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Arthur T.

Aug 19, 2021, 12:52:30 AMAug 19
The scansion is totally irregular and I don't know if I managed to
match it, especially in the last verse.... And there are at least two
versions sung by Kermit with different scansions of the "wonder why"
repetition. I went with the one I have a midi of (and which seems to
match <>).
(In other words, it's not easy filking Green....)

Let me know if you see problems.

Title: It's Not Easy Being Green
ttto: It's Not Easy Being Green by Joe Raposo

It's not easy being green
Having to spend each day just learning basic skills
And I dream of one day later when I know all of this stuff pat
And confident and comfy at my job

It's not easy being green
All the old pros tear their hair when they see you make simple
Other people just ignore you because they're
Too busy to be bothered with some simple newbie
Who doesn't know dirt

But while I'm green, I can learn
And building skills can be a joy
Expanding my mind and I'm growing
And I look at all the others
And see what I'll be

You're green and you hurt 'cause of that
But I say, "Enjoy this time, and you'll soon see
You will learn. I was green and I'm doing fine.
All life is growth.
Always stay green at something to live well."

My lyrics copyright 2021 by Arthur Tansky. License granted for
non-commercial, non-political archiving and performance as long as:
1. copyright notice is maintained, and
2. no money changes hands.

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guessing an author's opinions from his novels.
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