Red Mecca"
6 Cabaret Voltaire (UK 8? Paradox) "Live in Sheffield 19 Jan 82"
(playing under the name Pressure Company)
6 Cage, John (US 83 CP2) "Freeman Etudes I-VIII"
6 Caroliner Rainbow (US 9? private) "Wire Thin Sheep..."
4 Ceely, Robert (US 75 Beep) "Instrumental and Electronic Music"
18 Chan, Haniwa (JAP Sony)
30 Chion, Michel (FR 78 INA/GRM) "Requiem"
30 Chion, Michel (FR 83 INA/GRM) "La Ronde"
8 Chris & Cosey (UK 84 CTI, Rough Trade) "Songs of Love & Lust"
6 Chris & Cosey (CAN 8? Nettwerk) "Exotika"
9 Chris & Cosey (UK 84 Rough Trade) "Heartbeat" (original)
8 Christou, Jani (GER 92 Edition RZ) "Epicycle"/"Mysterion"/"Praxis"/...
18 Chrystal Belle Scrodd (UK 8? United Dairies) "Belle de Jour"
18 Chrystal Belle Scrodd (UK 8? United Dairies) "The Inevitable..."
10 Coil (UK 8? Force & Form/K422) "Horse Rotorvator"
9 Cranioclast (GER LOQ) "Kolik-San-Art"
9 Cranioclast (GER LOQ) s/t
9 Cranioclast (GER LOQ) "A Con Crystal"
25 Croset, Pierre Jean (FR 86 Ocora) "Harmoniques du Temps"
20 Current 93 (UK Durtro) "Of Rune or Some Blazing Starre" (blue vinyl)
16 Current 93 (UK Laylah) "Dogs Blood Rising"
14 Current 93 (UK 87 Laylah) "Swastikas for Noddy"
11 Current 93 (UK United Dairies) "Earth Covers Earth"
16 Current 93 (UK Maldoror) "Imperium"
8 Dauner, Wolfgang (GER 70 ECM) "Output"
40 Dax, Danielle (UK 82 IRC) "Pop Eyes" (w/ meat cover)
4 Dax, Danielle (UK 87 Strange Fruit) "Janice Long Session" (ep)
16 DDAA (FR 84 Illusion Production) "Les Ambulants"
12 Death in June (UK NER) "The Brown Book" (w/inserts)
22 Death in June (UK NER) "Burial" (green vinyl)
10 Death in June (UK Cenaz) "Oh How We Laughed"
12 Death in June (UK NER) "Misanthropy: Lesson 1"
12 Death in June (UK NER) "1888"
55 Decayes (US 79 Imgrat) "Accidental Music"
20 Defense De (FR 75 Sun Records) (pre-Un Drame Musical Instantane)
9 Der Plan (GER Atatak) "Die Letze Rache"
6 Desiato, Giuseppe (IT 8? Radio Taxi 19) "Ave Maria"
10 Dommert, Frank (GER 89 Entnepfuhl) "Kiefermusik"
(w/ C. Heemann of HNAS)
20 Doo-Dooettes (US 82 LAFMS/Solid Eye) "Look to This"
12 Doray, Phillipe (FR Scopa/Invisible) "Nouveaux Modes Industrals"
18 Doyle, Roger (IRE 8? Atlantean) "Budawanny"
(also known as Operating Theater)
16 Eimert, Herbert (GER ?? Wergo) "Epitaph fur Aikichi Kuboyama"/...
40 Einsturzende Neubauten (GER 79 bootleg) "Zuckendes Fleisch"
(in plastic camo bag, source is EN contributions to MONOGRAM comp)
8 Einsturzende Neubauten (UK 83 Some Bizzare) "Drawings of Patient OT"
20 EP-4 (JAP 83(?) Telegraph) "Multilevel Holarchy" (#450/1000 clear)
16 Faust (UK Recommended) "The Last lp"
20 Faust (UK Recommended) first lp (clear package)
26 Faust (Polydor) "So Far" (w/all inserts)
5 Flying Lizards (US 79 Virgin) "Flying Lizards"
40 Ferrari, Luc (FR 80 INA/GRM) "Presque Rien"
14 Foetus (UK 84 Some Bizzare) "Wash"/"Slog" (ep)
10 Foetus (UK 87 Some Bizzare) "Ramrod"/"Boxhead" (ep)
10 Foetus (UK 88 Big Cat) "Butterfly Potion" (ep)
10 Foetus (UK 88 Self Immolation) "Thaw"
12 Foetus (UK 8? Some Bizzare) "Finely Honed Machine" (ep)
20 Foetus (UK ?? bootleg) "Rife" (2lp)
14 Foetus (US 84 Self Immolation) "Calamity Crush" (ep)
10 Foetus (US 87 Self Immolation) "Bedrock" (ep)
10 Fox, Terry (HOL 88 Het Apollohuis) "Berlino"/"Rallentando"
18 Gabriel, Peter (JAP 80 Charisma) Jap pressing of melting face lp
6 Gang of Four (US 79 Warner Bros) "Entertainment" (promo copy)
6 Gang of Four (?? 81 EMI) "Solid Gold"
18 Giens't Nait (FR 8? Premis de Construe) "G.N"
45 Gillis, Anne (FR 84 CRI) "Lxgrin"
30 Gillis, Anne (FR 84 DMA) "Aha"
25 Gillis, Anne (FR 86 Rangehen) "Bisherigori"
28 Ginsberg, Allen (US ?? Atlantic) "Kaddish"
15 Gottsching, Manuel (GER Inteam) "E2-E4" (textured cover)
14 Gruppe Nuova Consonanza (GER ?? Deutsche Grammaphon) "Improvisationen"
22 Guru Guru (IT 7? PDU) "Der Electrolurch"
10 Hawkwind (US 71 United Artists) "Hawkwind"
16 Herrmann, Ed (US 87 Garuda Records) "Imaginary Electroacoustics"
20 HNAS (CAN 8? Freedom in a Vacuum) "Bitte Werfen sie Ihren..."
35 HNAS (SWE 85 Psychout) "Abwassermusik" (first album)
4 Honegger, Arthur (US 74 Westminster Gold) "Pacific 231"/"Rugby"/...
10 Idea Fire Company (US 93 Swill Radio) "Explosion in a Shingle Factory"
8 Jungle Nausea (US 82 Inner Mystique) (Smegma related)
22 Ka-Spell, Ed (GER 8? DOM) "Khataclimci China Doll"
18 Kagel, Mauricio (GER ?? Deutsche Gram.) "...Renaissance Instruments"
14 Kail, Gary (US 84 Iridescence) "Creative Nihilism"
14 Kaiser Nietzsche (JAP 89 Noctovision) "Heterology"
35 Kangaroo Kourt (US 8?) "Speed Kills/Sleeping Beauty"
55 Kayn, Roland (GER ?? Colosseum) "Makro" (3lp box)
95 Kayn, Roland (GER ?? Colosseum) "Tektra" (6lp box)
30 Konstruktivits (UK 83 Third Mind) "Black December"
20 Kosugi/Suzuki (JAP 80 ALM Records) "New Sense of Hearing" (clicks)
8 Lachenmann, Helmut (GER 90 Edition RZ) "Gran Torso"/"Guero"/"Pression"
16 Legendary Pink Dots (BEL 8? Play It Again Sam) "Asylum" (2lp)
10 Legendary Pink Dots (BEL 8? Play It Again Sam) "Any Day Now"
10 Ligeti, Gyorgy (GER ?? Wergo) "Atmospheres"/"Volumina"/"Aventures"...
8 Ligeti, Gyorgy (US 73 Candide) "Aventures"/"Volumina"/"Harmonies"
14 Lindblad, Rune (SWE 8? Radium) 2lp historical retrospective
12 Logan, Guiseppi (US 65 ESP 1007)
6 Lucier, Alvin (US 83 Lovely Music) "Still and Moving Lines..."/...
6 Lutoslawski, W. (US ?? Candide) "Mala Suita"/"Die Strohkette"/...
12 M.T.T. (w/NWW, Ramleh) (IT 9? MH Records) "Caught from Behind"
6 Maat (GER 9? DOM Elchlang) "Konsturktionen"
10 Maciunas Ensemble (HOL 86 Het Appolohuis) "Easy Take"/"Jota Rock"/...
10 Martz, Jasun (US 81 Neoteric) "Pillory"
20 Menger, Howard (US ?? Slate) "Authentic Music from Another Planet"
6 Messiaen, Oliver (US 6? Candide) "Oiseaux Exotiques"/...
16 Mimoraglu, Ilhan (US 72 Finnadar) "Wings of the Delerious Demon"
16 Mimoraglu, Ilhan (US 76 Folkways) "To Kill a Sunrise"
30 Mion, Philippe (FR 87 INA/GRM) "L'image econduite"
22 Mnemonists (US DYS) "Gyromancy"
65 Moolah (US 74 private) "Woe Ye Demons Possessed"
16 Morrocchi, Giuseppe (IT 84 Lynx) "AAFFLUSS/RAAFFLUSS"
28 Neon Knights/Magick Lantern Cycle (JAP ?? Magin Records)
(w/David Tibet)
40 New Blockaders (US 8? RIP) "Seinsart"
6 Newman, Colin (UK ?? 4AD) "...The Singing Fish"
30 Nihilist Spasm Band (UK 8? United Dairies) "1x + x = x"
100 Nurse With Wound (CAN ?? Concrete Company) "L'age d'or"
(bootleg, supposedly 50 made)
50 Nurse With Wound (UK 8? Third Mind) "Ostranenie 1913"
25 Nurse With Wound (UK 8? United Dairies) "Automating Volume One"
20 Nurse With Wound (UK 8? United Dairies) "Homotopy to Marie"
40 Nurse With Wound (UK 8? Maldoror) "Live at Bar Maldoror"
(different from cd)
40 Orchid Spangiafora (US ?? Twin/Tone) "Flee Past's Ape Elf"
14 Partch, Harry (US 67 CRI) "Petals..."
60 Partch, Harry (US ?? Columbia) "Delusion of the Fury" (2lp box)
20 Partch, Harry (US ?? Columbia) "The World of..."
6 Peach of Immortality (US 84? Adult Contemporary) "Policy..."
12 Penderecki, Krzysztof (HOL ?? Philips) "Dies Irae/De Natura Sonoris"
14 Perry-Kingsley (US ?? Vanguard) "The In Sound from Way Out"
8 Powell, Roger (US 73 Atlantic) "Cosmic Furnace"
35 Psychic TV (UK 82 Some Bizzare) "Force the Hand of Chance"
(with bonus lp and poster, not mint but in good shape)
22 Psychic TV (UK 8? TOPY) "Pagan Day" (picture disc)
25 Psychic TV (??) "Jack the Tab" (12 inch w/Superman labels)
9 Psychic TV (TOPY) "Live in Toronto"
9 Psychic TV (TOPY) "Live in Glasgow"
9 Psychic TV (TOPY) "Unclean"
9 Psychic TV (TOPY) "Live in Paris"
9 Psychic TV (TOPY) "Live at thee Ritz"
9 Psychic TV (TOPY) "Live in Reykjavik"
18 Psychic TV (UK 8? TOPY) "Live at The Pyramid" (picture disc)
20 Radio Free Europe (UK 80 Hedonics) "Laughoncue"
8 Radulescu, Horatio (GER 90 Edition RZ) "Clepsydra"/"Astray"
8 Ranaldo, Lee (US 94 Father Yod) "Scriptures of the Golden Eternity"
20 Raviv (ISRAEL 8?) (mysterious experimental music from (!) Israel)
30 Reibel, Guy (FR 79 INA/GRM) "Suite pour Edgar Poe"
5 Residents (US 79 Ralph) "Eskimo"
5 Rhythm & Noise (US 84 Ralph) "Contents Under Notice"
35 RNA Organism (JAP 8? Vanity) "RNAO Meets POPO"
6 Rowenta/Khan (GER 9? Dradomel) (of HNAS)
10 Ruiz, Miguel A. (GER 9? Hamburger) "Encuentros en la Tercera Edad"
(first release on Asmus Tietchens label)
80 SAB (JAP 78 Vanity) "Crystallization"
6 Sarenco (IT ?? Radio Taxi) "Io Grido e Canto"
45 Schaeffer, Pierre (FR 82 INA/GRM) "Parole et Musique"
6 Schloss Tegal (US 91 Tegal) "The Soul Extinguished"
50 Science Fiction (US 80 Rings of Saturn) "Terrible Lizards" (clear)
4 Scriabin, A. (US 6? Candide) "Piano Concerto"/...
85 Selten Gehorte Musik (Hansjorg Mayer) "Munchner Concert Mai 74"
(3 lp box set w/Brus, Nitch, Roth, Ruhm, Reiner)
125 Selten Gehorte Musik (??) "Abschopfsymphonie" (4 lp box set)
15 Settlels, Roberta (FR 85 Music in Crisis) "Meinhof in memoriam"
22 Severed Heads (UK INK) "Clifford Darling..." (2lp)
12 Severed Heads (UK INK) "Come Visit the Big Bigot" (orig)
12 Severed Heads (UK INK) "Since the Accident"
12 Severed Heads (UK INK) "City Slab Horror"
10 Severed Heads (UK INK) "Dead Eyes Opened"
30 Severed Heads (Volition) "Stretcher"
4 Shock Headed Peters (UK 87 El) "Not Born Beautiful"
4 Shock Headed Peters (UK 8? private) "Life Extenguisher" (ep)
14 Smegma (GER 8? DOM) "Smell the Remains" (blue wax)
14 Smegma (GER 8? DMC) "Nattering Naybobs of Negativity"
32 Smmit, Sally (UK Groovy) "Hangahar"
22 Sonic Youth (??) "Satan Is Boring/Flower Use the Word" (ep)
(mystery 12 inch that I bought when I saw them on Flaming Telepaths)
8 Spahlinger, Mathias (GER 90 Edition RZ) Morendo/Entloschend/...
8 SPK (GER 8? Normal) "Zamia Lehmanni"
50 Stalteri, Arturo (IT 8? Lynx) "...e il pavone parlo alla luna"
(ex Pierrot Lunaire)
8 Stewart, Mark (UK 83 Plexus) "Learning to Cope With Cowardice"
8 Stewart, Mark (UK 85 Mute) "As the Veneer of Democracy..."
30 Stockhausen, K. (GER ?? Deutche Grammaphon) "Hymnen"
8 Stockhausen, K. (Crysalis) "Ceylon/Bird of Passage"
8 Stockhausen, K. (GER ?? Deutche Grammaphon) "Kommunion"/"Intensitat"
8 Stockhausen, K. (GER ?? Deutche Grammaphon) "Songs of the Youth"
14 Stockhausen, K. (GER ?? Deutche Grammaphon) "Telemusik"/"Mixtur"
14 Stockhausen, K. (US 75 Finnadar) "Short Wave/Set Sail for the Sun"
28 Stockhausen, K. (FR 70 Harmonia Mundi) "Flight Toward the Sun/Liaison"
8 Strafe fur Rebellion (UK 88 UN) "5" (ep)
10 Strafe fur Rebellion (UK 8? Touch) "Santa Maria"
10 Strawberry Switchblade (UK Korova) "Jolene/Black Taxi" (ep)
4 Suckdog (US ??) "Drugs Are Nice"
10 Swans (UK 9? Product) "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
12 Swans (UK 87 Product) "Children of God"
8 Swans (UK 8? K422) "Cop"
4 Swans (US 85 Homestead) "I Crawled"/"A Slave"/...
4 Swans (US 86 PVC) "Holy Money"
30 Taco (JAP 8? private) first lp (early 80s Japanese madness)
30 Taco (JAP 8? Chaos 00002) "Second - Live"
14 Takemitsu, Toru (US 69 RCA) "Water Music"/"Vocalism AI (Love)"/...
13 Takemitsu, Toru (JAP 69 RCA) "Eclipse/Masque/Piano Distance/..."
13 Takemitsu, Toru (JAP RCA) "November Steps/..."
8 Takemitsu, Toru (GER Deutsche Grammaphon) "Quatrain/Flock/..."
4 Tall Dwarfs (US 88 Homestead) "Hello Cruel World"
12 Taylor, Dub (US 73 Varese International) "Lumiere"
20 Throbbing Gristle (UK Industrial) "DOA" (original, no insert)
16 Throbbing Gristle (Walter Ulbricht) "Journey Through a Body"
14 Throbbing Gristle (UK Mute) "Mission of Dead Souls"
15 Throbbing Gristle (GER Zensor) "Special Treatment"
30 Tietchens, Asmus (UK United Dairies) "Formen Letzer Hausmusik"
50 Tolerance (JAP ?? Vanity) "Divin"
30 Two Daughters (UK ?? A&P) "Kiss the Cloth"/"Gloria"
(A&P is a subsidiary of United Dairies)
40 Ultra (US 86 DOM America) "Youthful Pleasures"
(w/C. Heemann of HNAS)
14 v.a. (AUS ?? EMI) "Electronic Music University of Melbourne"
25 v.a. (BRAZIL 8? Audiplex) "Neue Deutsche Post Avantgarde"
(w/HNAS, SBOTHI, Cranioclast, P16D4, Werkbund, Gerechtigkeits Liga...)
16 v.a. (CAN 8? Freedom In a Vacuum) "Freedom In A Vacuum"
(w/NWW, HNAS, Asmus Tietchens, Sodality, Unkommuniti,...)
16 v.a. (FR 84 INA/GRM) "TM4"
(2lp w/ works by Dufour, Geslin, Cuniot, Mion, Parmegiani)
10 v.a. (FR 86 Nato) "Godard ca vous Chante?"
(w/John Zorn, Lucy Hamilton, R. Mosimann, Clint Ruin, D. Deshays,...)
35 v.a. (FR ?? EMI) Barriere/Clozier
8 v.a. (GER 89 Edition RZ) Yleisradio Experimental Studio Helsinki
(complete mind-bomb)
16 v.a. (GER 8? Whats So Funny About) "Decoder"
(w/Dave Ball, Genesis P. Orridge, The The, Einsturzende Neubauten)
8 v.a. (GER 91 Edition RZ) Toshi Ichiangi, Maki Ishii
65 v.a. (GER ?? Deutsche Grammaphon) "Avant Garde vol. 3"
(6lp box, box has bad water damage, all lp covers fine though)
12 v.a. (GER ?? Deutsche Grammaphon) Kagel, Allende-Blin, Ligeti
12 v.a. (GER ?? Deutsche Grammaphon) Koenig, Pongracz, Riehn
50 v.a. (JAP 69 Victor) "Experimental Music of Japan '69"
(w/Mayuzumi, Ishi, Moroi, Shibata)
45 v.a. (JAP ?? Vanity) "Music" 2lp box
18 v.a. (SPA 87 Circulo...) "Musica Electoacustica Espanola 1"
(w/Juan Hidalgo, Andres Lewin Richter, Mauricio Sotelo,...)
18 v.a. (SPA 87 Circulo...) "Musica Electoacustica Espanola 2"
(w/Enrique X. Macias, Adolfo Nunez, Jose Manuel Lopez,...)
16 v.a. (SWE 7? Caprice) "Music for Tape from Sweden"
(w/Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Bengt Emil Johnson, Leo Nilson,...)
12 v.a. (SWZ 8? Organik) "Plow!"
(w/Wiseblood, Live Skull, Christian Marclay, Swans, SY/Lydia L.,...)
22 v.a. (UK 81 Cherry Red) "Perspectives And Distortion"
(w/Matt Johnson, Virgin Prunes, Lemon Kittens, David Jackman,
Two Daughters, Robert Fripp, Lol Coxhill)
16 v.a. (UK 8? Glass) "The Wonderful World of Glass"
(w/Lemon Kittens, Legendary Pink Dots,...)
85 v.a. (UK 8? Cerne) Nurse with Wound, Sol Invictus, Current 93
70 v.a. (UK 8? Come Org) "Fur Ilse Koch"
(w/Musique Concret, Whitehouse, NWW, C. Manson,... black wax)
65 v.a. (UK 8? Come Org) "Second Coming"
(w/Whitehouse, Sodality, NWW, Come black wax)
65 v.a. (UK 8? Come Org) "Second Coming"
(w/Whitehouse, Sodality, NWW, Come red wax)
12 v.a. (UK ?? Heilodor) "New Music for Chorus I"
(w/Webern, Pousseur, Schnebel, Nono, Bussotti, Ligeti)
35 v.a. (UK ?? Third Mind) "Could You Walk on the Waters"
(w/Bushido, NWW, Legendary Pink Dots, Konstruktivits)
10 v.a. (US 6? Candide) "Avant Garde Music from Spain vol. I"
(w/Mestres-Quadreny, Benguerel, Soler, Homs)
10 v.a. (US 6? Candide) "Avant Garde Music from Spain vol. II"
(w/Mestres-Quadreny, Benguerel, Soler, Taltabull,...)
12 v.a. (US 6? Limelight) "Response: Electronic Music from Norway"
(w/Nordheim, Alfred Janson, Bjorn Fongaard)
6 v.a. (US 6? Limelight) "Signals: Percussions of Stausbourg"
(w/Peter Schat, Makoto Shinohara, Milan Stibilj)
14 v.a. (US 6? Mainstream) "New Music for Chamber Orchestra"
(w/Xenakis, Shoenberg, Nilsson, Takahashi,...)
10 v.a. (US 6? Turnabout) "Electronic Music Cage Berio Mimaroglu"
8 v.a. (US 6? Turnabout) "Electronic Music"
(w/Lewin-Richter, Mimaroglu, Avni, Walter Carlos)
8 v.a. (US 6? Turnabout) "Electronic Music, vol. IV"
(w/Olly Wilson, Jozef Malovec, Pril Smiley, Bohdan Mazurek)
8 v.a. (US 76 CRI) "International Electronics"
(w/Ragnar Grippe, Bengt Emil Johnson, Ronald Perera, John Melby)
8 v.a. (US 76 Folkways) "The Dartmouth Digital Synthesizer"
(w/Jon Appleton, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Russell Pinkston,...)
12 v.a. (US 77 Arch) "New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media"
(w/Laurie Anderson, Annea Lockwood, Pauline Oliveros,...)
8 v.a. (US 77 New World)
(w/Roger Reynolds, Paul Chihara, Chou Wen-Chung, Earl Kim)
14 v.a. (US 85 Giorno...) "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse"
(w/W.S. Burroughs, Coil, M. Gira, Diamanda Galas, Sonic Youth,...)
10 v.a. (US ?? Angel) Cage "Three Dances"/Reich "Four Organs"
20 v.a. (US ?? Camden Classics) "The New Music"
(w/Stockhausen, Penderecki, Earle Brown, Henri Pousseur)
8 v.a. (US ?? Epic) "Electronic Music"
(w/Henk Badings, Dick Raaijmakers)
6 v.a. (US ?? Nonesuch) Penderecki "De Natura Sonoris".../Xenakis
50 v.a. (US ?? RRR) "God Bless America" (3lp box, many artists)
4 v.a. (US ?? Westminster Gold) Oskar Sala/Remi Gassman
35 v.a. (JAP ?? Ylem) FOAM (2lp one side has prolonged clicking)
14 v.a. (Barooni) "A Bead to a Small Mouth"
(w/NWW, Soviet France,...)
16 Vaccina, Lino Capra (IT 82 Lynx) "L'Attesa"
(signed, numbered, unique melodic music w/odd arrangements)
25 Vagina Dentata Organ (UK WSNS) "Cold Meat" (picture disc)
4 Varese, Edgard (US 73 Vanguard) "Ameriques"/"Nocturnal"/"Equatorial"
12 Varese, Edgard (US ?? Columbia) "The Varese Album"
10 Velvet Underground (UK 67 MGM) "White Light/White Heat"
(unique cover with soldiers on it)
4 Velvet Underground (US 84 Polygram) "VU"
16 Vitet, Bernard (FR 79 GRRR) "Mehr Licht!"
(Un Drame Musical Instantane solo guy)
16 Vitet/Sage (FR ?? GRRR) "Supposons le Probleme Resolu"
(Un Drame Musical Instantane solo guy)
14 When (NOR 9? Tatra) "Black White & Grey"
65 Whitehouse (GER DOM) "Live Action 1" (numbered)
4 Wiggins, John (US 86 RRR) "All the Truth at Once"
4 Wiggins, John (US 87 RRR) "Anagenic"/"Particle Music"
8 Wire (UK 85 Pink) "Play Pop"
12 Wire (UK 79 EMI) "154" (lp plus bonus 7 inch)
10 Wiseblood (UK 87 K422) "Dirtdish"
4 Yello (US 85 Electra) "Stella"
10 Zaondekoza (JAP ?? Victor) "Odaiko"/"Ajikan"/"Tsugarujamisen"/...
15 ZNR (UK Recommended) "Barricades"
16 Zone Nord (private) s/t

Feb 13, 2020, 2:17:06 PM2/13/20
Op zondag 30 oktober 1994 16:59:29 UTC+1 schreef Ed Maurer:
Hello, I am interested in:
55 Kayn, Roland (GER ?? Colosseum) "Makro" (3lp box)
95 Kayn, Roland (GER ?? Colosseum) "Tektra" (6lp box) Do you still have them for sale? Let me know.
Joz Knoop

Christos Tsanakas

May 17, 2022, 8:39:22 AM5/17/22
- I am interested to buy " 6 Anschluss (US 86 Swill Radio) "The Mobile Plumb Bob" (#126/499)"
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