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Sep 7, 2021, 8:23:04 PMSep 7
I'm putting this into the public domain, as I prefer losing the credit
for it over the risk of being gang-stomped by thugs. Please feel free
to share it, republish it, record it, etc.

Delta Don
(To "Delta Dawn" by Larry Collins & ‎Alex Harvey)

Delta Don, where’s that mask you should have on?
You’re spreading COVID as you spread your lies!
You grift to make them pay, they are a-rallying there today
Then they go home and cough and wait to die

He’s this generation’s Typhoid Mary
He’s filled the hospitals and mortuaries
He should have focused first on public health
Instead he made a grab for power and wealth

He told the nation COVID was a hoax
Said his toxic remedies were only jokes
He sees no point in people wearing masks
He’s proud of people being anti-vax

Delta Don, the deaths go on and on
Three hundred thousand didn’t need to die
You could have spared their lives,
Those parents, husbands, wives,
And children lost — and just to feed your lies

(300,000, I hear you cry? Yes. The Lancet reported
that as of early February 2021, about 40% of the (then) 450,000
American COVID deaths could be attributed to the failures of the Trump
administration. That’s about 180,000 people. As of early September,
we’re up to 640,000 deaths, and now about 99% of deaths are of
unvaccinated people. And almost all of those are people who voluntarily
refuse to be vaccinated, rather than having a valid medical or religious
reason. So let’s assume that the fraction of people who have died
over this period due to allegiance to the Trump cause is an average
between 40% and 99%, or about 70%. (Because of the exponential nature
of the curves, that’s probably a low estimate, but it’ll serve as a
ballpark value.) The total number of people who died of COVID in that
period is 190,000, and 70% of that is 133,000. Totalling 313,000 COVID
deaths attributable to Trump and his allies... and climbing.)

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