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Jun 9, 2009, 12:12:31 PM6/9/09
Dear Sing Out readers and members:

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I inform you that the members of
the National Association of Blind Musicians at its annual meeting this
past Saturday, June 6, voted to boycott Sing Out! magazine and its
advertisers and to also ask the general membership of both the
National Federation of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind
to join forces in the boycott. This is the first such boycott in the
history of NABM.

The boycott is in protest of the Mark Moss, Executive Director of Sing
Out!, refusal to agree to provide the content of Sing Out! magazine in
a format that blind and visually impaired readers can access with
their own computers, and egregious hostility to the needs and civil
rights of visually impaired Sing Out! members as expressed by Mr. Moss
in email correspondence.

This boycott is scheduled to begin on Sunday, June 21, 2009, with a 1
PM ET press conference and official notification to Sing Out
advertisers. This timing is to support a seperate legal action to be
taken by visually-impaired Sing Out! members. A civil rights
complaint has already been filed with the US Department of Justice.

The members of NABM cordually request the Support of Sing out Members
and urge them to ask Executive Dircotor Mark Moss to reconsider his
position and formally agree to make Sing out! available in a
accessible format.


Greg Austin
National Executive Secretary
National Association of Blind Musicians

The National Association of Blind Musicians is non-profit organization
dedicated to making music education and educational materials
available to blind and visually impaired students.

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Mark D. Moss

Jun 29, 2009, 12:56:30 PM6/29/09
Anyone concerned with this charge/claim can consult the Sing Out! web site
to see that we *have* already made several accessible version of the
magazine available to subscribers and members ... with the assistance of
several folks in the blind community (including *actual* representatives
from the NFB and the Blind Musicians group). Greg Austin's first contact to
us included a threat of legal action and calling for a boycott, and after
futiley trying to explain to him several times that we wouldn't communicate
with anyone under threat, we gave up and simply continued trying to solve
the problem. (Representatives from the NFB and the NABM have explicitly
stated that Austin does *not* represent either organization, isn't even a
member, and that they *never* had any intention or interest in calling for
this boycott.)

Recognizing that for most of you this comes down to two people you don't
know carping at one another, I simply ask that you take a few small steps to
verify the issues at hand before spamming Austin's smear elsewhere (as has
already happened ... leading me to find his original post and respond).

Sing Out! is at: (look for the accessibility link at
the bottom of the page)
The NFB contact info is at:

Jack Campin - bogus address

Jun 29, 2009, 9:30:10 PM6/29/09
> Sing Out! is at:

Ever tried accessing that with Javascript turned off?

> (look for the accessibility link at the bottom of the page)

"we can supply the magazine on disc -- by special request -- in RTF format
which we understand can be used with screen reading software to make the
text in the magazine fully accessible"

If you'd bothered to test it you'd hardly put it that way, would you?

(It might work or it might not - being in RTF format alone doesn't
guarantee accessibility via a screen reader).

Greg may well be a nutter with a grudge. I haven't seen the magazine
in years and all I have to go on is your website's design. Which is an
incompetent botch that could hardly exclude the blind more effectively
if it was it was done on purpose; it actually manages to be worse than
Ryanair. Going by that, I have to assume Greg's right.

Stop the excuses, sack the designer and redo it. It should only take
a day or two's work to provide properly accessible alternatives to
your present methods of site navigation.

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Jun 30, 2009, 12:53:02 PM6/30/09
Sing!Out! has made its content available in an accessable format, so
as far as I am concerned the issue is over, and the complaint
previously filed with the Justice Department has been withdrawn.

That should be the end of it. Mr. Moss seems compelled to issue a
numberof false statements, I presume in an attempt to rewrite what
happened to put imself in a better light, considering how cotemptable
his actions have been, I can understand that he may be embarrased by
his actions. FWIS, I never mentioned anything about legal actions or
boycotts until after I received a number very angry and inteimdating
emails from Mr Moss which also made it absolutly clear that Mr. Moss
had no intention of doing anything to make Sing! out accessable.
Since Mr Moss seems to want to continue this sad episode of bad
behavoir, I will make all our communictions available to any who wish
to see it.

Sing Out! is now accessable, and that is what's important. what could
be a joyful and thanful event is simply one of great releif. I don't
have the desire to play oanyof Mr Moss's gameof personal attacks.
I've been through enough of that already. Lets hope he grows up

Greg Austin

On Jun 29, 12:56�pm, "Mark D. Moss" <>

> Sing Out! is at: for the accessibility link at

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