11/4/08 was a Good Show (tm)

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Kelly Humphries

Nov 5, 2008, 1:42:54 PM11/5/08
I spent most of Election Night at the Columbia City Theater (where New
Monsoon played on Halloween) for the 37th District Democrats house
party... I overheard one of the bartenders talking about a "great
show" he saw a couple nights back. :-) He said that there's a lot of
work to do, and a band like New Monsoon showed him how people can
work together and look forward to that future. Nice.

MSNBC on the big screen called Ohio and PA early on, and the room was
optimistic. Olbermann pointedly noted that Obama already had 200
electoral votes, with the whole west coast (CA=55, WA=11, HI=4) still
to come. They had an onscreen countdown clock for the 8PM Pacific
poll closing. We counted down from ten seconds, and at 8 PM and 1
second, MSNBC called the entire West Coast for President-Elect Obama.
The place erupted.

I met the guy who runs this blog:


which takes electoral-vote.com a step further and puts it into
tracking-graph mode. Anything crossing that horizontal midline is the
smell of victory. Going back a month or more, the results would have
been about the same.

I saw a couple teleprompters during Barack's speech...but to once
again have a leader who can talk as though he doesn't need them ...
that's one of those intangibles I missed the most going from Clinton
to Bush.

I remember '72, but at the age of six all I really knew was that that
guy Nixon was some sort of Supercreep. I remember watching his
resignation speech, myself and my brother/stepbrothers, none older
than 12 or 13, all cheering wildly in our little apartment in Chicago.
I remember the night before the 1980 election, some protestors were at
a Reagan rally and he turned to them and told them to "Shut up!" The
crowd ate it up. The next day, Reagan was President-elect, and a
month later John Lennon was dead.

I'm glad at least a few little things like that will now be different
for a while. Well, except for Lennon being dead.

now playing: Dancin > Mojo > Dancin, 4/22/77.....

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