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peter gabriel's new album

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May 4, 1989, 11:47:59 PM5/4/89
Really-From: Michael Portuesi <>

> Excerpts from 4-May-89 Re: peter gabriel's new album
> Love-Hounds-request@GAFF (2441)

> However, in order to tour with the new album, they then needed a
> drummer and they hired none other than Bill Bruford. The result was
> great, instrumentally speaking, and one of the British concerts became
> a video. It was shown on USA cable channel a few months back ("Night
> Flight" I believe) and probably will be shown there again.

Unfortunately, the USA network cancelled "Night Flight" a few months
back, coincidentally right before I got cable TV installed in my
apartment. "Night Flight" was usually very good for showing rare videos
and footage from a number of interesting artists. I still have a really
good Bryan Ferry special on tape and I had been looking forward to
collecting more specials from other artists.

They replaced "Night Flight" with a string of B-movies like "Sorority
Babes Battle the Pinheads from Mars."

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