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Arthur T.

Nov 12, 2023, 5:22:17 PM11/12/23
Title: Echoes in Your Mind
ttto: Windmills of Your Mind by Michel Legrand / Alan & Marilyn

Though at first it seems so harmless,
Just a simple, lilting song
But you find you can't forget it
And its grip on you is strong
You try all the things you've heard of
Sing it through or pass it on
Still it haunts you through the nighttime
And it's still there at the dawn

You can't concentrate on working
'Cause it rattles in your brain
Yes, indeed, you have an earworm
It's the cause of so much pain
This misfortune of mankind
It reechoes in your mind

Maybe started seeming lovely
Maybe hated from the first
But it doesn't really matter
It has now become the worst
Other songs can only pause it
But you realize you are screwed
When it comes back strong as ever
To destroy your hopeful mood

It has grabbed onto your brainstem
And refuses to let go
And you wish you'd never heard it
As its hold on you still grows
Though you still are not resigned
It reechoes in your mind

You can fight it with folk music
You can fight it with the blues
You can fight it with some disco
Doesn't matter; you still lose
You can try some meditation
You can try hypnosis, too
But whatever you are trying
It still sticks to you like glue

Seems some people don't get earworms
They've no sympathy for you
For they do not understand that
They are of the lucky few
So, as bad as is the earworm
Just as bad is their blithe scorn
But if both of them don't stop soon
It is more than can be borne

Now it doesn't seem so harmless
This perpetual refrain
You have lost all concentration
It's still there and it seems plain
That you have no way to find
How to get it unentwined
It reechoes in your mind

My lyrics copyright 2023 by Arthur Tansky. License granted for
non-commercial, non-political archiving and performance as long as:
1. copyright notice is maintained, and
2. no money changes hands.

Arthur T. - ar23hur "at" pobox "dot" com

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guessing an author's opinions from his novels.
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