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Mar 29, 1994, 6:31:47 PM3/29/94
Can anyone provide me with biographic info. on David Rodriguez?

I have his 1992 Deja Disc cd release _The True Cross_ (w/ the
extra track Deportee [duet w/ Lucinda Williams]). Anyone know
if he has any other releases available?

[Info. would be of benefit to an amigo in Sydney who is interested
in David and his music r.e. his D. Phil degree in Human Geography.]

muchas gracias,

- pleb retort

Bob Soron

Mar 29, 1994, 11:31:15 PM3/29/94
In article <1994Mar30.1...@waikato.ac.nz>,

The DejaDisc release was actually a rerelease of Rodriguez' fine
self-released "Man Against Beast." He also released "Avatars,
Angels, and Ashes" on cassette only in 1992. DejaDisc will no
longer be rereleasing indie tapes on CD, the owner told me during
SXSW, so you'll have to hunt up a copy in Austin. I'm sure that
Butch Hancock's shop, Lubbock or Leave It, has copies available
for sale, unless they sold a whole bunch in the week since I was
there. LoLI is at (512) 478-1688 (and tell Robin and Barbara,
who tend the shop, that I said hi!). If that doesn't work, though,
check Waterloo Records at (512) 474-2500. (You might want to check
in with Waterloo on general principle; they have, for US$2, a
catalogue of Texas music that includes a large variety of indie
releases not otherwise available. (Much of what's in the catalogue
is actually OP, but it's still a useful reference.)

"It's getting harder and harder to act weird" -- Bill Griffith via Zippy

Paula A Briggs

Apr 4, 1994, 12:35:54 PM4/4/94
David Rodriguez trivia:

David also has a j.d. and ran for the Texas Legislature in 1992 (he
lost, but that's okay, he's a better song writer than pol anyway, [one
woman's opinion]). David has a daughter, she must be 13 or 14 now, who
plays a mean fiddle. If you ever get to see them together it's worth
any price. You also might try the Chicago House in Austin to find the
tapes. Call info for the number or ask at Lubbock or Leave It.

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