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[ Sah, Chih-Tang ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Solid State Electronics 1st Edition

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Nov 8, 2018, 12:55:19 PM11/8/18
[ Sah, Chih-Tang ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Solid State Electronics 1st Edition World Scientific Pub Co Inc ISBN-13: 978-9810206383

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Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery (5th Ed., S.L. Dixon)
[ Sah, Chih-Tang ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Solid State Electronics 1st Edition World Scientific Pub Co Inc ISBN-13: 978-9810206383
Essentials of Geometry for College Students (2nd Ed., Margaret L. Lial, Barbara A. Brown, Arnold R. Steffenson & L. Murphy Johnson)
McCabe_ Julian C Smith_ Peter Harriott - Unit operations of chemical engineering [SOLUTIONS MANUAL] (1985, McGraw-Hill ) [McGraw-Hill chemical engineering series] Warren L
[ Heidi A. Howard ] Solutions Manual Trigonometry 8th Edition Pearson Addison Wesley
Modern Control Systems (11th Ed., Dorf)
Linda S Brunauer_ Elzbieta Cook_ Theodore L Brown - Instructor's resource manual [for] Chemistry, the central science, 11e _ Brown ... [et al.] (2009, Pearson Prentice Hall)
Introduction to Econometrics (2nd ed., James H. Stock & Mark W. Watson)
Operating Systems (3rd Ed., Gary Nutt)
Francis Carey, Neil Allison - Solutions Manual to accompany Organic Chemistry, Seventh Edition (2007, McGraw-Hill Science_Engineering_Math)
Mechanics of Materials (7th Ed., Gere)
I. E. Leonard, J. E. Lewis, A. C. F. Liu, G. W. Tokarsky - Solutions Manual to Accompany Classical Geometry_ Euclidean, Transformational, Inversive, and Projective (2014, Wiley)
[ Burckel, Nguyen ] Solutions Manual Real and Complex Analysis Academic Press, ISBN: 9780080873985
Systems for Planning and Control in Manufacturing (D. K. Harrison & D. J. Petty)
Introduction to Mathematical Structures and Proofs (Larry J. Gerstein)
Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems with Fourier Series (2/e, Asmar)
The Object of Data Abstraction and Structures (using Java) (David Riley)
[ Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Jeffrey Jaffe ] Solutions Manual Corporate Finance, 8th Edition McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 8th 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0073337180
fracture mechanics ; fundamentals and applications, 3/E, by T.L. Anderson
Tony Gaddis, Diane Christie - Starting Out with Java_ From Control Structures through Objects, Lab Manual Solutions (2012, Addison-Wesley)
[ Frank M. White ] Solutions Manual Fluid Mechanics: 6th (Sixth) Edition 2006 McGraw-Hill Companies ISBN: 0071286454
[ C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney ] Solutions Manual Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 3rd Edition Pearson; 3rd 2008 ISBN-13: 978-0136054252
[ Douglas B. West ] Solutions Manual Introduction to Graph Theory 2nd Edition Pearson; 2nd ISBN-13: 978-0130144003
An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation: Mathematics, Stochastics and Computation (Desmond Higham)
[ Francis A. Carey, Richard J. Sundberg ] Solutions Manual Advanced Organic Chemistry Part A_ Structure and Mechanisms 5th Edition
Statistical Thermodynamics (Normand Laurendeau)
[ Hugh D. Young , Roger A. Freedman , A. Lewis Ford ] Solutions Manual Sears and Zemansky's University Physics with Modern Physics, 13th Edition 2011 Addison-Wesley ISBN-13: 978-0321696861
Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits 3rd Edition by muller
Introductory Quantum Optics (Christopher Gerry & Peter Knight)
Oracle 10g Programming: A Primer (Rajshekhar Sunderraman)
Detection and Estimation: Theory; and Its Applications (Thomas Schonhoff & Arthur Giordano)
Elementary Differential Equations Bound (2nd Ed.,Werner E. Kohler, Johnson)
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery (3rd Ed., Wilson & Sadler)
[ Ralph H. Petrucci, William S. Harwood, Geoffrey Herring ] Solutions Manual General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications 8th Edition Prentice Hall; 8th 2001 ISBN-13: 978-0130143297
[ Louwers, Timothy; Ramsay, Robert; Sinason, David; Strawser, Jerry ] Solutions Manual Auditing & Assurance Services 2nd Edition McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 2nd 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0073128245
[ Anthony M. Bedford, Wallace Fowler ] Solutions Manual Bedford: Engineering Mechanics:Statics 5th Edition Pearson; 5th 2007 ISBN-13: 978-0136129158
Engineering Statistics (4th Ed., Douglas Montgomery, George Runger & Norma Faris Hubele)
[ T.H.G. Megson ] Solutions Manual Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students 4th Edition (Elsevier Aerospace Engineering) Butterworth-Heinemann; 4th ISBN-13: 978-0750667395
[ Cengel & Cimbala ] Solutions Manual Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications 1st Edition McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/ (2004) ISBN 13: 9780073044651
Plant Pathology (5th Ed., George Agrios)
[ J. David Logan Applied Mathematics 3rd Edition 2006 Wiley-Interscience ISBN-13: 978-0471746621
Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes (3rd Ed., Felder & Rousseau)
[ Glenn F. Knoll ] Solutions Manual Radiation Detection and Measurement Edition Wiley
[ Noel de Nevers ] Solutions Manual Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers: 3rd Edition Hardcover 2004 McGraw-Hill Companies ISBN-13: 978-0072566086
Werner E. Kohler, Lee W. Johnson - Solutions Manual for Elementary Differential Equations (2006, Addison Wesley)
[ Gibson, Charles H. ] Solutions Manual Financial Reporting Analysis : Using Financial Accounting Information 10th Edition South-Western Publishing Co. 2007 ISBN13: 9780324304459
Essentials of Stochastic Processes (Rick Durrett)
[ David Arnold ] Solutions Manual Elementary Algebra 2nd Edition
[ M. Balkanski, R. F. Wallis ] Solutions Manual Semiconductor Physics and Applications (Series on Semiconductor Science and Technology) Oxford University Press ISBN-13: 978-0198517405
Fourier and Laplace Transforms (R. J. Beerends , H. G. ter Morsche)
Douglas A. Skoog, Donald M. West, F. James Holler - Solutions Manual for Skoog _ West Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry, 9th Edition (2013, Brooks Cole)
Intermediate Algebra (5TH Ed., K. Elayn Martin-Gay)
[ L. D. Field, H. L. Li, A. M. Magill ] Solutions Manual Organic Structures from 2D NMR Spectra, Kindle Edition Set 2016 ISBN: 978-1-119-07370-3
[ Gere, Goodno ] Solutions Manual Mechanics of Materials (7th, Seventh Edition) Publisher (2008) ISBN 13: 9780010024951
[ Charles Kittel, Herbert Kroemer ] Solutions Manual Thermal Physics (2nd Edition) Second Edition W. H. Freeman; 1980 ISBN-13: 978-0716710882
Machine Elements in Mechanical Design (4th Ed., Mott)
[ Howard Curtis ] Solutions Manual Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students 2nd Edition Butterworth-Heinemann 2nd 2009 ISBN: 9780080887845
File Structures: An Object-Oriented Approach with C++ (3rd Ed., Folk, Zoellick, Riccardi)
Jeffrey M Wooldridge - Solutions Manual and Supplementary Materials for Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data (2010, The MIT Press) [MIT Press]
Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Keith Bowman)
[ Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards ] Solutions Manual Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions (MindTap) 6th Edition Cengage Learning;(2014) ISBN-13: 978-1285774770
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra (4th Ed., Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby & Terry McGinnis)
Fluency with Information Technology, Brief Edition (Lawrence Snyder)
Suresh P. Sethi, Gerald L. Thompson (auth.) - Solutions Manual for Optimal Control Theory_ Applications to Management Science (1981, Springer Netherlands)
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (2nd Ed., Jerry Farlow, Hall, McDill & West)
[ Welty, James, Wicks, Charles E., Wilson, Robert E., Rorrer ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 4th edition Wiley; 4th 2000 ISBN-13: 978-0471381495
Reinforced Concrete Design (7th Ed., Chu-Kia Wang, Charles G. Salmon & José A. Pincheira)
Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems (Madan Mehta, Diane Armpriest & Walter Scarborough)
Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (4th Ed., Phares O'Daffer, Randall Charles, Thomas Cooney, John A. Dossey & Jane Schielack)
A Graphical Approach to Precalculus (4th Ed., John Hornsby, Lial & Rockswold)
Discrete Mathematics (7th Ed., Richard Johnsonbaugh)
[ Murat Kulahci, Søren Bisgaard ] Solutions ManualTime Series Analysis and Forecasting by Example 1st Edition Wiley;2011 ISBN-13: 978-0470540640
[ Hibbeler, Russell C. ] Solutions Manual Engineering Mechanics: Statics 12th Edition Pearson; 12th 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0136077909
[ Michael D. Greenberg ] Solutions Manual Advanced Engineering Mathematics 2nd Edition Dorling Kindersley Pvt Ltd;(2006) ISBN-13: 978-8177585469
[ Stuart Warren, Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves ] Solutions Manual Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition Kindle Canada Oxford University Press; 2nd 2012 ISBN-13: 978-0199270293
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Analysis and Design (6th Ed., McQuiston)
[ R. C. Hibbeler, Russell C. Hibbeler ] Solutions Manual Mechanics of Materials 4th Edition Prentice Hall (2000) ISBN 13: 9780130164674
Distributed Operating Systems and Algorithm Analysis (Randy Chow & Theodore Johnson)
[ Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby, David I. Schneider ] Solutions Manual Trigonometry 7th Edition Addison-Wesley 2001 ISBN-13: 978-0321085993
A Graphical Approach to Precalculus with Limits: A Unit Circle Approach (4th Ed., John Hornsby, Margaret L. Lial & Gary K. Rockswold)
[ Kenneth Kuttler ] Solutions Manual Elementary Linear Algebra 2014 ISBN: 978-87-403-1425-0
Advanced Mechanics of Materials (6th Ed., Boresi)
[ Lewis, Greg ] Solutions Manual Chris Park's The Environment 1st Edition Routledge; 1st ISBN-13: 978-0415166638
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Gary L. Peterson & James S. Sochacki)
[ Daniel C. Harris ] Solutions Manual Quantitative Chemical Analysis 8th Edition 2010 W.H. Freeman ISBN-13: 978-1429264846
[ Otto Bretscher ] Solutions Manual Linear Algebra with Applications 3rd Edition Prentice Hall; 3rd 2004 ISBN-13: 978-0131453340
Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data (2003) by Wooldridge
[ Katsuhiko Ogata ] Solutions Manual Modern Control Engineering, 4th Edition Pearson Education ISBN-13: 978-8178085791
[ Pru Marriott, J R Edwards , Howard J Mellett ] Solutions Manual Introduction to Accounting 3rd Edition, Kindle Edition ISBN-13: 978-0761970378
Prealgebra (3rd Ed., Margaret L. Lial & Diana L. Hestwood)
Financial Reporting and Analysis,3/E Lawrence Revsine
Fluid Mechanics (5th Ed., Douglas)
System Dynamics (1st Ed., William J Palm III)
[ Logan, Daryl L. ] Solutions Manual A First Course In The Finite Element Method 4th Edition Nick Book House ( Fresno, CA, U.S.A.) ISBN 13: 9780534552985
Donald R. Askeland (auth.) - The Science and Engineering of Materials_ Solutions Manual (1991, Springer Netherlands)
[ Griffiths ] Solutions Manual Introduction to Elementary Particles Edition 2008
[ William Palm III System Dynamics 1st Edition (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering) 2004 ASIN: B004V7GC78
Structural Analysis (7th Ed., Hibbeler)
[ South-Western Federal Taxation 2012 - Corporations, Partnerships, Estates and Trusts, 35th Ed by Hoffman, Maloney
[ David C. Lay ] Solutions Manual Linear Algebra and Its Applications 3rd Edition Addison Wesley; 3rd ISBN-13: 978-0201709704
Single Variable Calculus (3rd Ed., Monty J. Strauss, Gerald L. Bradley & Karl J. Smith)
[ Anthony F. Mills ] Solutions Manual Basic Heat and Mass Transfer 1st Edition Prentice Hall; ISBN 13: 9780256163889
Brief Calculus and Its Applications (11/e, Larry J Goldstein, Schneider, Lay & Asmar)
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra with Applications & Visualization, 2/E, Gary K. Rockswold,Terry A. Kriege
Kenneth W. Whitten, Raymond E. Davis, M. Larry Peck, George G. Stanley, Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt - Solutions Manual for Whitten's Chemistry 10th (2013, Cengage Learning)
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (7/E., Robert Fox, Alan McDonald & Philip)
Philip L. Taylor, Case Western Reserve University, OhioOlle Heinonen - Instructor's Solutions Manual to A Quantum Approach to Condensed Matter Physics (2002, Cambridge)
[ Montgomery, Douglas C. ] Solutions Manual Design and Analysis of Experiments 6th Edition John Wiley and Sons ISBN-13: 978-0470088104
[ Richard Baker ] Solutions Manual Advanced Financial Accounting 8th edition Richard D. Irwin, Inc. 2009 ISBN13: 9780073526911
[ Ira N. Levine ] Solutions Manual Quantum Chemistry 2014 Edition Pearson
Econometric Methods with Applications in Bussines and Economics (Christiaan Heij)
[ Ogata Katsuhiko ] Solutions Manual K. Ogata's Modern Control Engineering 5th Edition Pearson; 5th 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0136156734
[ Jr. Edwards C.H., David E. Penney ] Solutions Manual Calculus With Analytic Geometry 4th Edition Prentice Hall College Div; 4th ISBN-13: 978-0134579122
Introductory Algebra (8th Ed., Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby & Terry McGinnis)
Principles of Managerial Finance plus MyFinanceLab Student Access Kit, 12th Ed., Lawrence J. Gitman)
[ Beer, Ferdinand P., Johnston Jr., E. Russell, DeWolf, John T ] Solutions Manual Mechanics of Materials 4th Edition McGraw Hill Higher Education; 4th ASIN: B010WFI7DY
[ Sakurai, J. J. ] Solutions Manual Modern Quantum Mechanics Revised Edition Addison Wesley; ISBN-13: 978-0201539295
[ Michael A. Boles, Yunus A. Cengel Dr. ] Solutions Manual Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach 8th Edition Kindle Edition McGraw-Hill Education; 8th 2014 ISBN-13: 978-0073398174
[ Douglas A. Skoog, F. James Holler, Stanley R. Crouch ] Solutions Manual Principles of Instrumental Analysis 6th Edition Brooks Cole 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0495012016
Starting Out with Java: From Control Structures through Data Structures, by Gaddis, Muganda)
Fluid Mechanics (2ND., Cengel)
[ Charles Kittel ] Solutions Manual Introduction to Solid State Physics 8th Edition Wiley; 8th 2004 ISBN-13: 978-0471415268
Elementary Linear Algebra (2nd Ed., Spence, Insel & Friedberg)
[ Warren Nagourney ] Solutions Manual Quantum Electronics for Atomic Physics Oxford University Press ISBN-13 9780199665488
[ Hoffmann, Laurence D, Rosen, Kenneth H. ] Solutions Manual Applied Calculus For Business, Economics, And The Social And Life Sciences, Expanded 10th Edition
[ Philpot Timothy A ] Solutions Manual Mechanics of Materials: An Integrated Learning System, 4th Edition [Print Replica] Kindle Loose-leaf Edition Canada Wiley,4th 2012 ISBN-13: 978-1119344865
Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics (5th Ed., Anthony Bedford & Wallace Fowler)
Probability and Statistics in Engineering (4th Ed., Hines, Montgomery, Goldsman & Borror)
Flight Performance of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft (Antonio Filippone)
[ Timothy Pratt, Charles W. Bostian, Jeremy E. Allnutt ] Solutions Manual Satellite Communications 2nd Edition Wiley; 2nd ISBN-13: 978-0471370079
[ William R. Wade ] Solutions Manual An Introduction to Analysis 4th Edition Prentice Hall; 4th 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0132296380
[ Paul M. Fischer, William J. Taylor, Rita H. Cheng ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Advanced Accounting 1st Edition Cengage Learning; 1st 2007 ISBN-13: 978-0324378900
Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems: Principles, Operation and Maintenance (Mike Tooley)
[ Yunus A. Engel ] Solutions Manual Heat and Mass Transfer: A Practical Approach 3rd Edition McGraw-Hill; 3rd 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0071257398
Calculus and its Applications (11th Ed., Larry J Goldstein, Schneider, Lay & Asmar)
Intermediate Algebra with Applications and Visualization (2nd Ed., Gary K. Rockswold & Terry A. Krieger)
[ Tony Chan Carusone, David Johns, Kenneth Martin ] Solutions Manual Analog Integrated Circuit Design 2nd Edition Wiley; 2 2011 ISBN-13: 978-0470770108
[ Russell C. Hibbeler ] Solutions Manual Mechanics of Materials 7th Edition Prentice Hall; 7th ISBN-13: 978-0132209915
[ Schroeder, Daniel V. An Introduction to Thermal Physics 1st Edition Pearson; 1st 1999 ISBN-13: 978-0201380279
Applied Strength of Materials (5th Ed., Mott)
[ Curtis F. Gerald, Patrick O. Wheatley ] Solutions Manual Applied Numerical Analysis 7th Edition Pearson; 7 2003 ISBN-13: 978-0321133045
Elementary Structures for Architects and Builders (5th Ed., Ronald E. Shaeffer)
[ Wade W. Huebsch,Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 6th Edition Student Value Edition Wiley;2010 ISBN-13: 978-0470926536
[ Logan, J David ] Solutions Manual Applied Partial Differential Equations 1st Edition Springer; ISBN 978-3-319-12493-3
[ Keown Arthur J., John H. Martin, John W. Petty, David F. Scott ] Solutions Manual Financial Management: Principles and Applications 10th Edition Prentice Hall; 10 2004 ISBN-13: 978-0131450653
[ James F. Sepe, Mark W. Nelson J. David Spiceland ] Solutions Manual Intermediate Accounting 2013 McGraw-Hill ISBN-13: 978-1259122064
[ Frank Kreith, Raj M. Manglik, Mark S. Bohn ] Solutions Manual Principles of Heat Transfer 7th Edition SI Units
[ Farid Golnaraghi, Benjamin C. Kuo ] Solutions Manual Automatic Control Systems 9th Edition Wiley; 9th 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0470048962
University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering PhysicS, 12/E, Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman
Professor Badi H. Baltagi (auth.) - Solutions Manual for Econometrics (1998, Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
[ Gary L. Gray, Francesco Costanzo, Michael E. Plesha ] Solutions Manual Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 2007 McGraw-Hil ISBN-13: 978-0073358253
Supply Chain Management (3rd Ed., Sunil Chopra & Peter Meindl)
James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno - An Instructor’s Solutions Manual to Accompany Mechanics of Materials (2008, Cengage Learning)
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (C.L. Tang)
[ Borgnakke, Howard N. Shapiro, Michael J. Moran ] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics 6th (Sixth) Edition John Wiley & Sons; 6th 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0470540190
[ Curtis Howard D.] Solutions Manual Fundamentals of Aircraft Structural Analysis 1st Edition Richard d Irwin 1996 ISBN-13: 978-0256192605
Data Structures in Java (Thomas A. Standish)
Instrumentation and Control Systems (W. Bolton)
Theodore Baumeister, Eugene A. Avallone, Theodore Baumeister III - Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers Solutions Manual (1978, Mcgraw Hill Book Co)
[ Donald T. Greenwood ] Solutions Manual Advanced Dynamics 1st Edition Cambridge University Press 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0521029933
Kernel Projects for Linux (Gary Nutt)
Organic Chemistry, 7/E., by Carey, Atkins
[ Alan V. Oppenheim, Ronald W. Schafer ] Solutions Manual Discrete -Time Signal Processing: International Edition Pearson; 3rd edition (2010) 2010 ISBN-13: 978-0132067096
[ Hibbeler Russell C. ] Solutions Manual Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 14th Edition Kindle Mastering Engineering with Pearson 2015 ISBN-13: 978-0134228266
Dennis G. Zill, Michael R. Cullen, Warren S. Wright, Carol D. Wright - Solutions Manual to Accompany Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2006, Jones & Bartlett)
[ Steven R. Lay ] Solutions Manual Analysis: With an Introduction to Proof (4th Edition) 4th Edition Pearson; 4th 2004 ISBN-13: 978-0131481015
[ T W Graham Solomons; Craig B Fryhle; S A Snyder; Robert G Johnson; Jon Antilla ] Solutions Manual Organic chemistry, 11th Edition Wiley, [2014] ISBN: 9781118147900
[ Arthur P. Boresi, Richard J. Schmidt ] Solutions Manual Engineering Mechanics: Statics 1st Edition CL-Engineering; 1st 2000 ISBN-13: 978-0534951528
[ William W. Hines, Douglas C. Montgomery, David M. Goldsman, Connie M. Borror ] Solutions Manual Probability and Statistics in Engineering 4th Edition Wiley; 4th 2003 ISBN-13: 978-0471240877
Simulation Modeling and Analysis (4th Ed., Averill Law)
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering : Integrated Approach (3RD Ed., William D. Callister, Jr.)
Aircraft Control and Simulation (2nd Ed., Brian Stevens & Frank Lewis)
Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, 6/E, Henry Edwards David Penney
Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis (3/E, Fred Mannering, Kilareski & Washburn)
Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design (5th Ed., James G. MacGregor & James K. Wight)
Design of Reinforced Concrete (7th Edition, ACI 318-05 Code Edition, by Jack C. McCormac)
Analyzing Categorical Data (Jeffrey S. Simonoff)
[ William E. Boyce , Richard C. DiPrima ] Solutions Manual Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, 8th Edition 2004 Wiley ISBN-13: 978-0471433385
Theory of Applied Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics and Control (Reza N. Jazar)
[ David Loyd ] Solutions Manual Physics Laboratory Manual Edition Cengage Learning
Jeffrey M Wooldridge - Solutions Manual and Supplementary Materials for Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data (2003, The MIT Press)
Steels: Microstructure and Properties (3rd Ed. Bhadeshia & Honeycombe)
[ Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards ] Solutions Manual Calculus 10th Edition Kindle Cengage Learning; 10th ISBN-13: 978-1285057095
Intermediate Algebra (10th Ed., Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby & Terry McGinnis)
Fundamentals of Investing plus MyFinanceLab Student Access Kit and OTIS Student Access Kit (10th Ed., Lawrence J. Gitman & Michael D.Joehnk)
[ Valvano, Jonathan W ] Solutions Manual Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Real Time Interfacing 2nd Edition CL Engineering; 2nd 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0534551629
[ Hibbeler, Russell C. ] Solutions Manual Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 11th Edition Prentice Hall; 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0132215046
[ Randolph W Westerfield Robert R. Dockson Deans Chair in Bus. Admin ] Solutions Manual Essentials of Corporate Finance, 8th Edition McGraw-Hill Education; 8th 2013 ISBN-13: 978-0078034756
[ R. Jacob Baker ] Solutions Manual CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation, Second Edition 2nd Edition Wiley-IEEE Press; 2 ISBN-13: 978-0471700555
[ Folland, Gerald B. ] Solutions Manual Advanced Calculus 1st Edition Pearson; 1st 2001 ISBN-13: 978-0130652652
Automatic Control Systems, 9/E, by Kuo, Golnaraghi( under publishing)
Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems (6th Ed., Theodore Wildi)
[ James, Glyn ] Solutions Manual Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics 3rd Edition Prentice Hall; 3rd 2005 ISBN-13: 978-0130454256
Mathematical Proofs: A Transition to Advanced Mathematics (Gary Chartrand, Polimeni & Zhang)
[ Kenneth W. Whitten, Raymond E. Davis, Larry Peck, George G. Stanley ] Solutions Manual Chemistry 10th Edition Cengage Learning 2013 ISBN-13: 978-1133610663
[ Frank M. White ] Solutions Manual Fluid Mechanics: 4th Edition McGraw-Hill Higher Education ASIN: B0086PTBGK
Steel Structures: Behavior and LRFD (1st Ed., Ramulu S Vinnakota)*
Trench W.F. - Solutions Manual for Elementary Differential Equations and Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems
Fundamentals of Probability, with Stochastic Processes (3rd Ed., Saeed Ghahramani)
[ Edward Purcell ] Solutions Manual Electricity and Magnetism Edition Cambridge

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