***Let Out A War-Cry!!***

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Dec 3, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/3/99
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As Us-U-al...

We gone start this out with prayer kinfolk:

Once that TiME has arrived, God's days of staying quiet will be over.
--Psalm 83:1

"...Like a Mighty Man I WILL go forth. Like a warrior
I AWAKEN with ZEAL. All shout YES-- Let out a WAR CRY;

Over Our enemies I WILL show Myself MIGHTIER.
I have kept QUIET for a long TiME. I continued SILENT.
I kept exercising SELF-CONTROL.

Like a woman giving BIRTH I am going to GROAN, PANT, and GASP at
the same TiME. I shall DEVASTATE mountains and hills, and all their
vegetation I shall dry up. And I will make the BLIND ONES walk in a way
that they have not KNOWN; in a roadway that they have not known I shall
cause them to TREAD. I shall turn a DARK place before them into LIGHT,
and rugged terrain into level land. These are the thangs that I will
DO for them, and I will not leave them."

--Isaiah 42:13-16

Dear Lord, bless Us with a TiME to plant, a TiME to heal, a TiME to
build, a TiME to laugh, a TiME to skip about, a TiME to embrace and a
TiME to LOVE. As your faithful followers give Us a TiME for everlasting
PEACE. Let us run with endurance the race that is set before Us.
In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Wassup yall!!

It's yo boy OverTiME Comin Down

....from DEEP....

...Down South.

One mo gen.

OneTiME fo Winter Nineteen-Ninety-Grind if you feelin' Me...


??Do You Know who YOU Is???

***Certifiied Krunk***: 4th Quarter 9-9

If you down fo puttin' a lil' Soul in it these lp's wont steer you
(Listed in no particular order of Krunktitude)

SwishaHouse- The Day that Hell Broke Loose
SwishaHouse Entertainment http://www.swishahouse.com
Rally Boys- Rally World Vol. I
Rally Entertainment
Q-Tip- Amplified
Arista http://www.arista.com
Guerilla MAAB- Rise
Ressurection Music
Nino presents…$hot Caller$- Ya Only Live Once
Big Ballin Records
Bumbino- The Story of Young Socrates
Actright Entertainment http://www.actright.yahoo.com
NuWine- Ghetto Mission
Real Deal Records http://www.evanderholyfield.com
Texas Made (Compilation)
Fat Texas Records 1.800.595.0751
Latin Thrown- the Movie & Soundtrack
Latium Records http://www.latiumrecords.com
Lifestyl- Mobb Figgaz
Latium Records http://www.latiumrecords.com
South Park Mexican- The 3rd Wish (To Rock the World)
Latium/DopeHouse Records http://www.latiumrecords.com
Latin World Vol.2 (Compilation)
Latium Records http://www.latiumrecords.com
PSK-13- Pay Like You Weigh 5000 (Micheal "5000" Watts skrew mixx)
NightShift Muzik http://clik.to/nightshiftent
The Houston HardHitters Vol. 3- tha Supa Thuggs
Straight from the Streetz http://www.kbxx.com
Rapsta- Superstar of the Ghetto
Underground Records
Tim Smooth- Let It be Written
Camped Out Records
Kinfolkz- City of Gold
Unstoppable Records
Tash- Rap Life
Loud Records http://www.loud.com
Rappin' 4Tay- Introduction to Mackin'
Celeb Entertainment
Most Hated- No Rest for the REAL
JamDown Records
254 Street Bosses- Texas Money
Str8 On My Hustle Records
D.O.W.N. (Doin' Only What's Necessary)- R U?
4 Sho Records
Sekret Weapons Vol. I (Compilation)
Swerve Entertainment
Klondike Kat- Biography of a Made Man
Beatbox Records
Endo- Dangerous & Legit
DAL Records
DJ Jubilee & the Bounce Squad- Bouncin' All Over the World
Take Fo Records http://www.takeforecords.com
Master P- Only God Can judge Me
No Limit
J. Prince presents…The REALest N!@@az Down South
Rap-A-Lot 2k http://www.rap-a-lot2k.com
Kurupt- Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha
Dr. Dre presents…Chronic 2001
Aftermath Entertainment
Raekwon- Immobilarity
Loud Records http://www.loud.com
Above the Law- Forever: Rich Thugs
Westworld Records http://www.streetsolid.com
E-40- Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire
Sick-Wid- It
Youngbloodz- Against the Grain
Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment
Belly Soundtrack
DefJam http://www.defjam.com
Best of the Best Vol. 2- lovers.rock.culture.danchall
JamDown Records http://www.jamdown.com
Strictly the Best 23 & 24
VP Records http://www.vprecords.com
The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 99
Greensleeves Records http://www.easynet.co.uk/greensleeves
Bob Marley- Chant Down Babylon
Jim Crow- Crow's Nest
H$E- Hustlaz Stackin Endz
Sucka Free Records

**Str8 R&B, Str8 R&B**
(TreyHarris I'm still feelin' you my nig;-)

Marc Nelson- Chocolate Mood
Kevon Edmonds- 24/7
Montell Jordan- Get It On..Tonite
Tracie Spencer- Tracie (Don't laugh, this lp is bumpin')
Mint Condition- Life's Aquarium

**New Releases Comin' Down soon on a Geto near YOU:**

GooDieMOb- World Party droppin' Dec.21

2Pac & the Outlawz- Still I Rise Dec.21

UGK has been cancelled until further notice. It was supposed to drop
Nov. 30, but I think they are having problems with their label. Like
Too $hort said, "Tell them niggaz at Jive to quit trippin!!!"

Ice Cube- Peace Disk http://www.icecube.com
People front but Cube is still consistent and Next Friday will be
another hit!

Watch out for the Hypnotize Camp Posse. They keep own comin with the
come on!!!

Willie D- Loved By Few Hated by Many
D is boxing now, he should have been doing this after he KO'd Melle Mel
in the Source boxing tournament to brang the belt down to H-town!!

Lil' Flip- The Magical Sounds of Cloverland
This lp should be supatyte with appearances by the Botany Boys, ESG, and
a host of other H-town mc's. Yall might remember Flip from the C-Note
track, 'Diamonds All In Yo Face' I give this lp credit for having the
funniest cover I've seen in a lonf time.
(The cover looks like a box of Luck Charms with Flip in a Leprechaun
suit with a bowl of cereal made from gold coins, diamonds, emeralds, and
platinum dollar signs!!

The Dirty 3rd- Movie & Soundtrack comin' January 2000 brought to yall by
Wreckshop Records outta H-town. It'll really expose the underground
Houston scene to the world.

Check out this site for another movie comin' out the Dirty:

Don't forget Scarface's, 'In My TiME of Dying' is droppin' around

And don't forget to peep Luke's movie droppin' in 2K too.

**Scopin' the One-Eyed Monsta:**

I havent been watching tv too much lately, so instead, inthis issue
I'm going to do an internet show & prove fashion section:

http://www.thugcity.com Home of THUGWEAR, what the REAL playaz all are

**Droppin' my MiND own some of you foolz:**

My only problem is that I am honest to a fault and I have more staying
power than Barry White!! Haha!!

Is it just me, or does Nas act just like Puff now? His videos are the
same and he just jacks folks for their beats. (i.e. EPMD and Keith

Check out my n!@@a Warren Sapp's site: http://www.big99.com
Could he be Eightball's lost twin??

Here's some other food for hip hop thought:

I just like that new ad campaign they have!!
Go to this site to support a brotha while he's locked.
Show him some LOVE!
Wireless internet video. No joke.
Check out the digital 1200 SL

Why do Cam'Ron and the Hot Ones have on all of Puff and Mases' old
clothes in their new video?
What's up with all these eastcoasters wearing war paint on their faces
like they are indians or something?



First off, ladies First:

Sole- Like I said before, they may dis you in the magazines but I'm
feelin her lp.
I Love the video fo '4,5,6' Ol' gal from Xscape who sings the hook for
this song is
Sooooooo FINE to me. Like Monch said, "Come on now…THAT's how I like

People dis but Amil has flow. AND a big-azz.

Now my niggaz:

E-40 and the Sick-Wid-It camp. Them boyz have the most consistent and
original camp out there. I've been listening to Forty-water since I
heard the D-Shot song, "Call me on the Unda" I caint wait for the
B-Legit album too. He Is one of my favorite mc's.

"…I wear these glasses so that I can look like a SQUARE
But if you eva see me in a fight with a BEAR
Don't help ME n!@@a help the BEAR!!!!"

I know these STREETZ like the TASK-FORCE know DOPE
I AM the STREETZ my GETO-PASS caint be REVOKED!!!"
E-40 from the song, "Ballaholic"

Yall foolz take it slow and all the REAL playaz

Stay UP!!



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Let Out a War Cry, 12-3-99

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