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Oct 29, 2001, 12:36:00 AM10/29/01



1) Jonas Hellborg, live at Montmatre, 2/7/1991 A- AUD
2) Allan Holdsworth, Live in Tokyo, 1994, A SBD w Husband etc.
3) Allan Holdsworth and Band Live in Philadelphia, 1995, A AUD
4) Tribal Tech Live in Amsterdam, 4/4/1996, 2cdr FM A+
5) Jean Luc Ponty live in '78, from unreleased LP A
6) Brecker Bros. "Live" in 1992. New York SBD A+ w/Chambers
8) Buckshot Le Fonque, live in Amsterdam, 1997, FM, A+
11) Allan Holdsworth, "Gathering of Minds," live in Montreux, 1983 A
12) Tribal Tech, live in Amsterdam, 28/3/1998, 2cd A+
13) Brand X Reunion, San Francisco, 1993 AUD B
18) Bill Evans Let the Juice Loose, live in Japan, 1989. A++
19) UZEB live in Europe, 1990, 2CD (A+) SBD PRO
20) The Jazz Pistols, "Three on the Floor." PRO A+
21) Frank Gambale "Live at the Baked Potato." (88) A+ Released
22) Prism, "Uncovered," live in Japan. SBD A+
23) Weather Report, Live in Japan, LIVE WEATHER, 1978, A+
24) Stanley Clark live, 1976-77 - A+ (release)
25) Bill Bruford with EarthWorks, Knitting Factory, 1995, A
26) The Bruford Tapes, (1979 Live at Long Island), A+ FM
27) Miles Davis Live at Montreux (89) A+ w/Foley, Margitza
28) John Scofield Live at Hamburg, 1988, A.
29) Tower of Power, Live 1976. "IN LIVING COLOR" released, A+
31) Brand X , 199? Reunion Tour A+
33) Blue Tav, studio release, 1990, w/Holdsworth A++
35) Mike Stern live in Amsterdam ,98, w/ Morales, Goines A+
36) Mike Stern live in Stuttgart 4/12/90, with Chambers, Goines, A+
37) Dixie Dregs, live in New York, 1981. A+ FM
38) Miles Davis, Live in Hamburg, 1990 A+, AUD, GREAT!!!
39) Mahavishnu Orchestra at North Sea Jazz, 1984, FM A+
41) Chick Corea with Roney, McBride, North Sea Jazz, 1996 FM A+
42) Rite of Strings, 199? with Ponty, Clark, Di Meola, North Sea, FM A+
43) Mahavishnu Orchestra, live Hamburg FM A+ 1986
46) Miles Davis Live in Toronto, 1990 A SBD, "KING OF TRUMPETS"
47) Weather Update Live in Hamburg 1986 A, w/ Zawinul
50) Chick Corea, Tony Williams, SUMMER JAM, 1cd, 1979 A+
51) Tribal tech live in Brisbane, 1997, A AUD w Virgil Donati
52) Brecker Bros. live in New York, 1977, A FM
53) Mike Stern Live in Germany, 1994, A+ FM, w/ Weckl, Andrews
54) Larry Coryell with Eleventh House live in Sweden, 1998 A+ FM
55) Chick Corea live in Montreal, 1986, FM A+
57) Brand X live in New York, 1978, A "RATED X" boot
58) Tribal tech live in Koln, 1999, Thick Tour, SBD 2cdr A
60) Jaco Pastorius, JAZZSTAGE, live in Berlin, 1979, FM A
61) Chick Corea live Under the Sky Electric band 1986 FM A+
62) Santana live in 1980 in Montreux, FM A+
63) Santana live in Montreux, 7/4/93, SBD A, Montreux Jazz Fest.
64) Herbie Hancock and Headhunters, Chicago, 2/1977 FM A+ w/ JACO!!!
65) Herbie Hancock live in Feb 1973 - pre Headhunters Band, 2cd A- AUD
67) Weather Report, live in Offenbach, 8/78, SBD, 2cd A+!!
68) Herbie Hancock at North Sea Jazz, 1991 A/A-
69) Bela Fleck live 1997, A+ ??? ????
70) Jim Beard live in Leverkeusen Germany, 1999, FM A+++
71) Chick Corea Elektric band 2 live in Warsaw, 1994, Fm 2cd A+
72) Weather Report Live in Phoenix, 1978, 2cd SBD A+
73) Chick Corea EleKtrik Band in London 1992, Fm A
74) Brecker Bros. Live in Brussels, 1994 A+ FM
75) Weather Report Live in Philadelphia, Nov 1978 2CD A+ AUD
77) David Sancious live at My Father's Place, NY, 1976, A++ SBD
78) David Sancious live in Worchester MA, late 1975, A SBD
79) Allan Holdsworth live in Buffalo, 1986, Atavachron tour A SBD
81) Shawn Lane - TIME IS THE ENEMY , LIVE SBD A.
82) John Mclaughlin live in London, Trio w/Gurtu, A+ 1989, CD RELEASE
93) Steely Dan, live in Irvine, CA, 2cd w/Chambers, A+
94) Tribal TECH, live in Austria, SBD A+ 1996
96) James Muller, ALL OUT, debut album, 1999, A++ CD RELEASE
98) Steely Dan Live in New York, 2000 FM A++
99) Joni Mitchell live in Toronto, 1994 FM A+ AMAZING!!!!!! "JUST ICE"
100) David Bowie live in Montreal 1983 SBD A+, 2cdr
101) John Mclaughlin live in Antibes, France, 1990, SBD A+
102) Toto live in Sweden, 1996, SBD, A+ 2cdr, TAMBU tour
103) Dave Fuzinsci, live in Philadelphia, 1998, sbd A+
104) Happy The Man live in Virginia, 1976, FM A
105) Vangelis live in Japan, 1984, FM A 2cdr.
106) Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Nizza, 1989, SBD 2CDR A
107) UK live in Paradise, Cleveland, OH, 1978, FM A+ (Holdsworth)
108) Karizma live at THE BAKED POTATO, 1998, SBD A+ 2cdr (Landau) 2cdr
109) Steely Dan live in OSAKA Japan, 2000, A- AUD 2cdr
110) Chick Corea and RTF live on The OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST, 1976 A-
111) John Mcl. and THE ONE TRUTH BAND, live in NY, 1978, SBD, A.
112) John Mcl. and THE ONE TRUTH BAND, live in Paris, 1978 AUD A 2cdr
113) Allan Holdsworth, Umea, Sweden, 1997, A+ FM, w/Wackerman
114) Steely Dan live in 1996, SBD A+, locn unknown, WAYNE KRANTZ. 2cd
115) Shawn Lane and Hellborg live at Ziggy's Salem, 1998, FM A
116) John Scofield, BLUE MATTER tour, Denmark, 11/7/87 FM A
117) Jazz Explosion Superband, live in Toronto 28/1/88, AUD A- 2cdr
118) Carlton and Lukather, the Blue Note, Tokyo, 11/15/1998, SBD A
120) Mike Stern live in Leverkeusen, 1997, 10/11/97, SBD w/ Weckl A+
122) Rypdal, Bozzio, Bailey live in Frankfurt, 1996, FM, A 2cdr
123) Herbie Hancock, ROCKIT BAND live in Tokyo, 1985, one song only, A
124) Lee Ritenour, live in Amsterdam, 1998, FM, 2cdr, A+
125) Kazumi Watanabe, live in Tokyo, 1987, FM A
126) Jean Luc Ponty live in Hamburg, 1976, FM, (awesome) A++
129) Steve Lukather's Birthday, at The Baked Potato, 1998, SBD A+ 2cdr
130) Garsed, Donati, Helmerish, live in USA 19??, SBD A
131) Lonely Bears, "Bears are Running." CD RELEASE, BOZZIO etc.
132) Lonely Bears, "Injustice." CD RELEASE
133) Tribal Tech, live in Ivrea, Italy, 1998 March AUD A-
134) El Buho, w/ Oteil Burbridge, live in Georgia, 2/6/97, SBD A+ 2cdr
135) Jukis Iotila Band w/ Stern, live 199? SBD A
136) Tom Coster "From the Street" CD RELEASE 1996
137) Iginbottom's Wrench, 1969, first Holdsworth session.
138) Zawinul Syndicate live in Glasgow, 199? A AUD
139) John Mcl. Heart of Things Band, live in Stuttgart 7/98 FM A++
141) Centrifugal Funk, MVP RELEASE 1991 w Shawn Lane
142) Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, live Michigan, 28/10/73 A-
152) David Sanborn live at NORTH SEA 1996, AUD A-
153) Miles Davis live in Paris, 1989, SBD A- "The Gates of Heaven"
154) Miles davis live in Singen 1990, "Sing In Singen" FM A+++
155) Santana live in Florida, 1988, 25th Anniversary reunion SBD A+
156) Jean-Luc Ponty live in Toronto 2000, AUD A, plus filler from 88
159) Arti and Mestri, Italian Prog Rock, live Italy 74, FM A-
160) Tribal Tech, live in Ponderano, Italy, 2/11/00 SBD A+ 2cd
161) Joni Mitchell, live in Budokan, Tokyo, 3/7/83 FM A+
163) Miles Davis, Live in Milan 11/4/89, 2cdr SBD A, w/Foley, Garrett
166) Chick Corea Elektrik band, live in Madrid, 1986 SBD A+
167) El Buho live in Cincinatti, 2/22/97 SBD A+ 2cdr
168) Gongzilla live in Vermont, 7/15/98 SBD A+ 2cdr
169) Santana live 8/27/95 2cdr SBD A+ (unknown location)
170) Jean Luc Ponty live in Viersen Germany 7/1/88 FM A+ (30 mins)
171) Santana live in Paris 29/1/2000 FM A+ "Yaleo"
172) David Bowie live in Tokyo 1990 SBD A, "Tokyo Dome"
173) Santana live in New Haven, CT, 25/2/96 SBD A+ w/Hancock
174) Tower of Power live in California 25/2/96 FM A+
175) Jeff Beck live in Tokyo 2000 2cdr SBD A+
176) Chick Corea ElektriK band live in London 10/15/90 FM A
177) Weather Report live in Atlanta Georgia, 2/24/80 FM A
178) Allan Holdsworth "Tokyo Dream" live in Tokyo 14/5/84 Pro A++
179) Karizma live at the Fabrik, Germany, 4/29/00 "Document" A+
181) Led Zeppelin live in Seattle, 21/3/75 SBD A- 2cdr
182) Pink Floyd "Welcome to the Machine" New York 2/7/77 SBD A-
183) Kenso LIVE in Japan A+ PRO
184) Shawn Lane live at Umea in Poland "Summer Days" 6/19/98 FM A+
185) Mike Stern live at North Sea Jazz 7/9/94 FM A w/Weckl, Andrews
186) Tribal Tech, live in Leverkeusen, Nov 2000, FM A++
187) Steve Miller Band live in Albany NY 1990 SBD A+
188) Chick Corea and Friends "Jam" 1980 - ??locn, Coryell etc SBD A+
189) Santana live at The Waldorf, San Francisco, 2/5 1981m SBD A+ 2CDR
190) Santana live in Portland OR, 3/14/1992 w/Shorter, AUD A- 3CDR
191) Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters Reunion, North Sea 1998 FM A
192) Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, Montreux, 19/7/89 2CDR, SBD A
193) Pink Floyd, Earl's Court, LONDON, 20/0ct/94 SBD A++ 2CDR
194) Santana Shorter Band, Montreux, July/7/88, FM, A 2CDR
195) Weather Report Boston, July 11/81 SBD 2DR A w/Jaco
196) Miles Davis, "MORE LIVE EVIL," Live 1973 SBD A AMAZING 2CDR
197) Miles Davis Live in Hamburg 6/91 w/Garrett, Wellman, FM A+
198) Herbie Hancock live in Munich 1989 Headhunters SBD A+
199) Victor Bailey w/Chambers, Fuzinscki, Beard, Koln, 2000 FM A+
200) David Sanborn's 1999 New Year's Party - SBD A+
201) Michel Camillo Trio, Den Haag, 14/7/2000 SBD A
202) Herbie Hancock w/ Shorter, Hakim, Clarke, Juan Antibes, 1991 SBD A
203) "YO MILES" Miles Tribute Band, live ??? 1/9/2000 3CD SBD A
204) Zawinul Syndicate 5/6+7/00 Live in San Francisco 2cdr AUD A
205) SIXUN live in Leverkeusen 10/21/95, FM A++, This is Great!
206) BRAND X live in LONDON 1979 Rainbow Theatre, SBD A
207) Los Lobotomys live in Germany 1994 from video, SBD A
208) Los Lobotomys live in Los Angeles 1989 PRO - A+++
209) TOWER of POWER direct to disc, 1981 RARE studio date A++
210) MILES DAVIS Live Around the World PRO A++
211) Chick Corea Akoustic Band live in Belgrade SBS A+ Jazz DOOR
212) Allan Holdsworth "ROAD GAMES" A+
213) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones "LIVE ART" A+ 2cdr
214) Schleigo live in America somewhere ?? 9/1/99 and 5/29/99 4cdr A
215) Santana live in Montreux, 7/4/93 w/Joe Sample - SBD A-
216) Miles Davis live in New Orleans w/Robben Ford 4/25/86 SBD 2cdr A
217) Tower of Power live in Germany "ohne EXTRA FILTER" 1998 SBD A+
218) Return to Forever live in Wallingford CT 1976 SBD A
220) Allan Holdsworth live in KOLN 93, AUD A w/Hunt, Wackerman.
221) UK live in 1978 with their "ROAD TEST" SBD A w/Allan Holdsworth
222) Mike Stern, KOLN JULY 93, 2cdr, FM A+ w/Trio - Caron, Perowsky
223) Jan Garbarek, Adelaide 2000, DSBD 2cdr A+ w/Weber, Mazur
224) Al Di Meola, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1982 w/Barry Miles SBD A
225) Vital Information, 11/9/00 Martyrs, Chicago 2cdr DSBD A+
226) Al Di Meola 6/13/93 New Britain CT, 2 CDR SBD A+
227) Jaco Pastorius with WORD OF MOUTH, Tokyo 9/1/82 FM A+
228) VANGELIS live in ATHENS 97/8/1 with choir etc FM A+
229) Ryuchi Sakamoto live in Tokyo 12/2/1992 FM A+ AMAZING!!!!!
230) YES live in Los Angeles 12/7/97 Universal Theatre, FM 2cdr A+
231) JINSATU live in Tokyo 3/15/96 (JAPANESE FUSION) FM A++
232) Santana live in Baden-Baden, Germany, 3/3/87 FM A+
233) Robben Ford live in Baden-Baden, Germany, 7/12/88 FM A+
234) SCOTT HENDERSON BLUES BAND live in Chicago 12/17/2000 2cdr SBD A
235) Allan Holdsworth, Haltern, Germany 5/6/87 AUD A- (SIZZLES!)
238) Victor Bailey, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2000 FM 2cdr A +
239) THE POLICE live, Houston TX, 3/20/82, FM 2cdr, A+
240) Marcus Miller, Den Haag, July 1998, FM A, w/Poogie Bell
241) Miles Davis, Detroit Fest. w/Ford, 8/31/86 2cdr SBD A-
242) David Bowie, "Never Let You Down" Montreal 8/30/87 SBD 2cdr A++
243) Victor Wooten live 5/11/96 w/drums only SBD A- filler, Flecktones
244) Tower of Power, 4/4/86 Minneapolis, MN 88min FM 2cdr A+
245) Tower of Power, 3/30/96 Pitea, Sweden 49min FM A+
246) Tower of Power, ?/?/98 Fox Theatre - Stockton, CA 39min A+
247) Steve Khan 5/17/94, Koln, Germany 78min SBD, A-
248) Bill Laswell & Sacred System, 4/22/98, Hamburg 68min FM A+
249) David Bowie, Vancouver 1983, SBD A+ (serious moonlight tour)
250) J.J Cale, live in London, 1990, with quartet, SBD A+
251) Bruce Hornsby and Branford Marsalis, Oakland 12/31/90 SBD A
252) LED ZEPPELIN live, Cleveland OH, "DESTROYER" 27/4/77 2cdr SBD A+
253) Santana "BULLRING BY THE SEA" Tijuana, Mexico, 3/92, FM A+
254) Tribal Tech live in Hellendorn, 25/10/00, 2cdr SBD A+
255) Tribal Tech, Salzburg, Austria, 28/3/95 2cdr SBD A
256) David Sanborn live in Vittoria 21/7/00 SBD A+ w/Sample, Blade
257) GONG live at the Hippo in Paris, 28/5/77 SBD A
258) Herbie Hancok w/Clark, Shorter Hakim, Munich 1991 SBD A+
259) Miles Davis live in Munich 7/18/87 3cdr FM A+
260) Miles Davis live in Hamburg 10/27/86 2cdr FM A+
261) Mike Clarke - New York 3/10/01 AUD 2cdr A+ (Very Funky!)
262) John McLaughlin Trio, Gottenburg 1992, SBD A+ w/DiPiazza, Gurtu
263) Brandon Fields, live in LA, le Cafe, 11/16/85 SBD A- w/Coliauta
264) Chick Corea w/ElektriK Band Fasching, Sweden 23/4/92 A+ FM
265) Santana live in Zurich, 5/8/83, Sweden, SBD A-
266) Allan Holdsworth live in Miami, 1988, w/Coliauta, AUD A (AWESOME)
277) Miles Davis live in Leverkeusen 10/14/90 FM A+
278) Miles Davis, Perugia, Italy, 5/89 SBD A w/ Wellman, Akagi
279) Creatchy's Birthday live in LA 23/9/00 - w/Lukeather AUD A
280) Santana live in Hamburg 1998 SBD 2cdr, A - w/Benny Reitveld
282) Marcus Miller live in JazzBaltica 1998, SBD A+
283) Tribal Tech, Israel, 1995, SBD A w/Henderson and Willis
284) Brecker Bros. live in Montpellier 7/1992 2cdr AUD A
285) Mike Stern live in Groginen 10/15/95 w/Morales, SBD A
286) Bob Berg live in Amsterdam 8/12/89 FM A+ w/ Dennis Chambers
287) Miles Davis live in Montreux 14/7/85 FM A+ "Human Nature"
289) Michael Brecker in Belgrade, 1/89 "Cost of Living" SBD A
290) POLICE live in Montreal, 8/2/83, SBD A, HOT SHOW!
291) ROXY MUSIC at the HAMMERSMITH ODEON, London, 18/5/79 FM A+
292) Mike Stern live in Hamburg 17/11/96 w/Weckl, Andrews, SBD A
293) Mike Stern live in Umea, Sweden, 95 w/Weckl, Andrews, FM A+
294) Marcus Miller, Live Under The Sky, Japan w/Hakim, FM A+
295) Jack DeJohnette, w/Hancock, Metheny, Holland, Philly, SBD 2cdr A+
296) Coliauta, Heller, Gomez, Wallace, Frankfurt 98 2cdr SBD A+
297) Heredia, Neto, Ruff live in Boras, Sweden, 1998 FM A+
298) Alan Pasqua TRIO, live ???? 98? SBD A (great playing)
299) Wayne Shorter, Tokyo w/Beard, Holmes, Johnson AUD A, 1996
300) Tower of Power live in Kansas 11/9/74 SBD A w/Rocco Prestia
301) Dave Weckl live in ARGENTINA w/Buzz Feiten etc 2CDR SBD A+
302) Joni Mitchell live at the Greek, LA, 9/12/79 w/Jaco AUD A-
303) COMA, Baked Potato, 1988, w/Lukeather, Steve Tav SBD A
304) Michael Brecker live at North Sea 89, w/Stern FM A+
305) Wayne Shorter live in Tokyo 1986 w/Willis, Brechlein, FM A
306) Herbie Hancock LIVE in Japan 28/7/91 w/Hakim, Shorter FM A+
307) David Sanborn LIVE in Japan, 7/29/1990 FM A+ w/Bullock etc
308) Allan Holdsworth live in JAPAN, 1989 w/Hunt, Husband SBD A
309) Herbie Hancock w/Jaco, Champaign, IL 24/2/77 2cdr AUD A
310) Jaco and W of M Band - New York Kool Jazz FM A++
311) Jaco and W of M Band, 7/3/82 Montreal Jazz Fest, SBD A+
312) Jaco and W of M Band, Fort Lauderdale "MR PIPS" 2cdr AUD A-
313) Jaco and W of M Band , Blues Alley, Washington, SBD A-
314) Gil Evans Band LIVE UNDER THE SKY w/Jaco 2cdr FM A
315) Jaco live with Dennard and Scofield, New York 1985, SBD A
316) Jaco on ESSENCE - studio album 11/11/84 ?????? rare? PRO A++
317) Jaco live with Rashid ALI, Guadaloupe 14/12/84 SBD A
319) Miles Davis live in POLAND, 2 shows, 10/30/88 w/DeFrancesco, SBD A
320) John Mclaughlin live in Stuttgart, 1992, w/Piazza, Gurtu SBD A+
321) John Scofield live in Leverkeusen 1988, w/Chambers, Beard, SBD A
323) Allan Holdsworth live at Chestnuts, PA 2cdr SBD A++ 1992
324) Dave Sanborn LIVE UNDER THE SKY, Japan, FM A+ 1988
325) Tom Coster and friends LIVE UNDER THE SKY, Japan, AUD A
326) Brecker Bros Live in Japan 3/29/93 FM A+ w/Chambers
327) Brecker Bros Live in Japan 92/16/7 SBD 2cdr A, w/Weckl
328) Lane, Sipe, Hellborg, Sweden, 11/15/96 FM A++ (best show ever!)
329) Gary Willis, Brisbane Australia, 26/4/98 AUD A w/Chambers
330) Miles Davis, Antwerp, 1/11/89 AUD 2cdr A
331) Miles Davis, Maastricht 27/7/90 AUD 2cdr A
332) Miles Davis, The Hague, 13/7/90 AUD 2cdr A-
333) Miles Davis, Lund, Poland, 16/10/88 AUD 2cdr A w/Joey De Francesco
335) Santana, Walk of Fame concert, LA, Feb 1996, FM 2cdr A+
336) TOTO, live in Yokohama, Japan, 1999, 2cdr FM A+
337) Weather Report, Grand Rapids, MI, 30/11/77, SBD A
338) Weather Report, Royal Oak, MI, 29/11/77, 2cdr SBD/AUD A
339) John Mclaughlin Trio, Australia 1992, FM 2cdr A++ (DiPiazza)
340) Pink Floyd, Empire Pool, England, 1974 FM A++ (DSOTM)
341) Pink Floyd live in Venice 1989, satellite B'cast, 2cdr A+
342) Brand X live in Rochester NY, 1977, SBD A, w/Kenwood Dennard
343) John Mclaughlin, ONE TRUTH BAND, USA 7/20/78, SBD A
345) Miles Davis, Switzerland, 10/22/71, 2cdr SBD A+++!!! w/Chancler
346) Miles Davis, Belgrade, 11/3/71, SBD A+++!!! w/Keith Jarrett
347) Wayne Shorter, Houston, Texas, 12/15/85, SBD A
348) Wayne Shorter, New York, 11/5/86, SBD A
349) Wayne Shorter, London, 11/19/95, SBD A+, w/Dave Gilmour
350) Herbie Hancock, Headhunters II, London, 7/98 FM A
351) Allan Holdsworth, Amsterdam, 15/5/2000, SBD A+ w/Johnson, Husband
352) Dave Fuzinski, JAZZPUNK USA, 4/17/99, SBD A+
353) Jazz Explosion Superband, w/Holdsworth, LA, 2cdr, 12/2/88 AUD A
354) Tribal Tech live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1993, FM A-
355) Wayne Shorter Live in Koln, 11/95, SBD A 2cdr w/Gilmour
366) Mahavishnu Orchestra, Munich 1972, SBD A "Spirit of Bird"
367) THE POLICE, Paris, 1981, SBD A+
368) THE POLICE, Melbourne, Festival Hall, 22/2/81, 2cdr FM A+
369) U2, live in Dublin, New Years Eve, 1989, 31/12/88, 2cdr SBD A+
370) The Lonely Bears, Frankfurt, Germany, 1992, FM A+ (Bozzio,etc)
371) Simon Phillips, Dave Fuzinsci, Gary Willis, Philly, 8/18/99 AUD A-
372) Page and Plant, Melbourne, 1/3/96, AUD A-
373) King Crimson, Rainbow Theatre, London, 18/3/73 AUD A-
374) Gino Vanelli, Montreal, 7/7/99, w/Caron, FM A+
375) Al Jarreau, Wien, 12/7/94, 2cdr, FM A+
376) Steps Ahead, Bratislava, 1995, FM A
377) Allan Holdsworth, Warsaw, 6/19/98 w/Novak FM A++
378) Tribal Tech, Minneapolis MN, 8/9/99 2cdr SBD A+
379) Metheny, Holland, Dejohnette, Hancock, Stuttgart 7/90 FM A+
380) The Rippingtons, Ventura, CA, 1989 SBD A
381) Steve Miller Band, King Biscuit, Irvine, CA, 1991 FM A+
382) Steve Miller Band, King Biscuit, Irvine, CA, 1990 FM A+
383) Sheryl Crow, Toronto, 11/13/98, FM A+
384) Sting, Chicago, 1991, SBD A+ (sound check?)
385) Tower of Power, Sundsville, Sweden 4/3/96 FM A+
386) Frank Gambale, Frankfurt 1997, w/Coster, Smith, Johnson, FM A
387) Jeff Porcaro Tribute Night, LA, 1992, 3cdr, SBD A
388) John Mclaughlin, Heart of Things, Leverkeusen, 1997, FM A+
389) Mike Landau, Baked Potato, 2000, 2cdr, SBD A+
390) Greg Mathieson, w/Coliauta, Landau, Baked Potato, 2cdr SBD A+
391) John Scofield, w/Chambers, Grainger, Montreal, 2cdr SBD A+
393) Stern/Berg band, Chestnut's, PA, 1989, w/Chambers, SBD A
394) Led Zeppelin, Dallas, 4/3/75, 2cdr, SBD A
395) Led Zeppelin, Earl's Court, London, 24/4/75 SBD A
396) KING CRIMSON, Summit Studio, Denver, 12/3/72, SBD A++ (live)
397) FOCUS, BBC, London, 1972, FM, A
398) John Mclaughlin, Heart of Things, Vienna, 4/7/98, SBD A
399) Mahavishnu Orchestra, Cleveland, 1972, SBD A+
400) Mclaughlin, Hellborg, Willisau, Switz. 29/8/85 FM A
401) Billy Cobham Trio, ??? 6/3/92, 2cdr, SBD A
402) Chick Corea Trio, Glasgow Jazz, 22/9/01, w/Cohen, Ballard, FM A
403) Al Di Meola, Denver, 1980, 2cdr SBD A
404) Al Di Meola, El Mocambo, Canada, 1977, SBD A
405) Al Di Meola, Tokyo, 24/1/81, SBD A
406) Weather Report, Buenos Aires, 20/8/80, SBD A-
407) Pat Metheny Group, Montreal, 1982, FM A+
408) Pat Metheny Group, Montreux, 7/3/87, 2 cdr SBD A
409) Roxy Music, Live at Radio City Hall, "Out Of the Blue" 2cdr FM A+
410) Chick Corea Elektrik Band II, Bremen, 12/5/94, FM A+
411) YES, Los Angeles, 1/10/98, 2cdr, SBD A+
412) ONE TRUTH BAND, New Jersey, 4/12/79 AUD A-
413) Larry Coryell, Eleventh House, Frog Island, 27/6/99, AUD A
414) Frank Gambale etc, Switzerland, 1992, 2cdr FM A+
415) Allan Holdsworth, Sneakers, TX, 1989 w/Coliauta AUD A-
416) Miles Davis, Salle Pleyel, Paris, 3/11/69, SBD A+
417) Miles Davis, Fillmore West, 4/11/70, AUD A+
418) Elton John, Wembley, London, 1984, 2cdr FM A+
419) Elton John STUDIO PARTY! For execs! c. 1978, SBD A (RARE!)
420) Parliament Funkadelic, Woodstock 1999, 2cdr SBD A
421) Tower of Power, New Britain, CT, 31/12/94, 2cdr SBD A
422) Tower of Power, Groningen, ND, 14/9/93, 2cdr SBD A+
423) Tower of Power, Karlsruhe, GE, 14/7/98, 2cdr AUD A-
424) Tower of Power, Hartford, CT, 16/7/86, 2cdr SBD A+
425) Santana, Japan, 1983 w/Sadao Watanabe, 2cdr FM A++
426) Vangelis live in Paris, 1979, 2cdr FM A+

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