Music of the Right

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Gary McGath

Jul 21, 2021, 8:43:37 AMJul 21
This song about Tipper Gore's demands for warning labels on records is
over 20 years old, but it's become relevant to current trends in some
corners of filk.

I should add this to my "pushing the edge" set.

Music of the Right
Words: Gary McGath, Copyright 2000
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Music of the Night” from _Phantom of the Opera_

Once you thought that I was rather shady,
But now see me, I’m the second lady.
You can’t fight the censors, abandon your defenses,
I am the one who’ll bring you to the light,
For I control the music of the right.

All your filksongs, put them on the table,
I will give each one a warning label.
You must be protected, Guided and directed,
And harmful songs must stay out of your sight.
They don’t fit with the music of the right.

Close your ears, for your ears will only tell the truth,
And the truth’s not what I want you to hear.
You will find it is easy to pretend
That the truth is mine to commandeer.

“Ladyhawke” is bestial, though Platonic.
“Bloodchild”’s gross; “Hellraiser” is demonic.
What’s that song you’ve got there
About a chocolate eclair?
All these songs I'm longing to ignite,
For I control the music of the right.

Gary McGath
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