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Apr 6, 2007, 9:16:51 AM4/6/07
RJGK 67: Guess the theme! [Phase I - verses only!]
by Radha Rajagopalan and Abhay Phadnis

[Please do not post any answers/comments/corrections on the Net!
Please send them to us at rjg...@gmail.com]

This RJGK was conceptualised almost a year ago. The list of songs
around the theme we chose was also put together over a period of a
month or so after that. Then, a long winter descended and we went into
hibernation. Having now felt the rays of the Chennai summer sun (and
how!) beating down on us, and with the prospect of meeting some
RMIMers again in two weeks' time, we decided it was time to end our
hibernation and get the quiz out. So here it is, folks - RJGK no. 67!

There are clues to twenty songs in the quiz. The format is simple: a
stanza (sometimes, part of a stanza) is given as a clue and you have
to identify the song from which it is taken. To make things easier,
there will also be short sub-clues below the main clue that will give
some additional pointers to the song, the film, or the personalities
(singers, music directors, lyricists, actors) connected to the song or
the film.

For example:
shab-e-intazaar aaKhir kabhii hogii muKhtasar bhii
ye charaaG bujh rahe hai.n mere saath jalate jalate

The almost-swan song of a legendary actress whose untimely death was
said to have make the film a hit. For the shooting of this song, she
was supposed to have been so ill she couldn't even walk properly, so
another actress (who later achieved some success as a 'vamp') was
called in to do the long-distance dance shots while the lead actress
was only shown seated or standing in close-ups.

The stanza tells you that the song is "chalate chalate, yuu.N hii
ko_ii mil gayaa thaa" from 'Pakeezah'. The additional data points to
it being the last film of Meena Kumari released in her life-time, the
fact that she died shortly after it was released, and that Padma
Khanna was used for the long-distance dance shots.

The first line of the song is normally sufficient as the answer
(though additional data and comments are welcome), but - for this
particular edition - you will get an extra point for pointing out the
connection of the song to the overall theme.

Ah, the theme! It is not much of a mystery - a cursory reading of the
clues should be enough to solve it. We just added the 'mystery'
element for a bit of fun. Once you have solved the mystery and
identified the theme, do see if you can identify how each song is
belongs to the theme. The scoring for this is separate; if, therefore,
you can't identify the theme or link up the songs, don't worry: still
send in an entry with just the songs identified!

Send your entries to us at rjg...@gmail.com. PLEASE DO REMEMBER NOT TO
your entries or anything you wish to say about the quiz to us only at

This is the first phase of the quiz where we give only the stanzas as
the clues. In some cases, where the songs in question are very well-
known, only bits of a stanza may be given. A second set - with
complete stanzas and sub-clues - will be posted in 5 days' time. The
deadline for this round, therefore, is 12 noon (Indian time) on
Wednesday 11 April 2007. Later that afternoon, the second round will
be put up with its own deadline.

The two rounds will be scored separately, so do feel free to send in
an entry to this round and (if required) another entry for round 2
when it comes up.

Before we go on to the quiz, we would like to thank two people without
whose help this quiz wouldn't have been possible - or half as
enjoyable to set! Out heartfelt thanks to Vinay Jain and Arunabha Roy.

On to the quiz, then! Have a great time! And remember to send answers/
comments/corrections only to rjg...@gmail.com.

Warm regards,
Radha and Abhay

----------------------------RJGK 67: The

o re piyaa sun bole jiyaa dil me.n yuu.Nhii rahanaa
Khushi mere Gam saare tumase sanam tuu hii dil kaa gahanaa
Khwaabo.n kii raaho.n par Khushiyo.n ka kaarawaa.N

Khush rahe duniyaa vo jis ne hai to.Daa dil meraa
de rahaa ye du_aa aa.Nkho.n me.n ashk aayaa hu_aa

tere pyaar me.n badanaam duur duur ho gaye
tere saath ham bhii sanam mashahuur ho gaye
dekho kahaa.N le jaaye, beKhudii apanii

jin raaho.n par ha.Nsake chalo tum
phUl vahaa.N khil jaate hai.n
dam lene ko jahaa.N ruko tum
madhushaale ban jaate hai.n
tumako chhUkar pavan jhakore
khuushabuu lekar jaate hai.n
lekin ham to dekhe.n suurat
dil thaame rah jaate hai.n

jaan par merii banii
aap kii Thaharii ha.Nsii
haa_e mai.n jaan ga_ii
pyaar kii kitanaagarii

tumhe.n apanaa kahane kii chaah me.n
kabhii ho sake na kisii ke ham
yahii dad.r mere jigar me.n hai
mujhe maar Daalegaa bas ye Gam

tum ruuThaa na karo merii jaa.N merii jaan nikal jaatii hai
tum ha.Nsatii rahatii ho to ik bijalii sii chamak jaatii hai
mujhe jiite jii o dilabar, teraa intazaar thaa

besabab thaa teraa milanaa rahaguzar me.n
haadase har mo.D par kuchh kam nahii.n the

pyar ke devataa ke qadam chuum kar
zi.ndagii nazar kar duu.ngii sauGaat me.n
ab na ghabaraao ma.nzil kii duurii se tum
tum akele nahin mai.n bhii huu.N saath me.n

male voice:
is qadar pyaar se dekho na hamaarii jaanib
dil agar aur machal jaaye to mushqil hogii
female voice:
tum jahaa.N merii taraf dekh ke ruk jaaoge
vohii ma.nzil merii taqadiir kii ma.nzil hogii

[At the midpoint, a reminder not to post anything related to the quiz
on the Net: send all answers/comments/questions/corrections to

aaj vo baat nahii.n phir bhii koii baat to hai
mere hisse me.n ye halkii sii mulaaqaat to hai
Gair kaa ho ke bhii ye husn mere saath to hai
haay kis vaqt mujhe kab kaa gilaa yaad aayaa

gorii gorii raat ke gore gore chaa.Nd kii
tujhako qasam raajaa lauT ke aajaa, oy
pahale milan kii ra.ng bharii shaam ko
kaise bhulaa_uu.N sai.nyaa tuuhii bataa jaa, oy

dushman hame.n pyaaraa hu_aa
raaz ye duniyaa kyaa jaane
haal-e-dil apanaa ham kahaa karate hai.n taaro.n se

dulhan baiThii ra.ngamahal me.n motiyan kii laD po_e
ik dulhan ham aisii dekhii a.Nsuvan maalaa po_e

hai suunii suunii zi.ndagii Gam dil se lagaa_e
jiine kii aarazuu nahii.n na maut hii aaye
aa.Nkhe.n milaa_ii tum se jo ye merii Khataa hai

birahaa kyaa hai ab ham jaane
chain pa.De na kisii bahaane
haay re ab din aa gaye re, aa gaye mushqil ke

ham Gam ke aa.nsuu pii le.nge
ham do din yuu.n hii jii le.nge
tum shaad raho aabaad
apanaa to nasiibaa phuuT gayaa

male voice:
chaahat ne terii mujhako kuchh is tarah se gheraa
din ko hai.n tere charche raato.n ko Khwaab teraa
female voice:
tum ho jahaa.N vahii.n par rahataa hai dil bhii meraa
bas ik Khyaal teraa kyaa shaam kyaa saveraa

merii bebasii kaa jo bas chale
tumhe.n jaake meraa payaam de
mai.n jo zi.ndaa huu.N to bas is liye
teraa i.ntazaar hii kar sakuu.N

taubaa terii nazar ke mastii bhare ishaare
dekhen.ge ham ko tum ko vo muskuraake ye sab nazaare
ulfat me.n do dilo.n ko bahakaa hu_aa kahe.nge

That's it, folks! We hope you have enjoyed yourself and have sent your
answers/comments/corrections to rjg...@gmail.com


Apr 6, 2007, 10:34:20 AM4/6/07

This is Quiz No. 67! How come other 66 quizzes escaped my attention?
Well, a lot of things are not clear to me:

1. What does RJGK stand for?
2. So the quiz asks just to guess the theme and not the songs also?
And all 20 songs have the same theme?
3. You say some songs may have sub-clues, but none of them have
4. Where did you post the other 66 quizzes?
5. Do these 20 songs cover post-1980 period too? If yes, then I will
not be able to participate - I have a very, very little knowledge of
the music of post-1980 period.


Apr 6, 2007, 10:47:24 AM4/6/07

Google groups is your friend. Search for RJGK 66 and have fun.



Apr 6, 2007, 10:49:05 AM4/6/07
On Apr 6, 7:34 pm, "Asif" <alvi.a...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is Quiz No. 67! How come other 66 quizzes escaped my attention?

Well, we *had* said respond only to an email address, but since this
is a question about the quiz as a whole, we'll take it up here. Am
also re-posting the quiz with an explanation of RJGK added. We should
have remembered that it *has* been ages since the last quiz and that
people who have come in after that may not know about RJGK. Apologies!

RJGK stands for "RMIM-Jhim Geeton Ki". It is a quiz format that has
been around on RMIM for ages. The last quiz was quite some time back.
The quizzes are by many different people. You can find more by
searching the newsgroup with the phrase "RJGK".

We hope this addresses your first four questions. The fifth one we
cannot answer now as it has to do with the content of this specific
quiz itself - you'll have to try the quiz or wait for the results to
be announced!

Warm regards,
Radha and Abhay

> Well, a lot of things are not clear to me:


Apr 7, 2007, 12:24:57 AM4/7/07
> the music of post-1980 period.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

Read Abhay & Radha's post (including the example) in its entirety.

The *primary* response expected is to guess the song. For this
quiz specifically, you also score points for guessing the theme
and identifying the specific link of each song to the theme.

Again, as Abhay's post indicates, the sub-clues will be posted
a week or so later. It is quite common to have "lyrics-only" clues
posted first, and award higher points for getting it right with just
the lyrics clues. Additional clues follow later and the points
awarded are reduced if you needed additional clues to get the
answer right.

Abhay's post answers your other questions. Also, Abhay has now
posted an "Introduction to RJGK" message that should help you


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