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Billy Cowsill does Dylan

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don freeman

Jun 17, 2002, 6:52:13 PM6/17/02
The opening track on the sensational live album by the Co-Dependents is
"I'll Be Your Baby Tonight," and it's the best new Dylan cover I've
heard in a while, and I've heard a bunch. The Co-Dependents are Billy
Cowsill and some local Calgary musicians from where Billy is now

Most people think of the Cowsills as some silly band from the bad old
days, but both Billy and Susan Cowsill have been making some great music
since the demise of their Partridgesque family group. Billy lived in
Vancouver for a number of years and was highly respected as a local
performer. I shudder to think of the economic forces that drove him to
Calgary, but this album is a knockout.

"I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" opens the Co-Dependents album, called "Live
Recording Even." The rest of the songs are mainly covers, and they're
just as good: Devil Woman, Long Gone Lonesome Blues, That's All Right,
All Shook Up, Anna, Sweet Nothin's, Out of Time, Far Away Eyes, Secret
Agent Man, and Bye Bye Johnny. The original songs they do are pretty
good too.

The cd is on Indelible music inc, or Indeliblemusicinc, a new Canadian
label I've never seen before. Zulu Records, Vancouver's greatest cd
store, had it on their listening post, and if you can't find it anywhere
else, try phoning them at 604 738 -3232

Michael H Skliar

Jun 17, 2002, 11:49:32 PM6/17/02
great post, , thanks..

plus i gotta love anyone who used the word -

:) :)


don freeman <> wrote in message

Jun 18, 2002, 10:32:28 AM6/18/02
In article <>, don freeman <>

The band plays in various venues in and around Calgary. They play most
weekends in the Mecca Cafe - a small rib-joint with great ambience.

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