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Oct 1, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/1/98
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Dear RMIM Friends,

Aap Sab Ko Harish Suvarna Ka Pyaar Bhara Namashkaar.

Continuing with the tradition and culture of RMIM, I am doing a
RMIM-RJGK++. This quiz is on the great music director of 1950s and
60s, Swargiya Roshan Lal Nagrath.

Roshan, as popularly known, was very sound in classical music and
understood the needs of film world. He made his debue in 1949 and
gave music till 1968 in about 49 films. Started in 49 and gave music for
49 movies :). But he never had nervous 50s, Although his music in 60s is
widely known than in 50s. Partly it is because of music companies.

Work of Samiuddin Mohammed and Satish Subramanian on the work of ROSHAN.

1949 Neki Aur Badi
1950 Bawre Nain
1951 Bedardi
Hum Log
1952 Anhonee
Nau Bahaar
Raag Rang
1953 Aagosh
1954 Baap Beti
Chandni Chowk
Mehbooba (with O P Nayyar)
1955 Chhora Chhori
Ghar Ghar Mein Diwali
1956 Rangeen Raaten
1957 Agra Road
Coffee House
Do Roti
1958 Aji Bas Shukriya
1959 Angan
C.I.D Girl
Deep Jalte Rahe
Maine Jeena Seekh Liya
1960 Babar
Barsaat Ki Raat
1961 Bhagdad
1962 Aarti
Soorat Aur Seerat
Vallah Kya Baat Hai
1963 Dil Hi To Hai
Taj Mahal
1964 Chitralekha
Dooj Ka Chaand
1965 Bedaag
Bheegi Raat
Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasl
1966 Dadi Ma
1967 Bahu Begum
1968 Anokhi Raat

He has a wide strike zone. It included qawwalis, ghazals, semi-classicals,
geet, mujraas, bandishes. He used many singers for his films and for most
of the time he had brilliant lyrics. Mukesh was his dominant singer till
Mid 50s, but later on used Rafi also a lot. His music was soft and melodious.

Mashoor Internettor and Music Analyst, R.Parrikar Saab once wrote:

Roshan, by contrast, was smoother in the flow but melodious all the
same. He seemed to have an unusual fondness for Raga Yaman Kalyan
(Man re tu kaahe na dheer dhare, Rafi's masterpiece from Chitralekha,
and Asha's Nigaahe milaane ko ji chaahataa hai from Dil hi to hai, to
cite a couple). And he spread himself around composing outstanding
mujras, qawwalis, ghazals and bandishes. My sentimental favourite
is his adaptation of the standard bandish in Raga Kamod (Aie ri
jaane na doongi - Lata - Chitralekha). To the best of my knowledge,
he never used Kishore Kumar, reason enough for me to use a slightly
smaller-sized font to write Roshan. Nevertheless, these were
exceptionally gifted men.

[ The other MD he was referring to was Madan Mohan.
Rajan Saab, I have lot of pleasure in adding a Kishore number in the
quiz question No 23. aap ke liye :) ]

Winner of 1963 FilmFare Best MD award and in my world he walks
away with Best Yaman-Kalyan, Best Kalavati, Best qawwaali, Best
Mujra for film world.

I would like to thank Ashok Dhareshwar, Balaji and Malini for being
the beta testers for this quiz. They were instrumental in correcting
my ears and sometimes my hyderabadi hindi. Owing to time constarints
I could not implement some of their suggestions.

Please enjoy.

-Harish Suvarna
Fremont, Ca.
Sept 15, 1998.


R(m)im Jhim Geeton Ki - 47


By Harish Suvarna

Send replies to hsuv...@adobe.com

ABOUT THE QUIZ: =============== 1. The quiz has 30 questions. They are
antaras/charanams/anu-pallavi from hindi film songs composed by Roshan. You
have to find the mukhda or pallavi of the song. If you know the film name
also, pass it to me. However just a film name wont suffice.

Example Question:
hum ne dil de bhi diya ah-de-wafa le bhi liyaa
aap aab shauq se, de le jo sazaa dete hain

Answer: Jurm-e-ulfat pe hame log szaa dete hain.

2. The quiz is also available at


4. E-Mail your answers to me at hsuv...@adobe.com or hsuv...@hotmail.com. If
you do not get acknowledgement
from me, send another email.

5. Last date is 3+ weeks from Now i.e. Oct 9th Friday.

6. Send your entries even if you could answer only 5 or 10.
That is a way of showing your love for Roshan.

=================Quiz Starts here=============================
=================Quiz Starts here=============================

01. Five years have passed since internettors started enjoying
rim jhim geeton ki quiz (RJGK).

Tho quiz ke shuruwaad me thoda rim jhim daalenge. This
will make us start on a thundering note!!.

rim jhim rim jhim meha barse (3)
tarpe jiyarwah meen samaan
pad gayi pii ki laal chunariya
piyya nahin aaye

Roshan has decorated this old bandish with his
own stamp in one of the biggest block busters of film music.
Kamal Barot and Suman Kalyanpur have sang it very well.
Whenever Roshan picks a small bandish and two lady singers, he
will create magic.
The titles appear as the bandish is played, a nice way to
embed in a commercial movie.

02. This one must be easy one. Pictured in one of the seven wonders of
world. Roshan has used some special recording instruments to get
the echo sounds from the marble walls in to the song. The lady calls
the king 'tum' aur apne aap ko 'ham' bolti hai. khair lijiye..

ham apni vafaa pe na ilzaam lenge
tumhe dil diya hain, tumhe jaan bhi denge
jab ishk ka sauda kiya phir kya ghabraana
ham ko aana padegaa

03. This Talat song is a nice peace although no extra ordinary.
Usage of piano so much in 1951. Impossible? No. "Unpossible".
Roshan uses piano a lot in this song which must be rare in
the time frame of 1951-52.
All the goldie-dhunkaars had a great
piece with Talat like MM - ham se aaya na gayaa,
CR - mohabbat hi na jo samjhe, Salil - aansu samjh ke kyo mujhe,
SDB - jalte hain, AB - seene me sulagti hain,
Sajjad - ye hawaa ye raat etc etc. Roshan is also in the same league,
but not this particular song.

ye sach hai teri mehfil me
mere afsaane kuch bhi nahin
par dil ki daulat ke aage
duniya ke khazaane kuch bhi nahin.

The lyricist also seems rare, Satyendra.

04. If you dont participate in my rjgk quiz, that is fine.
But if you participate in somebody else's quiz, that is a problem
for me. The song is written by Sahir and sung by Mukesh.

[Intentionally, I am not placing the lyrics right here. Still If you
have'nt guessed the song from above clues, look at the end for lyrics.]

05. I am sure all of you must be looking for this song by this time. Are'nt
you? Here goes an all time great Rafi solo. Penned by Sahir. Songs like
this demand Rafi and need Rafi. Rafi brings extra smoothness/sweetness
in this rendition.

is jeevan ki charti dhalti, dhoop ko kisne baandha
rang pe kisne pehre daale, roop ko kisne baandha
kaahe ye jatan kare....

06. Roshan gave Mukhesh some nice slow-solos. The following is a gem of
a song from the repertoire of Roshan. The beginning lyrics of the
song immediately remind us of the great Biswas-Talat combo
'ai dil mujhe aisi jagah le chal'

khabar kyaa thi bahaar aakar
hamaare aashiyan lekar
nai bijli giraayegi
naya ham par sitam hoga

The lyrics are by Majrooh.

07. MadanMohan-Lata, Naushaad-Lata, Chitalkar-Lata, Salil-Lata, Biswas-Lata,
Burman-Lata.......... Utilisation of Lata was a benchmark for those
great fellas and vice-versa.
How about Roshan-Lata? Being sound in classical music, being a melody
maestro, Roshan Lal did'nt slip here. Whenever he had Lata available,
he fully utilised the sweetest voice. Here is a solo, in lower portion
of ocatve from Lata's voice.

jaao ke vahin bedard ho tum
vaadon ka jinhe kuch khwaas nahin
ham hain ke tumhaare vaadon par
duniya ko bhulaaye baithe hain

Lrics are by Nakshab.

08. Geeta Roy and Mukhesh singing a duet.., must be a rare combination.
Mei ne tho khayaalon me bhi nahi socha ki eisa combination hi.
Well, Roshan caught hold of them when Kidar Sharma wrote the following.

jinhe mitnaa to woh mithne se dar jaaya nahin karte
wo dar jaaya nahin karte
muhabbat karne waale gam se ghabraaya nahin karte
kisi ko bevafaa aa aa ke tadpaaya nahin karte

Violin follows the singer's voices very very lightly in the background.

09. Unlike Madanmohan's, Roshan's music seeps in to us slowly.
It is like rich instant nescaffe vs the south indian
filter coffee. The first time I hear many of his songs, they
sound normal. But a few more rounds, the songs just get absorbed
in to heart like the digested food in to intestines.
One such song is below. A great Lata solo from Roshan's
hat. Sung in high pitch with her soul and heart..

pooche koi ke dard-e-wafa kaun de gaya
raaton ko jaagne ki sazaa kaun de gaya
kahane se ho manaalo to ham kyaa jawaab de

Kalaam-e-Sahir printing ink on paper in Beautiful font,style and meaning.
Meena Kumari's character is really suffering having lost both
the marriage and saajan.. aur uuppar se ... lands in a 'kotha'.
Real bad luck..

10. Ludhiana, Punjab is known for hosiery, bicycle parts etc etc but also
for some fantastic film lyrics either ghazals or khawwaalis or geet.
This one is a great gazal 'kalaamm'ed by the Ludhianwi and Roshan never
lets beautiful lyrics to be forgotten. He packs them in to haunting
melodies. Roshan knows how to extract the best from his singers. This
ghazal is an example, sung by Sudha Malhotra.

tumhi nigaahon ki aarzoo ho
tumhi kayalon ki mudd'aa ho
tumhi mere vaaste sanam ho
tumhi mere vaaste khuda ho
meri parastish ki laaj rakh lo
meri ibaadat kabuul kar lo

Roshan emphasises on clear singer voice over the orchestra. In this
whole song whenever Sudha sings, only very very light tabla beats
are heard and nothing else. The sitar interludes are very nice too.

11. Thoda manaana, Thoda virah, Thoda gussa, Thoda dukh...
Roshan saab sab thoda thoda ikatta kar ke Lataji ke aawaaz me
daal diye. aur natizaa? Ek zabardust gaana..

Anand Bakshi has penned this. The sorrowness is expressed only once
right in the end by singing the 1st line. That is the punch of the

chain na aaaya hame neend na aayi
dete rahe saare rain duhai
koi unke bhi yuheen nindiyaa loote

12. I told you guys, Roshan, bandish and two lady singers and it is going to
be pure melody and heart-rollicking. The following is a bandish sung by
Asha and Usha in the film known for one of Rafi's greatest solos.
When we go down a steep roller-coaster, we feel like all blood gushing up
in to head with excitement. That is what I feel here. Lyrics are by Sahir.

nit neet jaage na
nit neet jaa...ge na jaa.....gena
soyaa singaaaaaaaaar
soyaa singaar jhanana jhan jhanana
nit na bulaare kaahe jiyyara

13. Md.Rafi singing this solo with his heart. For a change, Neeraj penned
the lyrics for Roshan.

haath the mile ke zulf
chaand ki savaar dun
honth the khule ke har bahaar ko pukaar lun
dard tha diya gaya ki har dukhi ko pyaar dun
aur saans yun ke swarg bhoomi par utaar dun
ho saka na kuch magar
shaam ban gayi sahar
woh uthi lahar ke
dab gayi kile bikhar bikhar
aur ham dare dare
neer nain me bhare
odh kar khafan pade mazaar dekhte rahe

itna lambaa antara..is ko gaane me hi kuch guzar gayaa. kyaa guzar gayaa?

14. Another grrreat khawwali with beautiful lyrics. The following lyrics will
be perfect for Miss Universe compettion when all those beauties stand on
the stage for introductions and then they sing in chorus

hamaare husn ki bijli chamakne vaali hai
vaali hain vaali hai
hamaare husn ki bijli chamakne vaaaaaaaali hai
na jaane aaj hazaaron ka haal kyaa hoga
na jaane aaj aaaj aaj....
na jaane aaj hazaaron ka haal kyaa hoga

Asha, Sudha, Shankar Shambhu and chorus really excelled singing this
great tune by Roshan. Sahir ka ye qawaali to zindagi bhar nahi bhulenge.

15. Mukhesh was well used by Roshan. The following is a solo, penned by
Shailendra. Whatever is your due, you get. that is the saaransh of this
song. So be content with what you get in this quiz :-) and I will with
what I get :-)

jo bhi de de maalik tu karle kabuul
kabhi kabhi kaaton me bhi khilte hain phul
vahaan der bhale hai andher nahin
ghabraake yun gila mat kije

denewalle ne tho clues tujhko bahut diya. ab is gaane ka pataa lagaana
aap ka kaam hai.

16. mei agla sawaal bade armaano se pooch raha hun ki aap sab log is ka jawaab
denge. This is a nice duet by Lata and Mukesh. Indeewar has peenned it
long back. I never thought Indivar was there from such a long time.

L: meri nayya ko kinaare ka intazaar nahin.
M: tera aanchal ho to patwaar bhi darkaar nahin
LM: tere hote hue kyon mujhe tufaan ka gam (2)
pyaar ke duniyaa me ye paille kadam

17. The next song is a superb duet by Talat and Lata. It is such a delightful,
and delicious song. It just soothes you. kyaa raag hai!! kya rang hai!!
is gaane me. Wah. Kaifi Azmi se aazmaaya hua pyaara git.

LM: nazre churane vaale nazre zaraa uthaana
nazre zaraa uthaana
seekha kahan se tu ne ulfat me dil jalaana
ulfat me dil jalaana
woh dil jalaane waale kahata hai pyaar soja
dil-e-beqaraar sojaa

wake up!!.
Point this song if someone wants to know what melody is.

18. I and a colleague went to Phoenix AZ on office work. We wanted to visit
another friend of ours. So we wanted to take some flowers to the friend's
home. It was late in the evening, and luckily we saw one shop open. My
friend remained in the car and I entered the shop. The shop did'nt
have any flowers but the Arizona desert trademark gift, cactus plant in
a pot. (Cactus has thorns and it is a greenish desert plant).
As almost all other shops are already closed, I bought it. My friend in
the car was asking about flowers, I told him that I could'nt get flowers,
but got the desert trademark cactus to his chagrin, and also added my
masaala that we can make friendship by taking cactus to the third friend
too according to Mazrooh.

ab aage jo bhi ho anjaam dekhaa jaayega
khudaa taraash diya aur bandagi karli.

Rafi sang it well.

19. Did Lata ever sing for Noorjehaan? Yes, here for the lyrics penned by
Shakeel Badaayuni. Nice slow solo.

bhul gayi thi apni hasti
ishk aur vafaa ke josh me ham
sub kuch khokar bebas hokar
ab aaye hain hosh me ham
pyaase rahe gaye dil ke armaan
jhuta saathi jhuta jaan
ho na hi tha ye anjaam

20. Lata and Hemant Kumar combination giving a slow duet. Lyrics written by

LM: phir aag birhaa ki mat lagaana
ke jalake mai raakh ho chukii hun
HK: ye raakh maathe pe maine rakhli (2)

dosto, mandir me jab bhi diya dekhtaa hun na to ye gaanaa
yadd aati hai.

21. Another masterpiece of slow solo by Mukhesh. Looks like these
slow solos for Mukhesh are 'turf' cards of Roshan. The lyrics are by
Rahil Gorakhpuri. Jeena seekhnaa hai? to ye gaana sun lo.

woh maasoom surat woh bholi nigaahe
rahengi sadaa dil me aabaad ho kar
na poori hui jo usi aarzoo me
milegaa hame chayan barbaad hokar
ye ujdi hui zindagi ko basaana

22. The next song is from such a film .....jis ki raat me barsaat nahin hai.
magar bheegi hai. badaa anokha haina?
It is a Rafi solo for Majrooh's lyrics.

tauba ye kisne anjuman sajaake
tukde kiye hain gunchaye vafaa ke
uchaalo gulon ke tukde ke rangin fizaavon me
rahane ki raat aayi

doston, is ke vaaste buzurg log bolte hai ke dil me jo hai woh
seedha muh pe kaha daalo.

23. The following is another rarity of hindi film statistics. Kishore singing
for Roshan. This one is suited only for Kishore and is of the type of
yodelling, changing voice, paagal bandi etc etc. Roshan did this , I think,
before any other music director did. i.e. using Kishore for a song, for the
types of which he is the king. Nazim Panipat wrote the lyrics.

chalaa jab nazar ka chaaku
hua dil cham chamaaku
mi ho gaya aaku baaku
o meri ho gayi dheebri tait
yaa rabba khair ho dur-phite-muh.

24. Roshan's output also included rap music in early 50s.
Unbelivable. Is'nt it?
It was in a film, sung by GM Durrani and Shamshaad Begum. One can enjoy
this song now and then. Nice catchy music embeds a rap portion by both
Shamshaad and Durrani. Lyrics are by Adil and Udhav.

GM: ticket kaha hai
SB: ticket nahin hai
GM: phir kyaa hogaa?
SB: phir kyaa hogaa? naach dikhaake, gaana gaake,
babuji ko pyaar ke badle jhute pyaar ki laddu khilaake,
chali re chali re mei to chali re bangaal,

25. Mahendra Kapoor and Mannadey.... must be another rare combinations.
Roshan used so many singers and I dont think any other MD did like that.
This shows what a wide strike zone Roshan has. This one is from the silver
era... the 60s If someone hears it first time, there is 100% probability of
calling it a OP Nayyar Tune...It is a ghoda-gaadi tune..but nice one.

The antara I chose is sung in chorus by both these.

kahate hain teri shaan me jo koi uunche bol nahin
bhagwaan ke paas bhi maata tere pyaar ka mol nahin
ham to yahi jaane tujhse badi sansaar ki daulat kya hogii
ai maaa...ai maa......

I was always thinking that, that famous song where two kids trying to
please the grandmother 'daadi amma daadi amma maan ja..' is from this
film.. but not. Majrooh wrote the above lyrics.

26. The next song is a grreat slow solo from Mukhesh.. Again.. From a film
already covered. But I am forced to add this as the quiz is not complete
with this pearl. ye gaana sunke sab ko bahut tasalli milti hai..jhuti si
nahin..sachchi si... Lyrics are by Zia Sarhadi.

tere vaadon ke sahaare pe jiye jaayenge ham
jiye jaayenge ham
raz ye tere siva aur koi jaan na le
mera dil......

27. Mannadey sang some semi-classicals for Roshan. This one is penned by
Sahir in 60s.

he e e behaka hua ye angaaraa ang...gaa....raaa...
jo gendwaa kahalaaye hai
aji tan par jahaan gire paapi
vahin daag pad jaaye hain
ang ang mora peer kare aur karat kahe..

:-) naa maaro....naa maaro...naa marro..Phul stop.....
No Let me finish my humming.. naa marro nazariyaa ke baan re akeli.....

28. Ahan, here is the song in the league I spoke in question 6.
His Maestro Roshan. Silken Voice and a rare gem by Talat in early 50s.

chiraag andhiyon me jalaaye to kaise
hamaari nazar ko nazaaron ne luta

If you re-mix and edit the lyrics of Mughal-e-azam song mukhdaa 'muhobbat
ki jhuti ...' and Devar song mukhdaa 'bahaaro ne mera chaman lut'. you may
get it. Shailendar has penned the above lyrics.

29. Come October-Nov. It is great time in India. First the festival of
Dassera, nava raatris, and then after 20 days, the festival of lamps..
hindustaan ke ghar ghar me diwaali manaayi jaati hai. It is a month to go.
Mean while get this song... A smooth, heart-soothing duet of the 50s, sung
by Lata and Rafi. Which is better? this one or the one in question 16.
Indeevar has penned these.

utha ke ranj-e-dil choor ho gaye
itna ke thes lagti hai
haanye dil ko thes lagti hai
kaliyon ki muskuraane se
ye mohabbat na ................

30. It is traditional for us to end an event with an aarti song like
'om jaya jagadisha...'. So let me end the quiz with an aarti song.

lambi sahi dard ki raahen
dil ki lagan se kaam le
ankho ke is tufaan ko pi jaa
aahon ke baadal thaam le
door to hain par door nahin hain
nazaaro ki manzil raahi

Lata just as usual. Mazrooh penned these.

*********THE END***THE END******THE END***********THE END***************
*********THE END***THE END******THE END***********THE END***************

04. Lyrics for question 4.

ab agar mel nahin hai to judaaii bhii nahin
baat todi bhii nahin tumane nibhaaii bhii nahin
ye sahaaraa bhii bahut hai mere jiine ke liye
tum agar merii nahin ho to paraaii bhii nahin
mere dil ko na saraaho to koii baat nahin

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