New Filk: A Song of Fin and Claw

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May 13, 2022, 1:18:33 AMMay 13
Note: This is a parody of "The Orange and the Green", obviously, but the tune is "The Wearing of the Green" which is a little different.
(Here's the John McCormack version for reference: )

A Song of Fin and Claw

lyrics by Susanna R. A. Miller, ttto: The Wearing of the Green

O it is the biggest mixup you've ever seen, by far,
My papa was from Innsmouth and my mama from Ulthar.
Though papa prefers swimming to walking down the street,
My mama favours firm dry land beneath her padded feet.
I know not how at first they met, but love is love, you see,
And they loved one another, and now they both love me,
And we do a lot of travelling by boat and motorcar
To visit all our relatives in Innsmouth and Ulthar.

My papa taught me how to swim with tiger strength and speed,
My mama taught me stealth and spring so I could hunt and feed.
Though farm and likewise garden gave nourishment to me,
I never tasted seafood for it might be family.
I met a wandering human, and he took me by the paw,
And he said "You're not alone my friend, for under Nature's law
many creatures live on landscapes and in aquatic scenes,
like frogs and toads and ducks and geese and seagulls and Marines."

But now that I am almost grown, with almost-grownup fears,
A distant eerie sound surrounds my keen and furry ears.
I woke up late this morning with eldritch aches and ills,
My whiskers look like barbels and my throat it feels like gills.
- O mama dear, o can you hear the ocean's urgent call
that tells me I must live with Pa if I'm to live at all?
- O don't be sad, my kitten; the seas are yours by right,
And ours is a dreaming city, you can visit every night!

Arthur T.

May 13, 2022, 2:09:43 PMMay 13
X-Lydia <> wrote:

>A Song of Fin and Claw

I'm not familiar with Innsmouth and Ulthar (HPL, yes? I found his
stuff unreadably bad), but I still enjoyed your filk. I didn't quite
LOL, but did get a large smile at "Marines".

I also just realized that I've never actually heard The Wearing of
the Green, just parodies like Orange and the Green. Thanks for the
link - I'll have to listen *real soon now*.

Arthur T. - ar23hur "at" pobox "dot" com
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