Anthem-Protestor Gwen Berry Fails In Humiliating Fashion At The Olympics

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Sep 21, 2021, 6:40:02 AMSep 21
Gwen Berry finished in eleventh place out of twelve competitors
in the women’s hammer throw finals on Tuesday at the Tokyo
Olympics. One month ago, she made headlines by turning her back
during the national anthem at the Olympic trials.

And, she raised a clenched fist right before the hammer throw
competition taking advantage of the IOC’s relaxed rules about

Obviously Berry was hoping to win at the Tokyo Olympics and
would have likely made some type of statement on the podium.

Gwen Berry Flops At Olympics
The 32 year-old competitor only managed to register a distance
of 71.35 meters with her throw.

That is one ugly black bitch.

Damani Felder
Shout out to self-proclaimed "activist athlete" @MzBerryThrows
for coming in 11th place and failing to win a medal at the
Olympics after turning her back on the American flag during
qualifying in June! Well deserved!

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