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W. Randy Hoffman

Jun 2, 2022, 9:26:04 PMJun 2
Crossposting: Confluence (July 29-31, 2022, at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport Hotel, is happening in less than two months and the music track is shaping up to be exceptionally good this year (see below). However, both preregistrations and hotel reservations in our room block are lower than they have ever been this close to the event dates. PLEASE IMAGINE NASTY TRIPLE UNDERLINING HERE: Unless a lot more folks come to the con than we're currently on track to bring in, the convention organization will lose a lot of money and this year's Confluence will be the last.

Just to remind you again about the concerts that will be happening during the weekend:
Featured Music Guest Tim Griffin (filker and science/education songwriter)
The Darkest Timeline (SF-themed rock duo)
Sarah Donner (nerdy acoustic folk-rock songwriter)
Sara Henya (SF/fantasy harpist)
KIVA (pagan/fantasy folk-rock band)
Middle Spoon ("super queer and poly positive" folk-rock band)
Muggle Snuggle (wizard-rock duo )
Night Watch Paradox (steampunk band)
Chuck Parker (filker)
Triforce Quartet (videogame-music string quartet)
With open filking, American Sign Language interpretive performance for selected concerts by Filk Hall of Famer Judi Miller (yay Judi!), sound engineering by new Filk Hall of Famer Mark Peters (belated congratulations, Mark!), and equal amounts of organization and disorganization (as well as Filk Mad Libs) by Filk Hall of Famer yours truly.
Plus: Guest of Honor Neil Clarke (editor of Clarkesworld magazine); many other authors, editors, and artists; and a live comedy D&D session by Pittsburgh's legendary Knights of the Arcade!

We know that the pandemic is far from over (masking and full vaccination will be mandatory for attendees) and that everyone has a lot of competing priorities, but we hope that you'll consider (or reconsider) attending anyway, because we need you!!
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