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P.Funk Discography Pt 5/Bootsy, etc

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rob clough

Jul 7, 1994, 7:16:02 PM7/7/94
P.Funk Discography Part 5 (c: Robert Clough/Matthew McClellan)
**Other Core Group (Bootsy, George Clinton, P.Funk All Stars) Albums**

-Bootsy's Rubber Band-

_Stretchin' Out in Bootsy's Rubber Band_ (1976)

Track Listing:

Stretchin' Out (In a Rubber Band) {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 6:51
PsychoticBumpSchool {W. Collins/G. Clinton/B. Worrell/P. Collins} 5:18
Another Point of View {W. Collins/G. Clinton/P. Collins} 7:01
I'd Rather Be With You {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper} 4:57
Love Vibes {W. Collins/L. Bailey} 4:52
Physical Love {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper/G. Shider} 4:46
Vanish In Our Sleep {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 5:49


Bass: Bootsy Collins
Guitar: Phelps Collins, Gary Shider, Michael Hampton, Bootsy Collins
Drums: Frankie Waddy, Cordell Mosson, Gary Cooper, Bootsy Collins
Sax: Maceo Parker, Randy Brecker
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Rick Gardner, Michael Brecker
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Sonny Talbert, Frederick "Flintstone" Allen
Vocals: Gary Cooper, Leslyn Bailey, Robert Johnson, Bootsy Collins

Rating: GZ ***** RC ***** MM ****1/2


_Ahh...The Name is Bootsy, Baby!_ (1977)

Track Listing:

Ahh...The Name is Bootsy, Baby
{W. Collins/G. Clinton/M. Parker} 6:52
The Pinocchio Theory {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 6:08
Rubber Duckie {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper} 3:18
Preview Side Too {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper/G. Shider} :56
What's A Telephone Bill? {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper} 5:58
Munchies For Your Love
{W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper/G. Shider} 9:39
Can't Stay Away {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 5:28
Reprise: We Want Bootsy {W. Collins/G. Clinton/M. Parker} :20


Guitars: Phelps "Catfish" Collins, Garry Shider, Mike Hampton,
Glenn Goins, Bootsy Collins
Drums & Thangs: Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Jerome Brailey, Gary
Cooper, Bootsy
Keyboards: Joel "Razor-Sharp" Johnson, Bernie Worrell
Space Bass: Bootsy & Casper
Horny Horns: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Rick Gardner, Richard
"Kush" Griffith
Also on Horns: Randy & Michael Brecker
Front Ground Vocals: Gary Cooper, Robert Johnson
Horn Arrangements: Fred Wesley and Bootsy Collins

Rating: GZ: ***** RC: *****

>_Bootsy? Player of the Year_ (1978)

Track Listing:

Bootsy? (What's the Name of This Town)
{W. Collins/G. Clinton/M. Parker} 7:03
May The Force Be With You {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper} 6:07
Very Yes {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper} 8:31
Bootzilla {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 5:42
Hollywood Squares {W. Collins/G. Clinton/F. Waddy} 6:16
Roto-Rooter {W. Collins/G. Clinton/P. Collins} 6:41
As In (I Love You) {W. Collins/G. Clinton/B. Worrell} 5:10


Produced by George Clinton and William Collins

Guitars: Phelps "Catfish" Collins, Casper
Freeboards: Joel "Razor Sharp" Johnson
Drums and Thangs: Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Gary "Mudd-Bone" Cooper, Casper
Horny Horns: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Rick Gardner, Richard Griffith
"The Player" - Bootsy Baby
Front Ground Vocals: Gary "Mudd-Bone" Cooper, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson

Rating: GZ: **** RC: ***** MM: ****1/2

_This Boot Is Made For Fonk-n_ (1979)

Track Listing:

Under The Influence of A Groove
{W. Collins/G. Clinton/B. Worrell} 8:37
Bootsy Get Live {W. Collins/G. Clinton/M. Parker} 6:18
Oh Boy Gorl {W. Collins/G. Clinton/G. Cooper/R. Dunbar} 7:49
Jam Fan (Hot) {W. Collins/G. Clinton/P. Collins} 9:08
Chug-A-Lug (The Bun Patrol)
{W. Collins/G. Clinton/R. Johnson/P. Collins} 6:29
Shejam (Almost Bootsy Show) {W. Collins/G.Clinton/R. Dunbar} 5:05
Reprise (Get Live) :40


Bass: Bootsy Collins
Guitars: Catfish Collins, Bootsy Collins, Mike Hampton, Garry
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Joel Johnson
Drums: Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Bootsy Collins
Percussion: Carl "Butch" Small, Bootsy Collins, Gary Cooper,
Larry Fratangelo
Horny Horns: Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Rick Gardner, Richard
"Kush" Griffith
String & Synth Arrangement: Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins
Horn Arrangement: Fred Wesley, Bootsy Collins
Front Ground Vocals: Gary Cooper, Robert Johnson, Greg Thomas,
Christoper Williams

Rating: GZ: *** RC: ****


_Ultra Wave_ {Artist listed as "Bootsy"} (1980)

Track Listing:

Mug Push {P. Collins/W. Collins/G. Clinton} 3:49
F-Encounter {W. Collins/Rick Evans/Ron Ford/G. Clinton} 7:35
Is That My Song? {W. Collins/David Spradley} 3:42
It's A Musical {W. Collins/G. Clinton/Carl Small} 4:47
Fat Cat {P. Collins/W. Collins} 7:03
Sacred Flower {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 6:48
Sound Crack {W. Collins} 7:06


Guitars: Catfish & Bootsy Collins ("F-Encounter": Rick Evans)
Keyboards: Joel Johnson, David Lee Chong ("F-Encounter": Mark
Drums: Bootsy Collins ("F-Encounter": Jerry Jones)
Percussion: Carl "Butch" Small, Bootsy Collins (Casper)
Horny Horns: Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Richard Griffith, Larry
Lyricon Solo, "Sacred Flower": David McMurray
SpaceBass/Bass Things: Bootsy Collins/Ystoob/Casper
Vocals: Godmama, Brandy, Parlet, The Brides, Robert "P-Nut"
Johnson, Bootsy Collins ("Kurtisy Mouthfool on the vocal

Rating: GZ: *** RC: **1/2


_The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away_ (1982)
(artist listed as William "Bootsy" Collins)

Track Listing:

Shine-O-Myte (Rag Popping) {W. Collins/G. Clinton} 4:32
Landshark (Just When You Thought It Was Safe)
{W. Collins/P. Collins} 4:03
Countracula (This One's For You) {W. Collins} 3:15
# 1 Funkateer {W. Collins} 3:27
Excon (Of Love) {W. Collins} 5:24
So Nice You Name Him Twice {W. Collins/M. Parker/J. Johnson} 3:50
What's W-R-O-N-G Radio {W. Collins/Reginal Calloway} 4:05
Music To Smile By {W. Collins} 4:15
Play On Playboy {W. Collins/P. Collins} 3:23
Take A Lickin' and Keep On Kickin' {W. Collins} 4:35
The Funky Funktioneer {W. Collins/Joel Johnson} :35


Guitars: Bootsy & Catfish
Keyboard: Bootsy & Razor
Drummer & Percussionist: Bootsy
Horny Horns: Maceo, Fred & Kush
Blow Power Arrangements: Fred & Bootsy
The Hey Hey MC: Maceo
Opening Act: Sweat Band
General Mothers of America: Godmama Here
Space Bassist: Bootsy
Other Musicians: Bernie Worrell, David Lee Chong, David Spradley,
Wes Boatman, Rahni Harris, Kevin Oliver, Larry
Hatcher, Frank Waddy
Vocals: Cynthia Girty, Carolyn Myles, Arneneta Walker, Godmama,
P-Nut Johnson, Gary Shider, Ron Ford, Jeannette McGruder,
Mallia Franklin, H. Bissantz, Midnight Star

Rating: GZ: * RC: ***


_What's Bootsy Doin'?_ (1988)
(credited to Bootsy Collins)

Track Listing:

Party On Plastic (What's Bootsy Doin'?) {W. Collins/V. Vee} 3:57
Subliminal Seduction (Funk-Me Dirty)
{W. Boatman/G. Clinton/W. Collins} 3:31
Leakin' {T. Stone/G. Clinton/W. Collins} 4:16
Shock-It-To-Me {W. Collins/B. Laswell} 4:57
1st One 2 The Egg Wins (The Human Race)
{W. Boatman/W. Collins} 4:21
Love Song {T. Stone/J. Harris/G. Clinton/W. Collins} 3:33
(I Wannabee) Kissin' U {Mico Wave/G. Cooper/W. Collins} 4:18
*-ing The Love Gun {G. Cooper/W. Boatman/W. Collins} 3:45
Yo-Moma-Loves-Ya {Mama Collins/W. Collins} 5:22
Save What's Mine For Me {W. Collins} 4:17


Axe Molesters & Guitar Slayers: Ron "Attitude" Jennings, Catfish
Collins, Stevie "No Wonder"
Salas, Bootsy Collins
Computer Smashers & Keyboard Slashers: Trey "Goldfish" Stone, Wes
Boatman, Mico Wave, Bootsy
Unfairlight Sample Wars:
Bootsy Collins
Skin Thrashers & Bun Smashers, Drum Beaters & Rhythm Cheaters:
Bootzilla & Bootsy Collins
Still 'Horns Horns':
Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Kush Griffith, Rick Gardner
Horn Arrangements:
Fred Wesley & Bootsy Collins
String Arrangements:
Fred Wesley, Wes Boatman; String Solo on "Shock-It-To-Me" by
Billy Bang
All Drum Programming & Bootsy Wave-U-Lator:
Mico Wave
Computer Talk:
Space Basses & Low End Chasers:
Bootsy Collins, Casper & Bootzilla

(Is Data Bass? & Chocolate Star banged on by: The Player)

Lead Vocalization & Heavy Metal Aluminum Conversation by:
Casper, Luv-Gun, Bootzilla, Sugar Crook, Baby Leroy and
occasionally Bootsy Collins
Front Ground Vocal Improvisation:
Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, Sly Fox
Additional Vocals & Musicians:
P-Nut Johnson, Vicky Vee, Tony Feldman, George Clinton, Taka
Boom, Malia Franklin, Carolyn Stanford, Anita Waller,
Cynthia Gurty (Godmama), Bernard Fowler, Eddie Martinez,
Nicky Skopelitis, Bernie Worrell
Extra Rappers, Clappers, & Finger Snappers:
"Billy J" William Johnson, "Oounchworm" Sharir Forman,
"Pretty Fatt", Yolanda Frazier, Mico Wave, Yo-Mama Collins,
Uncle Tom & Uncle Al

Rating: GZ: *** RC: **1/2

_Jungle Bass_ (1990)

Track Listing:

Jungle Bass (Jungle One/Long Form)
{W. Collins/B. Laswell/B. Worrell/J. Johnson} 13:10
Disciples of Funk (The Return of the Funkateers)
{W. Collins/Horny Horns} 4:41
Jungle Bass (House of Bass Mix)
{W. Collins/B. Laswell/B. Worrell/J. Johnson} 9:03
Interzone (Silent Hush-Hush Mix/Cyberfunk)
{W. Collins/B. Laswell/B. Worrell/J. Johnson} 3:17


Horny Horns:
Fred Wesley: Trombone Maceo Parker: Alto Sax
Richard Griffith: Trumpet Rick Gardner: Trumpet
Bernie Worrell, Joel "Razor Sharp" Johnson, Jeff Bova
Front Ground Vocals:
Gary Cooper
Bass, Samples & Free Jazz:
Bill Laswell
Space Bass, Guitar, Drums, Black Noise, Unsamples & Vocals:
Bootsy Collins
Robot Vocals:

Rating: GZ: **** RC: ****
Bootsy Comments:

GZ: The first two Bootsy's Rubber Band albums are essential. the
next two runner's up.

-George Clinton

_Computer Games_ (1982)

Track Listing:

Get Dressed {G Clinton, W Collins} 3:39
Man's Best Friend/Loopzilla {G Clinton} 12:46
Pot Sharing Tots {G Clinton, W Morrison} 3:40
Computer Games {G Clinton, W Morrison} 6:42
Atomic Dog {G Clinton, G Shider, D Spradley} 4:42
Free Alterations {D Clinton, G Clinton} 4:15
One Fun At A Time {G Clinton, W Morrison} 4:25


"Get Dressed" produced by George Clinton and Bootsy Collins
"Man's Best Friend" produced by George Clinton and Garry Shider
"Pot Sharing Tots" produced by George Clinton and Junie Morrison
"Computer Games" produced by George Clinton and Junie Morrison
"Atomic Dog" produced by George Clinton and Tom Currier
"Free Alterations" produced by George Clinton and Garry Shider
"One Fun At A Time" produced by George Clinton and Junie Morrison

Bass: Bootsy Collins
Keyboards: Junie Morrison, Bernie Worrell
Horns: Fred Wesley, Larry Hatcher, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith
Synth: David Chong, Rahni Harris
Drums: Dennis Chambers, Terry Jones
Percussion: Maruga Booker, Larry Fratangelo
Guitar: Eddie Hazel, Tony "Strat" Thomas
Vocals: Garry Shider, George Bunny, Robert Johnson, Michael Payne,
Gary Cooper, Ray Davis, Jessica Cleaves, Sir Nose, Mallia Franklin,
Queen of Funk, Darryl Clinton, Tracey Lewis, Mutha Funkenstein,
Dawn Silva, Sheila Horne, Jeanette McGruder, Lynn Mabry, Shirley Hayden,
Janice Evans, Carol Myles, Jimmy Keation, Vanessa Poi, Ron Ford,
Arneta Walker, Joyce Pearson, Gwendolyn Dozier, Trina Frazier,
Carmen McGee, Brenda Forman, Veronica Faust, Sasha Driscoll

Rating: RC: ***1/2


_You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit, Fish_ (1983)

Track Listing:

Nubian Nut {Clinton/Spradley/Strickland/Kuti} 5:59
Quickie {Williams/Ford/Evans/Linn} 6:30
Last Dance {Collins/Johnson/Linn} 5:11
Silly Millameter {B. Bishop/L. Clinton/D. Duffy} 5:00
Stingy {Hampton/Curry/Cooper/Linn} 6:30
You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish {Payne/Johnson/Linn} 8:47


Produced by George Clinton
"Quickie" co-produced by Junie Morrison
"Last Dance" and "You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish" co-produced by Garry Shider

Junie Morrison - piano, guitar, keyboards, sythesizers
Bootsy Collins - bass, guitar, drums
Lige Curry - bass
Larry Fratangelo - percussion
Maceo Parker - sax
Richard Griffith - trumpet
Doug Duffy - sythesizer, piano, keyboards
Maruga Booker - percussion
Andre Williams - guitar
David Spradley - keyboards, synthesizers
Michael Hampton - guitar, avatar
DuWayne [sic] McKnight - guitar, synthesizer
Michael Payne - bass, synthesizer
Fred Wesley - trombone
Larry Hatcher - trumpet
Bernie Worrell - keyboards
Eddie Hazel - guitar
Ron Cron - synthesizer, keyboards

Background Vocals - George Clinton, Garry Shider, Gary Cooper, Ron Ford,
Eddie Hazel, Darryl Clinton, Shirdley Hayden, Kim Seay, Lane Strickland,
Tracey Lewis, Robert Johnson, Blackbird McKnight, Michael Payne, Andre
Williams, Jimmy Giles, Mallia Franklin, James Gilmore, Rev. Huriah.

Rating: RC: ***

_Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends_ (1985)

Double Oh-Oh {Clinton/St. Song/Shider} 5:47
Bullet Proof {Clinton/St. Song} 6:19
Pleasures of Exhaustion {Clinton/Washington} 7:05
Bodyguard {Clinton/Collins/Morrison} 3:49
Bangladesh {T. Lewis} 4:55
Thrashin' {Curtis/Clinton/Shider} 5:38
Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends {Alexander/Wimbish/Clinton} 6:01


Producer: George Clinton/Gary Shider
"Pleasures of Exhaustion" produced by: Clinton/Steve Washington
"Bodyguard" produced by: Clinton/Bootsy Collins
"Bangladesh" produced by: Tracey Lewis/Clinton
"Thrashin'" produced by: Clinton/Thomas Dolby
"Some of My Best..." produced by: Clinton/Dolby/Doug Wimbish

Lead Vocals: George Clinton
Almost Lead Vocals: Gary Shider, Sandra Feva, Joe "Pep" Harris
Background Vocals: Pat Lewis, Sandra Feva, Jimmy G, Tracey Lewis,
Andre Foxx, Gary Shider, Linda Shider, Robert Johnson, Michael Payne,
Jerome Rogers, Lige Curry, Patti Curry, DeWayne McKnight, Steve
Washington, Sheila Washington, Debbie Wright, Faye Cavendar, Shirley
Hayden, Mallia Franklin, Gary Cooper, Bootsy Collins, Louie Kabbabie,
Rod "Cuz", Ron Ford, Jeanette McGruder, Jim Wright, Shawn Clinton,
Darryl Clinton, James Wilkerson, Beverly Wilson
Guitar: DeWayne McKnight, Michael Hampton, Andre Williams, Tony Hooks,
Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel, Gary Shider, Bernard Alexander,
Steve Washington
Real Bass: Rodney Curtis, Doug Wimbish, Steve Washington
Electric Bass Chips: Bootsy Collins, Doug Wimbish, David Spradley,
Steve Washington
Keyboards: Thomas Dolby, Junie Morrison, Bootsy Collins, Tracey Lewis,
Doug Wimbish, Eric White, Steve Washington, David Spradley
Fairlight & Assorted Keyboard Chips: Thomas Dolby
Real Drums As In Traps: Dennis Chambers, Bootsy Collins
Electric Drum Chips: Bootsy Collins, Tracey Lewis, Bernard Alexander,
David Spradley
Sequential Circuits & Linn Drums: Steve Washington
Percussion: Maruga Booker, Bootsy Collins
Horn/String Arrangements: Eric White
Real Strings: Bob Basso, David Everheart, Manny Capote, Lorraine Basso,
Bodgen Chrusey, Gary Wedder, Stu McDonald
P.Funk Horns; Maceo Parker, Greg Boyer, Greg Thomas, Bennie Cowan
Horns: Eric White, Ken Faulk, Ed Calle
Flute Solo ("Pleasures"): Mike Flemming
Sax Solo ("Bangladesh"): Ed Calle

Rating: RC: ** MM: **

_R & B Skeletons In The Closet_ (1986)

Track Listing:

Hey Good Lookin' {Washington/Shider/Clinton} 6:03
Do Fries Go With That Shake {Washington/Clinton/Washington} 5:57
Mix Master Suite: {Clinton} 8:40
Startin' From Scratch
Counter Irritant
Nothin' Left To Burn
Electric Pygmies {Clinton} 6:38
Intense {Clinton} 6:28
Cool Joe {Jackson/Clinton/Burke} 4:17
R & B Skeletons In The Closet {Clinton} 4:44


Producer: George Clinton
"Do Fries Go..." produced:
"Cool Joe" produced: Clinton/Andre Jackson

"Hey Good Lookin'"
Producer: Clinton/Stephen Washington
All Instruments: Stephen Washington
Guitar Overdub: Bootsy Collins
Vocals: Vanessa Williams, George Clinton

"Do Fries Go With That Shake?"
Producer: G Clinton/S Washington
Bass, Drum Programming, Trumpet: Stephen Washington
Keyboards: Amp Fiddler, Stephen Washington
Guitar: Andre Williams, Blackbyrd McKnight

"MixMaster Suite"
Producer: Clinton
Piano, Clarinet: Ed Johnson
Flute: Maceo Parker
Drum Program: Fred Johnson
Scratch/Mix: Anthony Bryant
Orchestra: Ed Johnson, Paul Hochalter, Jim Hay, Murray Adler,
William Reichenbach, Donald Ashworth, Rick Marotta

"Electric Pygmies"
Producer: Clinton
Vocals: Sandra Feva
Fairlight Programming: Z O
Keyboard: Gambas
Guitar: Steve Salas
Drum Programming: Z O

Producer: Clinton
Vocals: Stefan Frank, Debra Barsha

"Cool Joe"
Producer: Clinton/Andre Jackson

"R & B Skeletons in the Closet"
Producer: Clinton
Background Vocals: Sandra Feva, Pat Lewis
Fairlight Programming: Z O
Fairlight: David Spradley
Sax: Maceo Parker

Other Musicians:
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Piano: Gambas
Timbales: Lelan Zales
Keyboards: Andre Williams, Kevin Burke, David Spradley,
Stephen Washington
Guitar: Jack Sherman
Bass: Stephen Washington

Rating: RC: ***
_The Mothership Connection - Live from Houston_ (1986)

Track Listing:

Let's Take It To the Stage/Do That Stuff 6:55
Mothership Connection/Dr. Funkenstein 8:19
Get Off Your Ass and Jam/Night of the Thumpasorous Peoples 8:50
Atomic Dog 4:15
Double Oh-Oh 5:47
Bulletproof 6:19


GZ: Both this and the other live albums are nice, but they fail
to capture P-Funk's incredible onstage energy. I think there's a
video to go with this album, but beware that side 2 is just
tracks from George Clinton Solo albums which you'll probably
already have by the time you get this... Great cover art.

RC: See studio versions for songwriting credits.

_Greatest Hits_ (1987)

Track Listing:

Atomic Dog
R & B Skeletons In The Closet
Do Fries Go With That Shake
Hey Good Lookin'
Double Oh-Oh
Nubian Nut
Last Dance


Rating: RC: ?

_Atomic Clinton!_ (remixes) (1988)

Track Listing:

Atomic Dog 12"
Computer Games 12"
Man's Best Friend 12"
Loopzilla 12"

Rating: RC: *** MM: ****

Comment: See _Computer Games_ for more track info. Everyone should
have the 12" "Atomic Dog".

_The Cinderella Theory_ (1989)

Track Listing:

Airbound {T Lewis} 4:21
Tweakin' {B Bishop, D Spradley, Chuck D, Flavor Flav} 6:21
The Cinderella Theory {G Clinton, J Fiddler} 5:09
Why Should I Dog U Out? {G Clinton, D McKnight, J Fiddler} 6:28
Serious Slammin' {L Zales, G Crockett} 4:56
There I Go Again {G Clinton, J Fiddler, J Harris} 4:56
(She Got It) Goin' On {S Clinton, J Fiddler} 4:27
The Banana Boat Song {I Burgess, W Attaway} 4:06
French Kiss {G Clinton, D McKnight, S Washington, A Williams} 3:58
Rita Bewitched {T Lewis, G Clinton} 5:00
Kredit Kard {G Clinton, W Payne} 3:47
Airbound (Reprise) :36


Keyboard: Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, David Spradley, Bill Brown, Greg Crockett
Bass: Bootsy Collins, DeWayne McKnight, Andre' "Foxx" Williams,
Steve Washington
Guitar: DeWayne McKnight, Bootsy Collins, Tracey Lewis, Andre' "Foxx" Williams
Drums/Drum Programming: Michael "Clip" Payne, Dean Ragland, Lelan Zales,
Ritchie Stevens
Scratchin' The Mix: Anthony Jones & Darrin
Tenor Sax: Eric Leeds
Trumpet: Atlanta Bliss
Flute: Mike Fleming
Percussion: Larry Fratangelo
Spoons: AJ
Vocalists: Pat Lewis, Sheila Washington, Jimmy Giles, Sandra Feva Dance,
Lige Curry, Belita Woods, Tambra Makowsky, Navarro Berman, Pennye Ford,
Patty Curry, Jennie Peters, Dean Ragland, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson,
Joe Harris, Andre' "Foxx" Williams, Tracey Lewis, Jessica Cleaves, Karen
Foster, Anita Johnson, Louis Kababbie, Mike Harris, Garry Shider,
Darryl Clinton, Shirley Hayden, Steve Boyd, Angela Workman, "Doc" Holliday
Horn Arrangements on "Tweakin", "Goin' On": Eric Leeds

Rating: RC: ***

Comment: "Rita Bewitched" and "Kredit Kard" only appear on the CD version.


_Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of DAT Vol I_ (1993)


_Sample Some of Disc, Sample Some of DAT Vol II_ (1993)


_Dope Dog_ (1993)

[JB: Actually, Dope Dog is credited to "Parliament Funkadelic P Funk Allstars"
on the CD5, not George Clinton.]
[RC: ...but this is as good a place as any to put it.]

Track Listing:

Slow P Dope Mix (Clinton) 5:15
Hyper P Dope Mix (Clinton) 5:38
Kibbles & Bit's Puppy Chow Mix (Clinton) 5:02
G-Man Dawg (Clinton) 5:05
Jazz Stash Mix (Clinton) 7:43
Gumbo (Clinton/Collins/Worrell) 4:32
Jazz Residue (Clinton) 2:25
Fast Dope Inst. 4 Samps. (Clinton) 2:20
Hoe's Prairie Dog Mix (Clinton) 3:29
Hoe's Inst. Fade (Clinton) 1:17
Sampsssss (Clinton) 7:22


Produced by George Clinton
Arranged by George Clinton & Mark Bass except Hyper P Dope Mix arranged
by Andre Williams.

Slow P Dope Mix:
Lead Vocal: George Clinton, Musicians: Jeff Bass (keyboards & Guitar),
Mark Bass (Drums), Vocals: George Clinton, Patavian Lewis, Greg
Thompson, Robert Johnson, Andre Williams.

Hyper P Dope Mix:
Lead Vocal: George Clinton, Musicians: Andre Williams (Keyboards &
Guitar), Eddie Hazel (guitar), Vocals: Andre Williams, Robert Johnson,
George Clinton, Louie Kababbie, Belita Woods, Paul Hill, Patavian

Kibbles & Bits [sic] Puppy Chow Mix:
Lead Vocal: Patavian Lewis, Musicians: All Samples, Vocals: George
Clinton, Louie Kababbie

G-Man Dawg:
Lead Vocal: Greg Thompson, Musicians: Jeff Bass (Keyboards & Guitar), Mark
Bass (drums), Vocals: Greg Thompson, George Clinton, Keith Christian,
Andre "Rollo" Robinson

Jazz Stash Mix:
Lead Vocal: George Clinton, Musicians: Joseph Fiddler (Keyboards), Vocals:
Louie Kababbie, Patavian Lewis, Greg Thompson, Robert Johnson, Andre
Williams, George Clinton

Samples: From the "Sample Some of Disc Series."
Get Stuck - Guitar Sample
Street Level - All Mixes Except Dope Dog Fast
Loop Du Jour - All Mixes Except Dope Dog Fast
Boot Camp = Lil' Hoes Mix
Funk Shot - (Later, To Become, Double Oh Oh)
Nose Zone - (Later, To Become, Sizzlin' [sic] Mean)
Funk Attack - (Later, To Become, Smoke Signals)

Hoe's Prairie Dog Mix:
Musicians: Joseph Fiddler (Keyboards), Mark Bass (drums), Jeff Bass
(Drums), Lead Vocals: Louie Kababbie, Vocals: Patavian Lewis


_Hey Man...Smell My Finger_ (1993)

Martial Law (Hey Man...Smell My Finger)
{G Clinton, William Bryant III, Kerry Gordy}
Paint The White House Black
{Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield, G Clinton, W Bryant, K Gordy)
Way Up {G Clinton, Foley}
Dis Beat Disrupts {Tracey Lewis}
Get Satisfied {G Clinton, Michael Payne, T Lewis}
Hollywood {T Lewis, Dallas Austin}
Rhythm & Rhyme {G Clinton, J Pandy, D Galea, P Hope}
The Big Pump {Prince, G Clinton}
If True Love {G Clinton, T Lewis}
High In My Hello {G Clinton, Steve Washington}
Maximumisness {G Clinton, Bill Laswell, W Collins}
Kickback {G Clinton, Foley}
The Flag Was Still There {G Clinton, T Lewis, Steven Boyd, P Collins}
Martial Law (single version)


Instrumentalists: Richard Arrigo, Jeff Bass, Mark Bass, Aaron Blackmon,
Matt "Atlanta Bliss" Blistan, Steven "Marooga" Bookvitch, William Bryant III,
Dennis Chambers, Catfish Collins, Bootsy Collins, Gary Cooper, Tom Daugherty,
DJ D'Zire, Joseph "Amp" Anthony Fiddler, Flea, Foley, Larry Fratangelo,
Alan Friedman, Morris Hayes, Herbie Hancock, Kirk Johnson, Eric Leeds,
Roger Lynch, Tracey Lewis, Gordon "Rated G" McGuiness, DeWayne McKnight,
Gregory David Moore, Maceo Parker, Darren Perteet, Levi Seacer Jr,
Garry Shider, David Spradley, Steven Sykes, Sonny Y, Paca Thomas, Piano Man,
Steve Washington, Fred Wesley, Bernie Worrell

Vocalists: Dallas Austin, Deborah Barsha, Daryl Boudreaux, Steven Boyd,
Sheila Brody, Jessica Cleaves, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Gary Cooper,
Pupa Curley, Lige Curry, Sandra Dance, N'Dea Davenport, Ray Davis, Dr Dre,
Amp Fiddler, Foley, Rosalind "Mallia" Franklin, Theopolis "Chip" Glass,
Adrian "Blue" Goms, Kerry Gordy, Tasha Griffin, Joseph Harris, Candace
Harrisson, Paul Hill, Humpty Hump, Ice Cube, JCool, Robert Johnson, Louie
Kabbabie, Kam, Anthony Kiedis, Deborah Killing, Deana Klug, Lay Back,
TreyLewd, Pat Louis, Roger Lynch, MC Breed, Carolyn McClure, Michael Payne,
Pee Wee, Schmoovy-Schmoov, Garry Shider, the Steeles {Fred, JD, Jearlyn,
Jevetia}, Steven Sykes, Grady Thomas, Nicole Tyndall, Andre Williams,
Tony Wilson, Belita Woods, Angela Workman, Yo-Yo

"Rhythm & Rhyme", "If True Love" and "High In My Hello" prod by Clinton
"Martial Law", "Paint The White House Black" produced by Clinton/Gordy/Bryant
"Way Up", "Get Satisfied" produced by Clinton/Foley
"Dis Beat Disrupts" produced by Clinton/McKnight
"Hollywood" produced by Clinton/Austin
"The Big Pump" produced by Prince/Clinton
"Maximumisness" produced by Clinton/Laswell
"Kickback" produced by Clinton/Shider/Foley
"The Flag Was Still There" produced by Clinton/Shider

Rating: RC: ***1/2

_Paint The White House Black_ (CD5) (1993)

Track Listing:

Paint The White House Black (single version) 4:19
{W Bryant, G Clinton, K Gordy, Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield}
Paint The White House Black (album version) 7:50
Picture This (street mix) {W Bryant, G Clinton, K Gordy} 6:48
Booty {G Clinton} 3:24
Paint The White House Black (instrumental) 5:40


Rating: RC: ***

_Music From the Motion Picture 'PCU'_ (1994)

Track Listing:

Erotic City (single) {Prince} 4:25
Stomp {Ralph Sall, G Clinton} 4:48
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker '94 (Give Up The Funk)
{G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell} 5:46
Erotic City (Extended Sweat Mix) 6:55
Stomp (Sir Nose Goes Off)
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker '94 (You Know The Words) 5:44
Erotic City (Super Groovestrumental) 4:36


Producer: Ralph Sall

Rating: RC: **1/2

*******George Clinton Comments:************************************

GZ: Clinton's Solo albums, later. If you want to get your feet
wet, get the _Greatest Hits_, _Computer Games_ and _Cinderella
-P. Funk All-Stars-

_Urban Dancefloor Guerillas_ (1983)

Track Listing:

Generator Pop {G Clinton/G Shider/D Spradley} 4:58
Acupuncture {D McKnight/G Clinton/W Walters} 4:20
One Of Those Summers {G Clinton/W Morrison} 4:35
Catch A Keeper {G Clinton/D Sterling/S Stewart} 5:46
Pumpin' It Up {B Bishop/G Shider/G Clinton/R Ford} 6:59
Copy Cat {D Spradley/L Clinton/G Shider} 5:11
Hydraulic Pump {G Clinton/S Stewart/J Giles/R Ford} 6:40
Pumpin' It Up (Reprise) :18


"Generator Pop"
Producers: George Clinton, Gary Shider
Arranger: David Spradley
Drums: Jerry Jones
Keyboards: David Lee Chong
Guitar: Gary Shider
Vocals: Gary Shider, Robert Johnson, Eddie Hazel, Mallia
Franklin, Jeannette McGruder, Lynn Mabry, Michael "Clip"

Producer: George Clinton
All Arrangements & Instruments: DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight
Sax: Norma Jean Bell

"One Of Those Summers"
Producers: George Clinton, Junie Morrison
Arrangements: Junie Morrison
All Instruments: Junie Morrison
Horns Arranged and Performed By: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker,
Richard Griffith, Larry Hatcher
Vocals: George Clinton, Junie Morrison, Janice Evans, Shirley
Hayden, Sheila Horne, Mallia Franklin, Jeannette
McGruder, and featuring Rev. Uriah from Planet

"Catch A Keeper"
Producers: George Clinton, Sly Stone
Arrangements: Sly Stone
Guitar: Tony Thomas
Bass: Donny Sterling
Keyboards: David Lee Chong
Drums: Dean Ragland
Electric Drums: Muruga Booker
Vocals: Dawn Silva, Sheila Horne, Jeannette McGruder, Michael
"Clip" Payne, George Clinton, Sly Stone

"Pumpin' It Up"
Producers: George Clinton, Gary Shider
Drums: Kenny Colton
Guitar: Eddie Hazel, Gary Shider
Bass: Eddie Hazel
Bass Synth: David Lee Chong
Keyboards: David Lee Chong
Vocals: George Clinton, Gary Shider, Robert Johnson, Gary Cooper,
Ron Ford, Michael "Clip" Payne

"Copy Cat"
Producers: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Gary Shider
Horn Arrangements: Horny Horns, Baltimore Connection
Guitars: Eddie Hazel, Gary Shider, Bootsy Collins, Michael
Bass Synth & Keyboards: David Lee Chong
Drums: Gary Cooper
Horns: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Greg Thomas, Greg Boyer, Bennie
Vocals: Robert Johnson, Mallia Franklin, Bootsy Collins, Debbie
Wright, Darryl Clinton, Rev. Uriah Boyington, Gary
Shider, Linda Shider, George Clinton, Gary Cooper,
Michael "Clip" Payne
Meows: Bone, Gary, P-Nut, Sheba, Tom & Pussy

"Hydraulic Pump"
Producers: "George Stone and Sly Clinton"
Guitar: Tony Thomas
Bass: Jimmy Giles
Drums: Dean Ragland
Keyboards: David Lee Chong, Sly Stone, Roger Dollarhide
Organ & Synth: Sly Stone, Roger Dollarhide
Vocals: Jimmy Giles, George Clinton, Sly Stone, Norma Jean
Jenkins, Bobby Womack, Phillip Wynne, Ron Ford, Mallia


GZ: **** RC: **** MM: ****


RC: the P-Funk All Stars Albums is better than many Parliament
albums. They wheel out Sly Stone for a couple of tracks, and
"Pumpin' It Up" and "Copy Cat" should be much better known.

MM: Urban Dancefloor Guerillas is good. "Pumpin' It Up" is a
great dance track. Mostly winners here.

_Live At the Beverly Theatre In Hollywood_ (1990)
{Recorded in 1983}

Track Listing:

P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) 2:20
Introduction of Band/
Do That Stuff 10:52
Cosmic Slop 10:13
Let's Take It To The Stage/
Mothership Connection/
I Call My Baby Pussycat 8:38
Give Up the Funk 12:47
(not just} Knee Deep 13:00

Maggot Brain 16:47
One Nation Under A Groove 9:06
Atomic Dog 9:58
Flash Light 4:58


Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Jerome Rogers
Horns: Greg Boyer, Bernie Cowan, Greg Thomas (The P. Funk Horns
aka Baltimore Connection)
Guitar: Michael Hampton, Eddie Hazel, DeWayne "Blackbyrd"
McKnight, Cordell "Boogie" Mosson, Gary Shider
Bass: Rodney "Skeet" Curtis
Drums: Dennis Chambers
Vocals: George Clinton, Lige Curry, Ron Ford, Robert Johnson,
Michael "Clip" Payne
MC and Flute: Maceo Parker


GZ: ? RC: ****1\2 MM: ****


RC: Until the 4-CD Greatest Hits Live set came out, this was the
best released live album from the funk mob. A classic lineup and
all the greatest hits. The "Maggot Brain", "Give Up The Funk"
and "Flash Light" are especially excellent. Note that the
cassette version does not include "One Nation". Writing credits
for these songs are noted in their studio release.

MM: I like the version of "Cosmic Slop" here. Of course, any
version of "Cosmic Slop" is great.


_Go For Yer Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume I_ (1992)

Track Listing:

Go Fer Yer Funk {G Clinton, W Collins} 9:52
Funk It Up {D Sterling} 8:46
These Feets Are Made For Dancin' (Foot Stranger) {R Dunbar} 4:12
Send A Gram {G Clinton} 5:32
Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are (demo) {S Stewart} 1:33
Better Days {Marvin Williams} 4:10
The Chong Show {W Collins, D Spradley} 5:07
Michelle {G Clinton, T Lewis} 12:24
Sunshine Of Your Love {Jack Bruce} 5:33
The Archeological Dig-Storytime with George (interview) 12:14


"Go Fer Yer Funk"
Artist: Parliament (1980) Producer: George Clinton
Featuring: Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, Horny Horns, James Brown

"Funk It Up"
Artist: Sterling Silver Starship (1981) Producer: Clinton/Ron Dunbar
Lead Vocals: Donny Sterling
Bass: Donny Sterling
Drums: Donny Sterling
Keyboard: Jerome Rogers, Donny Sterling
Guitar: Rodney Crutcher, Tony Thomas
Background Vocals: Parlet, Mahlia Franklin, Ron Dunbar

"These Feets Are Made For Dancing"
Artist: Ron Dunbar (1982) Producer: Clinton/Dunbar
Drums: Tyrone Lampkin
Bass: Cordell Mosson
Guitar: Garry Shider
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, David Spradley
Horns: Horny Horns
Vocals: Ron Dunbar, Parliament, Brides, Parlet

"Send A Gram"
Artist: Jessica Cleaves (1980-81) Producer: Clinton
Vocals: Jessica Cleaves
Drums: Ty Lampkin
Bass: Danan Potts
Keyboard: David Spradley
Guitar: Cordell Mosson, Ron Bremby
Background Vocals: Andre Williams, Tracey Lewis, George Clinton,
Sidney Barnes, Robert Johnson
Horn & String Arrangements: Bernie Worrell

"Who in the Funk..."
Artist: Sly Stone (1981)
Piano, Bass, Guitar, Vocals: Sly Stone
Guitar: Ron Ford

"Better Days"
Artist: Andre Foxxe (1984) Producer: Clinton/Garry Shider
Vocals: Andre Foxxe
Guitar: Marvin Williams
Keyboard: David Spradley
Background Vocals: Marvin Williams, Garry Shider

"The Chong Show"
Artist: Bootsy Collins (1979-80) Producer: Clinton/Collins
Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocals: Bootsy Collins
Keyboards, Background Vocals: David Spradley
Percussion: Carl "Butch" Small

Artist: Treylewd's Flastic Brain Flam (1978-79) Producer: Clinton
Guitar: Tracey Lewis, DeWayne McKnight, Garry Shider
Drums: Dennis Chambers
Bass: Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn
Keyboard: Gary Hudgins
Vocals: Tracey Lewis
Background Vocals: Kevin Shider, Andre Foxxe, Tracey Lewis, Patricia Curry,
Gary Shider, Linda Shider, Brides, Parlet, Ray Davis, Parliament,
Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Steve Pannel, Robert Johnson,
Tony Lafoot, Jessica Cleaves

"Sunshine of Your Love"
Artist: Funkadelic (1984) Producer: George Clinton
All instruments by: DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight

"Archeological Dig"
Interview with George Clinton

Rating: RC: **

_"P" is the Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume II_ (1993)

Track Listing:

Clone Communicado {G Clinton} 3:59
Does Disc Go With D.A.T.? (Simon Says) {L Greene, D Sterling, R Dunbar} 5:41
Shove On {J Giles, R Ford, L Curry} 4:27
Rock Jam {R Ford} 5:11
Love Is Something {J Callon} 6:37
Every Booty (Get On Down) {W Collins, G Cooper} 5:36
Personal Problems {T Lewis, A Williams} 4:00
Bubblegum Gangster {R Ford} 3:04
She's Crazy {Je. Ali, Jo. Ali} 5:32
Think Right {R Ford, G Clinton, L Curry, D Spradley} 6:52
In The Cabin Of My Uncle Jam (P is the Funk) {G Clinton} 6:11
My Love {P McCartney} 4:20
Interview 8:30
Commercials 2:50

"Clone Communicado"
Artist: Funkadelic (1976) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Guitar: Garry Shider, Glen Goins, Michael Hampton, Eddie Hazel
Keyboard: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Dr. Funkenstein (Archie Ivy), Ron Ford, Funkadelic

"Does Disc Go With D.A.T.?"
Artist: Parliament (1979) Producer: Clinton/Dunbar
Drums: Dennis Chambers
Bass; Donnie Sterling
Guitar: Gordon Carlton
Clavinet: Bernie Worrell
Horns: Horny Horns
Vocals: Lonnie Greene, Ron Dunbar, Donnie Sterling
Background Vocals: Parliament, Brides, Parlet

"Shove On"
Artist: Jimmy G (1981) Producer: Clinton/Ford
Drums: Dean
Bass: Jimmy Giles
Guitar: Ron Ford
Piano: David Lee Chong
Fender Rhodes: David Lee Chong
Lead Vocals: Jimmy Giles
Background Vocals: Parlet, Ron Ford

"Rock Jam"
Artist: Ron Ford (1980) Producer: Ford/Clinton
Drums: Dean
Bass, Guitar: Ron Ford
Keyboard: David Spradley
Background Vocals: Parlet, Ron Ford

"Love Is Something"
Artist: Brides of Funkenstein (1977) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Bass: Bill Nelson
Guitar: Jim Callon, Eddie Hazel
Clavinet, Synth: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Eddie Hazel, Brides, Jim Callon
Sax Solo: Eli Fontaine

"Every Booty"
Artist: Parliament (1979) Producer: Collins/Clinton
Drums: Frankie Waddy
Bass: Bootsy Collins
Guitar: Bootsy Collins, Michael Hampton
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Gary Cooper
Clavinet, Organ: Maceo Parker
Horns: Horny Horns
Percussion: Larry Fratangelo
Vocals: Funkadelic

"Personal Problems:
Artist: TreyLewd (1981) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Tony Davis
Bass: Steve Pannall
Guitar: Andre Williams
Vocals: Tracey Lewis, Andre Foxxe

"Bubblegum Gangster"
Artist: Ron Ford (1981) Producer: Ford/Clinton
Drums: Man In The Box
Keyboard: David Spradley
Guitar: Ron Ford
Background Vocals: Brides, Parlet

"She's Crazy"
Artist: Jerome & Jimmy Ali (1980)
Guitar: Jerome Ali
Bass: Jimmy Ali
Drums: Dennis Chambers

"Think Right"
Artist: Parlet & Brides (1980) Producer: Ford/Clinton
Drums: Kenny Colton
Guitar: Tony Thomas, Michael Hampton
Keyboards: Nestro
Bass: Ron Ford
Vocals: Parlet

"In The Cabin Of My Uncle Jam"
Artist: Funkadelic (1976) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Bass: Cordell Mosson
Guitar: Garry Shider, Michael Hampton, Glen Goins, Eddie Hazel
Keyboard: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Dr Funkenstein, Archie Ivy

"My Love"
Artist: Jessica Cleaves (1981) Producer: Clinton/Dunbar

George Clinton

Clinton and Bootsy Collins

Rating: RC: **1/2

_Bubblegum Gangster (remixes/CD5)_ (1993)

Double Bubble Mix (Radio) Vocal
Boomin' Bazooka (Club) Vocal Mix
Poppin' P. Mix (Instrumental)
Chiclets Pieces
Original Mix
{Ron Ford}


Featuring: Ron Ford, Brides, Parlet
Produced: Clinton/Ford 1981
Remixed: Scott Sumner 1993

Drums: Man In The Box
Bass: Ron Ford
Keyboard: David Spradley
Guitar: Ron Ford
Background Vocals: Brides, Parlet

Rating: RC: **


_Plush Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume III_ (1993)

Track Listing:

May Day (S.O.S.) {G Shider, L Shider} 5:36
Funkin' For My Mama's Rent 5:38
Booty Body Ready For the Plush Funk {D Sterling, R Dunbar} 6:47
I Really Envy the Sunshine {G Clinton} 6:32
Lickety Split {F Wesley} 5:44
Common Law Wife {G Clinton}
Superspirit {W Morrison} 5:20
Love Don't Come Easy {R Dunbar} 5:56
I Can't Stand It {A Williams, T Lewis, G Shider} 6:51
Monster Dance {R Ford}
We're Just Funkers {D Sterling, R Dunbar} 6:36


"May Day"
Artist: Funkadelic (1981) Producer: G Clinton/G Shider
Drums: Ty Lampkin
Bass: Rodney "Skeet" Curtis
Guitar: Gary Shider, Michael Hampton, Cordell Mosson
Keyboards: David Spradley
Vocals: Funkadelic, Brides, Parlet, TreyLewd

"Funkin' For..."
Artist: Gary Fabulous and Black Slack

"Booty Body..."
Artist: Sterling Silver Starship (1980) Producer: Clinton/R Dunbar
Drums & Bass: Donnie Sterling
Piano: David Spradley
Guitar: Tony Thomas, Rodney Crutcher
Vocals: Donnie Sterling, Ron Dunbar, Parlet, Brides

"I Really Envy the Sunshine"
Artist: Jessica Cleaves (1980) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Ty Lampkin
Bass: Cordell Mosson
Piano: David Spradley
Horns: Horny Horns, Brecker Brothers
Guitar: Brim & Blackbyrd McKnight
Vocals: Jessica Cleaves, Brandye

"Lickety Split"
Artist: Horny Horns (1979) Producer: Clinton/W Collins/F Wesley
Drums: Ty Lampkin
Bass: Bootsy Collins
Percussion: Larry Fratangelo
Clavinet: Bernie Worrell
Fender Rhodes & Sax: Maceo Parker
Guitar: Michael Hampton
Trombone: Fred Wesley
Trumpet: Rick Gardner, Richard "Kush" Griffith

"Common Law Wife"
Artist: Flo (1972) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Ty Lampkin
Bass: Cordell "Boogie" Mosson
Guitar: Gary Shider, Bootsy Collins
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell
Horns: Chicken Chopper, Randy

Arist: Junie (1978) Producer: Clinton/W Morrison
Drums, Bass, Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano, Moog Synth,
Vocals: Walter "Junie" Morrison

"Love Don't Come Easy"
Artist: Brides (1980) Producer: Clinton/Dunbar
Drums, Bass: Donnie Sterling
Guitar: Tony Thomas, Gordon Carlton
Keyboard: David Spradley
Percussion: Larry Fratangelo
Strings, Horns: David Van De Pitte
Vocals: Brides

"I Can't Stand It"
Artist: Tracey Lewis & Andre Foxxe (TreyLewd) & Flastic Brain Flam
(1981) Producer: Clinton/Shider
Drums: Tony Davis
Bass: Stevie Pannall
Guitar: Andre "Foxxe" Williams
Keyboard: David Spradley
Background Vocals: Parliament, Funkadelic, Brides, TreyLewd,
P.Funk All-Stars

"Monster Dance"
Artist: Ron Ford (1980) Producer: Ford
Drums: Kenny Colton
Bass: Jimmy Ali
Guitar: Jerome Ali
Keyboard: David Spradley
Background Vocals: Parlet, Brides, Parliament, Funkadelic

"We're Just Funkers"
Artist: Michael Hampton (1980) Producer: Clinton/Dunbar
Drums, Bass: Donnie Sterling
Keyboard, Piano: David Spradley
Rhythm Guitar: Tony Thomas
Lead Guitar: Michael Hampton

George Clinton

Rating: RC: ***1/2

_Greatest Hits Live 1972-1993_ (1993)

Track Listing:

1 Funk Gettin' Ready To Roll/I Got A Thing 11:47
{G Clinton, W Morrison}/{G Clinton, C Haskins}
2 Cosmic Slop 7:49
3 Give Up The Funk/May We Funk You 15:21
{G Clinton, B Worrell, J Brailey}/{G Clinton}
4 Red Hot Mama {G Clinton} 9:53
5 Into You {G Clinton, W Morrison, W Collins} 7:06
6 Standing On The Verge/Headstrong 13:50
7 /{G Clinton, T Lampkin, L Fratangelo}
8 Atomic Dog 11:44

Track 1: Howard Theatre: Washington DC, 11/2/1978
Track 2-6: Howard Theatre: Washington DC, 11/1/1978
Track 7: Hara Arena, Dayton, OH 1981

1 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Maggot Brain 12:50
{Kern, Harbach}/
2 One Nation Under A Groove 15:54
{G Clinton, W Morrison, G Shider}
3 Mothership Connection 7:24
4 Let's Take It To The Stage 10:14
5 Do That Stuff 6:01
6 Undisco Kidd 8:49
7 Children of Production 3:01
8 Electric Spanking of War Babies 4:19
{G Clinton, W Morrison}
9 Comin' Round The Mountain 4:31

Track 1-3: Howard Theatre, Washington DC 11/1/1978
Track 4-7: San Diego Arena, San Diego CA, 1/23/1977
Track 8: Bootleg 1981
Track 9: Bootleg Denver 1976

1 Funkentelechy/We Are The Funkadelic 24:17
{G Clinton}/{G Clinton}
2 Bop Gun {G Clinton, W Collins} 11:33
3 It Ain't Illegal Yet {G Clinton} 1:45
4 Flash Light {G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell} 4:52
5 Won't You Dance {G Clinton} 1:57
6 Quickie {A Williams, S Linn, R Evans, R Ford} 2:53
7 Aqua Boogie {G Clinton} 7:30
8 I Wanna Know If It's Good To You {G Clinton} 4:38
9 Up For The Down Stroke {G Clinton} 5:13
10 Hit It Or Quit It {G Clinton} 3:49
11 Gamin' On Ya {G Clinton, W Collins, B Worrell} 2:16
12 Put Your Hands Together {G Clinton} 2:12
13 Dog You Out {G Clinton} 2:57

Track 1-3: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA, 6/3/1978
Track 4: Bootleg, 1980
Track 5-9: Kawasaki Citta, Tokyo, Japan 8/5/1993
Track 10-11: Chicago 1993
Track 12: Kawasaki Citta, Tokyo, Japan, 8/7/1993
Track 13: Kawasaki Citta, Tokyo, Japan 8/6/1993

1 P.Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) 10:11
2 You Do Me {B Woods} 4:46
3 Nickel Bag of Solos 18:54
{G Clinton, G Hudge,G Boyer, D McKnight}
4 I Call My Baby Pussy 5:15
{G Clinton, E Hazel, B Nelson}
5 Babblin' Kabbabie {T Lewis} 2:44
6 Yank My Doodle/Sum'Else 3:02
{T Lewis}/{T Lewis}
7 First Things First {G Clinton} 6:26
8 Southwick {M Parker} 9:20
9 I'll Bet You {G Clinton, S Barnes, T Lindsay} 3:18
10 No Head, No Backstage Pass {R Bykowski} 2:24
11 Lifted {D McKnight} 7:58

Track 1: Chicago 1992
Track 2: Belita Woods: Chicago 1992
Track 3: Chicago 1992
Track 4: Kawasaki Citta, Tokyo, Japan 8/5/1993
Track 5: Louie Kabbabie, Kawasaki Citta, Tokyo, Japan 8/6/1993
Track 6: TreyLewd: Memphis TN, 1993
Track 7-9: Bootleg: Sugar Shack 1972
Track 10: Chicago 1992
Track 11: Los Angeles, 1981

1993 Tour Personnel:
George Clinton: Vocals
Garry Shider: Vocals, Guitar
Michael Hampton: Lead Guitar
Blackbyrd McKnight: 2nd Lead Guitar, Band Leader
Cordell Mosson: Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Andre Williams: Rhythm Guitar, Wedding Dress
Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn: Bass
Lige Curry: Bass, Background Vocals
Gary Hudgins: Keyboard
Ray Davis: Baritone Vocals
Barry Chenault: Drums
Michael "Clip Payne: Percussion, Vocals, Bullhorn
Belita Woods, Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson: Vocals
Greg Boyer: Trombone, Vocals
Greg Thomas: Sax, Vocals
Bennie Cowan: Trumpet
Louie "Babblin'" Kabbabie: Rapper
Star Cullars: Bass
Frank Waddy: Drums
Guy Curtis: Drums
Grady Thomas: Vocals
Underground Angel (Nichole Tindell): Rapper
Treylewd: Vocals, Guitar, Rapper
Carlos MC Murry: Sir Nose II

Producer: George Clinton

Rating: RC: ****1/2

Comments: RC: If this is George Clinton's answer to the bootleg concert
tapes that keep popping up, it's an eloquent one. Song credits are listed
when they differ from the originals, and they differ wildly here. Perhaps
this occurred as a result of putting this project together quickly.
There is an incredible assortment of live material here, although the
best by far is the 1978 material. The 1972 material is not of the greatest
quality, but it is very interesting. They also wisely put on one of
their best live triumphs ever: "Comin' Round The Mountain"! This is
from the Rocky Mountain Shakedown boot that's very popular, and it blows
away the original studio tune. The 1993 material is a little weaker,
but there's a lot of variety here. It's impossible to capture the full
experience of a P.Funk show on tape, but this comes pretty close.


_Testing Positive For The Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume IV_ (1994)

Track Listing:

Live Up (To What She Thinks Of Me) {G Clinton} 6:33
Secrets {S Barnes} 6:04
She Never Do's Things {T Lewis, A Williams} 5:26
Take My Love {G Cooper} 3:51
Just For Play {R Ford} 5:55
Off The Wall {W Morrison} 4:35
Get It On {J Giles} 4:25
Triune {W Morrison} 4:06
Superstar Madness {Muruga} 4:43
I Angle {R Ford, L Curry, T Thomas, D Spradley, G Clinton} 9:54
Twenty Bucks {R Dunbar} 4:43
To Care {R Dunbar} 4:22
Comin' Down From Your Love {N Diunti, P Madaray} 4:18


"Live Up"
Artist: Parliament (1975) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Bass: Bootsy Collins
Guitar: Michael Hampton, Gary Shider
Keyboard: Bernie Worrell
Background Vocals: Brandy
Horns: Horny Horns
Vocals: Parliament, Glen Goins

Artist: Sidney Barnes (1980) Producer: Sidney Barnes
Drums: Kenny Colton
Bass: Donny Sterling
Guitar: Michael Hampton, Tony Thomas
Keyboard: Nestro
Vocals: Sidney Barnes

"She Never Do's Things"
Artist: TreyLewd (1978) Producer: G Shider
Drums: Tony Davis
Bass: Stevie Pannall
Guitar: Gary Shider, Andre Williams
Keyboard: David Spradley
Background Vocals: Brides, Parlet, Funkadelic, Parliament

"Take My Love"
Artist: Brides (1977) Producer: Clinton
Drums: Tiki Fulwood
Bass: Bill Nelson
Guitar: Gary Cooper
Keyboard: Bernie Worrell
Vocals: Lynn Mabry, Dawn Silva

"Just For Play"
Artist: Brides (1980) Producer: R Ford/Clinton
Drums: Kenny Colton
Bass: Jimmy Ali
Guitar: Jerome Ali
Keyboard: Nestro
Vocals: Brides

"Off The Wall"
Artist: Jessica Cleaves (1978) Producer: W Morrison
All Instruments: Walter "Junie" Morrison
Vocals: Jessica Cleaves
Background Vocals: Junie Morrison

"Get It On"
Artist: Jimmy G (1981) Producer: R Ford
Drums: Dean
Bass: Jimmy Giles
Guitar: Ron Ford
Keyboard: David Lee Chong

Artist: Junie (1978) Producer: W Morrison
All Instruments: Walter "Junie" Morrison
Vocals: Junie Morrison

"Superstar Madness"
Artist: Muruga (1980) Producer: Robert Dennis
Drums: Muruga
Percussion: Muruga
Bass: Sly Stone
Bells: Louie Kabbabie
Guitar: Pat Larose, Muruga
Keyboard: Muruga
Vocals: Muruga, Shock-T

"I Angle"
Artist: Funkadelic (1980) Producer: R Ford/Clinton
Drums: Bootsy Collins
Bass: Ron Ford
Guitar: Tony Thomas, Eddie Hazel
Keyboard: David Lee Chong

"Twenty Bucks"
Artist: Brides (1980) Producer: R Dunbar
Strings/Horns: Wade Marcus

"To Care"
Artist: Four Tops (1978) Producer: R Dunbar
Drums: Jerry Jones
Bass: Rodrick Chandler
Guitar: Eddie Willis
Keyboard: Rudi Robinson

"Comin' Down From Your Love"
Artist: Nick Savannah and Dwarf (1981) Producer: G Shider
Drums: Merce
Bass: Peter Madaray
Guitar: Nick Savannah, Mike Tinn
Vocals: Brides, Dwarf

George Clinton

Rating: RC: ***

_A Fifth of Funk (Clinton Family Series Volume V_ (1994)


_Dance On the Wild Side (remixes)_ (1994)




Vol I: Contains four brilliant things: "Go Fer Yer Funk", wonderful Parliament
tune from 1980. James Brown pops up! "These Feets Were Made for Dancing",
a great Ron Dunbar tune. Then there's Sly Stone doing "Who In the Funk do
You Think You Are", all by himself. Then there's Blackbyrd McKnight doing
it all in a cover of Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love". On this, as on all
volumes, George comes on at the end in an interview, talking about all of
the acts, telling how they got their start or how they happened to be in
Detroit in the late 70's. Most of the stuff here is from the late 70's
and early 80's so there's lots from Ron Dunbar, Ron Ford, TreyLewd, Jessica
Cleaves, Andre Foxx, David Spradley, etc.

Vol II: The highlight is "Clone Communicado" a 76 tune that they used to hand
out at concerts. Very nice. Other highlights include two Parliament tunes:
"Does Disc Go With D.A.T." and "Every Booty Get on Down". Bootsy wrote that
last one. There's also a long jam called "P is the Funk".

Vol III: Things really start to get hot here. There's a song that should
have been on Electric Spanking called "May Day"--what a great song! The
Horny Horns chime in with "Lickey Split", a typical Horns number, which is to
say that it kicks ass. Junie pops up with a cool tune, and I'm a
great admirer of his--he was the genius behind One Nation, y'know.

Vol IV: Wow! There's a Parliament tune from 75 called "Live Up" with some
incredible singing--it rivals "Hand Cuffs". Then there's yet another great
Electric Spanking outtake called "I Angle", another sci-fi song, with Hampton
going wild. Superb. There are also two great Junie tunes. The only negative
are some weak fringe group tunes from groups like Nick Savannah and Dwarf.

As for the Sample Series, I have volumes I & II. Surprisingly listenable,
I love to put it on in the morning before I have to go to work--great for
sound bites. George is putting out some quality products, I'm really glad.
The jewel is the live set, and I also really like Smell My Finger, though
GC's voice sounds a little tired at times.

Foreign Releases -- Track Listing

RC: For those non-US released albums with a different track listing, I'm
listing them here. See US album for detailed information.

George Clinton -- European Releases

_George Clinton's Family Series, Volume 1_ (1993)

Go Fer Yer Funk
Funk It Up
Funkin' For My Mama's Rent
Send A Gram
Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are?
Better Days
The Chong Show
Sunshine Of Your Love

_George Clinton's Family Series, Volume 2_ (1993)

May Day (SOS)
These Feets Are Made For Dancin'
Booty Body Ready For The Plush Funk
I Really Envy The Sunshine
Lickety Split
Common Law Wife
Love Don't Come Easy
I Can't Stand It
Monster Dance
We're Just Funkers

_George Clinton's Family Series, Volume 3_ (1993)

Clone Communicado
Does Disc Go With DAT
Shove On
Rock Jam
Love Is Something
Every Booty (Get On Down)
Personal Problems
Bubblegum Gangster
She's Crazy
In The Cabin of My Uncle Jam (P is the Funk)
My Love

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