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news on Bill Laubenheimer

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Lee Gold XP

Jul 21, 2023, 11:49:28 PM7/21/23
Carole Parker (filker, wife of Bill Laubenheimer, also a filker) posted
on Wednesday afternoon: “Hubby in St. Boniface hospital.”

I emailed her, and she replied, “Bill died today in Winnipeg. Yes, you
can tell Barry.
You can tell others as well, but I ask that no medical information be on
Facebook, please.
“It was unexpected and without warning.
“We were about to order brunch when he had a heart attack.
Fortunately, Bill did not die in the restaurant.
“The hospital is the region’s heart specialty hospital, so he was in
good care. His body had a cascade of stuff happen, and the medical team
did their best.”

Lee Comment: I am stunned by this news. He looked young
(well, younger than Barry and me) and healthy and not overweight,
and I expected him to outlive me by a couple of decades.

Gary McGath

Jul 24, 2023, 11:06:44 AM7/24/23
It was quite a shock to all of us at NASFiC, where he was scheduled to
be on the filk program. Carole came to the con anyway and got lots of
support. Several songs were sung in his memory.

I had accompanied one of his songs, a Gilbert and Sullivan parody, a
couple of times.

Gary McGath

Paul Rubin

Aug 23, 2023, 4:32:18 PM8/23/23
OMG I just saw this a month later. I wasn't super well acquainted with
Bill, but do I remember him. Deep sympathy to Carol. :((((((
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