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May 1, 2021, 6:56:28 PMMay 1
> Holy shit Batman!
> What now!
> <
> "News Media That Conspired to Dismiss Biden Laptop Scandal as â
> Disinformation’ Are Now Trapped
> "If you limit your news reading to only the U.S. corporate media,
> miss a lot.
> For instance, you likely missed hearing anything about this
> story in the UK’s Daily Mail last week about how forensic
experts have
> proven the Hunter Biden laptop contents were not faked.
> The corporate news media and the big tech social media
> made extensive efforts to blunt the impact of the emerging laptop
> scandal so it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the fast-
approaching 2020
> presidential election.
> The popular media take is that their censorship worked
> Trump was voted out and Biden won handily.
> The big question that’s been looming ever since last November is
> What happens when the laptop scandal resurfaces again, as it’s
doing now?
> Some people seem to think this situation is going to remain in
> for the next four years. Every time more of the laptop’s awful
> contents are revealed, Joe Biden laughs loudly when a reporter
> to ask him about it and says, “C’mon man! That’s Russian
> disinformation!†and the corporate news media will obediently
drop the
> issue.
> I’m not sure that expectation is correct.
> Last month I commented about how the federal investigation that is
> targeting Hunter Biden hasn’t ended yet. Which is strange, if
> conventional wisdom is accurate, that the investigation was only
> started back in 2018 to protect the Biden family. Joe Biden is
> in the White House now. What would the FBI be waiting for?
> If the investigation into Hunter Biden has been subsumed by
> politics—as is widely assumed—why haven’t the people running
it made
> defensive leaks on behalf of the Bidens?
> Wouldn’t there have been leaks to the media from inside the FBI
> how “we’re not finding anything†and “after two years itâ
€™s time to end
> this, we’re wasting our time, there’s nothing here†?
> Instead, there have been no leaks from any of the investigators
> You know why that’s strange?
> We already know what a politicized group of political partisans at
> FBI or in a special counsel’s office would look like.
> Because we’ve spent over four years seeing evidence declassified
> regarding the FBI’s handling of the Crossfire Hurricane
> “counter-intelligence†investigation and the Mueller special
> handling of the Gen. Michael Flynn case.
> If the people in the FBI running the Biden investigation or in
> Durham’s special counsel’s office were political partisans,
> also be leakers. Regular leakers who would be using media allies
> drive certain political narratives centered around their
> targets, either to shield those targets or to arouse suspicions
> against them.
> federal investigation of Hunter Biden and those working with
> since April 2017 investigating Spygate don’t leak anything.
> or otherwise.
> Durham’s people and the FBI’s Biden investigators don’t leak
> to the media about any of the central figures of their probes.
> have been no leaks about James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Hunter Biden,
> Tony Bobulinski, or anyone else involved in these investigations.
> That’s because the investigations are real, and they aren’t
being run
> by political partisans, and they will conclude and announce their
> findings at the proper time.
> Given the nature of the kind of behavior that we know Hunter Biden
> been engaging in for years, the fact nothing is leaking from the
> investigation into him is remarkable.
> Contrast Donald Trump Jr. With Hunter Biden
> Of all the children of Donald Trump, it’s his eldest son Donald
> who gets most of the press attention. While his other grown-up son
> Eric and daughters Ivanka and Tiffany are also in the public
> spotlight, it’s Don Jr. who comes closest to matching his
> bombastic public persona and love of opining on social media.
> And for this reason, much of the corporate media enthusiastically
> pursued Don Jr. just as avidly as it did his father.
> For several years, sensational stories appeared in the mainstream
> press that sold the idea that Don Jr. was in mounting legal
> for serious crimes.
> Which was always nonsense because any research into Don Jr. will
> establish that he’s a successful businessman who enjoys a stable
> family life. He’s never been tied to drugs, and despite rabid
> media partisans frantically searching for years, no evidence of
> being a family bag man for foreign bribes has ever emerged.
> We were repeatedly assured by legal experts and reporters with
> high-level sources that Don Jr. was headed to prison just based on
> notorious Trump Tower meeting with some Russian political
> who turned out to be connected to Fusion GPS, the very same firm
> was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign to produce the fake
> dossier.
> We heard for months in anonymously sourced news reports that
> was closing in on the dastardly Trump Crime Family, how former
> associates such as Gen. Flynn, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen,
> others had flipped on the president and were loudly singing to
> about the Russian collusion.
> And none of it was true.
> Not only was Don Jr. never charged with “collusion,†but
Mueller also
> couldn’t even find any evidence of violations of campaign
> laws, since no money or anything of real value was exchanged at
> meeting. And so, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in
> mainstream press as Don Jr. got away with—absolutely nothing.
> Meanwhile, what was the story with Hunter Biden the past few years
> Don Jr. was supposedly involved in all kinds of nefarious
> Fake News Has Gone From Trying to Invent Fake Scandals to Trying
> Hide Real Ones
> I can’t tell you how ironic it is that after five years of the
> mainstream media trying to nail Don Jr. on something, anything,
> he apparently made of himself with multiple prostitutes.
> And now all the corporate media outlets that engaged in deliberate
> conspiracy to hide the laptop scandal are now—like Hunter in
many of
> these shocking videos and pictures—caught with their pants down.
> The mainstream corporate media has blithely moved on from helping
> launch and drive numerous fake Trump family scandals to
> enthusiastically covering up Biden family scandals.
> The end result of all of this was that when it was vitally
> for the American public to know the truth about the family that
> seeking to enter the White House, the American corporate media
> conspired among themselves to deliberately suppress and hide a
> political scandal in order to influence the 2020 presidential
> When the history of our time is written it’s going to look very
> unkindly on these people in the American media who were not only
> getting the major stories wrong because they let their biases
> influence everything, but were also covering up for potentially
> criminals while trying to turn innocent people into criminals.
> And that is absolutely unforgivable.
> This same corporate media that spent more than four years claiming
> Spygate was a right-wing conspiracy theory while enthusiastically
> pursuing the Trump–Russia collusion hoax turned around and
babbled to
> the country that the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian
> campaign. Because Joe said so.
> We all know they did it to keep the laptop scandal from hurting
> Biden’s chances against Trump in the presidential election.
> Well Trump is gone now. They can’t justify continuing this
> conspiracy to suppress the truth about the laptop and what it
> about the Bidens to hurt Trump. They can’t even find Trump these
> much less hurt him.
> These media companies are laying off personnel at a frantic pace
> the U.S. economy continues to improve, and unemployment is
dropping to
> its lowest point since the pandemic began over a year ago.
> And nothing will bring the viewers and readers back like a good
> old-fashioned juicy political scandal about a presidency, the
likes of
> which the country hasn’t seen since Bill Clinton and Monica
> were discovered to have been doing unmentionable things in the
> Office.
> Some of these dying news media outlets need this Biden scandal to
> survive. They’re not going to be able to help themselves. Their
> self-interest is going to outweigh the political calculations of
> protecting the Bidens."

The United States needs a political war. A political war that
exterminates the immature ignorant Democrats for all time.

Execute the owners of the media. Arrest them, stand them up in a
public square and put bullets in their heads. Do the same for their

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