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William Mahler

Jan 8, 2021, 6:24:37 PMJan 8

William Mahler
6:06 PM (15 minutes ago)
You think we should wait for 24 hours ?
I can't afford not to talk to you .
neitther can i
im writing obama
Writing Obama about what ?
how to get card quick
Can you get bitcoin ?
and you in formal writing from me as accepted 100% acces of me with excpetion well, 'nuke launch button press" netallity okay?
that is what i am giving you of me'
and its milia, understand got to be formal
in writing
Or I can send you someone zelle address
You can just send the money and , the person would just get me a physical card.
no mila
you direct no one else only you from here on out please
not with money
among other things
I can send you my cousin zelle address.
The money will be safe cause I will surely get the physical card .
I can't afford not to talk to you William.
Or did Obama told you how to get card ?
ah, he got words from ,me seconds ago
So my cousin zelle or wait for Obama ?
both lol
\i wish i could have shared my message to him
but i swear he said lightly and borderline sheerrly "okeeee"
this is wanted is what he said too
she is my friend i heard myself
I don't understand
mila my bad
William babe
No jokes, should I send my cousin zelle now ?
]but its entirel my way of giving ujnresitrirect nano second first hand raw data intelligence okay
i do believe due largely to your influence mila, be proud okay
Am proud of myself and am proud of you too babe
i mean, direct, peraonal national security top level information itself, the descprtion he got, is quite the reality i can accept he is fully aware of from me as to the total credibilty of a hijack threat that the fbi has publicaly said, is not credible
and that from the fed is an ourtright sign of stupidity to belieee and announce in every new york, dc and pennsylvania person
that is my sway in this to the most power people in the world
okay and i do bleieve he is totally belieinv without doubt as to the validity to this'
so, please, if at all i am teling you what it really is that is going to get to you probably like no other means of emotional leverls only a few nationawide experience
Babe did Obama said anything about the card or I should send my cousin zelle
I can't stop talking to you okay .
so, plase, you are that valuable in my opinion to be in this
not yet
i cant expect the president to tell google to move it
nor can i expect google to bleieve me as to why either
Can you make a screenshot if your chat to Obama where you asked about the card ?
i dont tell it to anyone like i did to obama got it
no, it was an onliine submission form
i cannot tell you how much confidence ive got in you okayu
thisi is is mu first risk to anyone since at least like this, almost no one got that tupe o fdirect info at that way entirely from me about anyone i plan to have in my life mila
no o ne
i explained to him, why the threat is credible
my resume of song
my lack fo support from famlly taht is largely what makes up my mentality
and my need to change that eitnriely
so, he also knows why you are getting a level of accees on the the level of being a vice president okay?
the only expection to what you are bound to accept is once my "nuclear misssle button has got my finger on it" its entirely me and my discretion as to what happens next
so, i am leaving rorm to tell you the influence you got on me like no other ever even janet morris, my exwfie and any president ata all
not even audrey kelly my platonic collaborator
to say the least, she is the only person in any capacity totouich the meaniing of absolute grief unelashed compeltly in her song" '
been down this road before"
coming from me
that frailty that emontial side to me, she got busted wide open
and she is my platonic friend, we never so much as hugged
might have shaken hands a couple of dozens of times
so, mila, im' yours
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