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James N. Stewart

30.07.2001, 21:31:5430.07.01
I take the liberty of forwarding the text that arrived unexpectedly today.
One thing does lead to another on the web. . . .

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your interest and for contacting me. I enclose here my
E-CATALOG for people interested in finding CD reissues of my earlier
work. Actually, I have a new CD in preparation for the GHB label with a
"hot jazz" band and will post that information when it's ready.

In the spring of next year I will celebrate my "Diamond Anniversary"
(75th birthday) and as most folks know, I'm not the diamond type. The
gift I want is the chance to connect with everybody, to sing again for
people around the country and have a look at what's going on out there.

I'm investigating the possibility of a chain of performances to
celebrate the great joy I feel at still being on the planet! My voice is
still strong, and my musical inclinations are as eclectic as ever, but
heavy on the blues these days. At a concert a couple of years back at
Berkeley's Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, I invited some of my old "hot
jazz" pals to play, as well as master folk instrumentalist Jody Stecher
and all-round great guitarist Johnny Lumsdaine, and we had a fantastic

On this 2002 tour, my oldest son Jesse Cahn (Rolf's son and a really
fine bluesman) would participate. I could also count on local friends to
join us on stage in many cities. What a thrill it would be!
I would appreciate hearing any ideas or suggestions on how to put this
together. Best of all would be finding someone interested in producing
the tour. Please email or write to the address below with any thoughts.
Warm Regards, Barbara Dane

Barbara Dane
Originally on Barbary Coast Records
Classic blues style, some by Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and Sippie Wallace.
Reviewers said "a voice like this hasn't been recorded in 30 years."
With several traditional jazz greats including Don Ewell, piano; Pops
Foster, bass; P.T. Stanton, tpt; Darnell Howard, clar.; Bob Mielke, tbn.
ON MY WAY (1961)
Originally on Capitol Records
Blues and gospel with updated sound. From original liner notes: "
Critics in every part of the country have hailed the artistry, the
kinetic impact and mesmerizing power of BD...She's heard here at her
best in 12 remarkable performances drenched with the blues." With Kenny
Whitson, piano & tpt; Wellman Braud, bass; Billy Strange, gtr; Andrews
Gospel Sisters; Rocco Wilson, congas; Earl Palmer & Jesse Sailes, drums;
Ray Johnson, guest pno on #10.
Originally on Dot Records
Time magazine said "The voice is pure, rich and carries the haunting
dusky legato that still echoes the New Orleans of 40 years ago....rare
as a 20 carat diamond."
Jazz backing by some of the best: Earl ""Fatha"" Hines, piano; Benny
Carter, tpt; Plas Johnson, tnr. sax; Herbie Harper/John Halliburton,
tbn; Leroy Vinegar, bass; Shelly Manne, drums
In addition to the above, which are not available elsewhere, there are
two CDs you can preview on CDNow and Amazon etc. They are:
Arhoolie CD-451
with Lightning Hopkins
Barbara and Lightning Hopkins improvise an intimate blues conversation,
recorded "live" at the Cabale in Berkeley, CA. This is followed by
eight more solo folk-style songs, some with Ray Skjelbred on piano
backing Barbara and her guitar. Recorded in 1964 and most of it released
for the first time in 1996.
Tradition TCD-1062
(originally "When I Was a Young Girl")
The only commercially released record of Barbara's purely folk song
repertory, with Tom Paley backing on guitar or banjo. Recorded in 1962
by Horizon and digitally restored for release on CD by
Rykodisc/Tradition in 1997.
You can order any of these directly from me, at $15 each plus $2.50
postage. If you order three or more, I will absorb the postage. Make
check to my name, and send it to:
Barbara Dane
4191 Fruitvale Ave.
Oakland, CA. 94602


01.08.2001, 20:48:1001.08.01
I was at one of the performances, and Barbara is alive and well. Age has not
taken anything from, and it would be in for the fight of his life to attempt to
try. One of my first images of Barbara Dane singing was on PBS (KQED) in the
Bay Area, and here is this Blond with short hair, singing in the Blues idiom,
with a large guitar and belting out Backwater Blues, with a very young Bob
Dylan, and a young Joan Baez. That set my direction in music for the next 41
years. In the passing of time, I was able to meet, so to speak Barbara Dane,
and she is the quintessential lusty woman. Her beliefs are strong, and she
don't back down. God Bless her and give her many more years. She is a one of a
kind, and because of her, we have singers named Judy Roderick, and Judy Henske
and Bonnie Raitt.

The Shadow

09.08.2001, 22:45:2009.08.01
It would be accurate to say that Ms. Roderick was a heavy influence on Ms. Raitt,
who came a good bit later. Her first album was very derivative of Judy in her
1961-65 years. Bonnie has in fact acknowleged the influence.


11.08.2001, 18:57:1211.08.01
And may I say that Judy Roderick is #2 on my list of urban blues women.
Unperplayed, underplublished and a secret know only to a few people, among them
the Shadow, who knows her best of all. Columbia still has not released her
album. The only one that I know of is Woman Blue on Vanguard on Vinyl and CD
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