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Feb 21, 1997, 3:00:00 AM2/21/97

What's up out there in information land. Peep game, I was born in raised
in Ft. Worth, Tx.(aka Funkytown) and I feel its my duty as a true product
of hip-hop culture to let the world know that southern hip-hop is becoming
a force in the music industry to reckon with. It's no longer a gang of
semi-talented "homies" clinging on to this coast or that coast (I mean
brothas in Funkytown used to wear Compton hats), hip-hop has now become a
cultural expression of southern life and its selling. The South, which
historically has the larger number of Black folks than both "coasts",
contains a market yet to be truly saturated with the southern black
experience. Once that market is "truly" tapped into and sewn up, I
believe we'll see a shift in focus in the world of hip-hop. Just think
about it. I happen to have an inside track to the "southern explosion"
and things are about to get hectic. So wake up Amerikkka, you sleepin' on
the South.


Mar 5, 1997, 3:00:00 AM3/5/97

True Dat...there is so much shit marinating down here in the Dirty South.
The Geto Boys really got it started but now even smaller labels and
artists are beginning to get some recognition.

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