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Song: "Bothsidesism Now"

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Gary McGath

Mar 18, 2023, 8:07:38 AM3/18/23
Bothsidesism Now
Lyrics: Gary McGath, copyright 2023
Music: Joni Mitchell, "Both Sides Now"

Students shouting speakers down,
And mobs demanding, "Leave our town!"
They look at free speech with a frown
And want it thrown away.

Another crowd whose sights are set
On regulation of the Net,
They claim they're for free speech, and yet
They never act that way.

I've seen attacks from both sides now,
From left and right and still somehow
A "bothsidesist" is what I'm called.
I'm told that I'm not fair at all.

Cries that Trump should have all power,
To save us in the darkest hour,
So that all of his foes will cower,
But those foes said, "Resist."

Now another man holds sway
And those who urged resistance say
That he should always have his way.
They firmly do insist.

I've looked at power on both sides now,
From red and blue and still somehow
A "bothsidesist" is what I'm called.
I'm told that I'm not fair at all.

Two gangs feuding, each one claims
The other one bears all the blame,
Yet in the end, they're both the same,
Except perhaps for style.

They want me to pick a side,
But when I see how much they've lied,
Their claims of virtue I deride,
I groan and say they're vile.

I'm getting flak from both sides now,
But I am not about to bow.
If "bothesidesist" is what I'm called,
I'm proud to be one, after all.

Gary McGath
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