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New filk: Sing Us Your Song

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Arthur T.

Jan 12, 2024, 5:02:59 PMJan 12
Title: Sing Us Your Song
ttto: Sweet Baby James by James Taylor

There is a young filker
With half-octave range
He sits in the circle
Sings to all us companions

He sings us new lyrics
This is why there are filk cons
Learning new filk songs
And keeping things strange

And as he intones it
His words are on fire
We all are transported
By words that we hear

At end of his song
Our emotions climb higher
His voice is not good
But his meanings are clear
From monotones beauty appears

So come you so-so singer
Come let us all hear your song
Don't be afraid
We will not be dismayed
We know well this is where you belong
So, come let us all hear your song

My lyrics copyright 2024 by Arthur Tansky. License granted for
non-commercial, non-political archiving and performance as long as:
1. copyright notice is maintained, and
2. no money changes hands.

Arthur T. - ar23hur "at" pobox "dot" com

Guessing a lyricist's opinions from his songs is as futile as
guessing an author's opinions from his novels.
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