David Crosby on Dylan

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Nov 2, 2003, 4:08:45 PM11/2/03
In November MOJO, David Crosby is quoted on
the film "Easy Rider":
"That was an amazing movie. And the music!
The way they originally had it was at the end
where the guy with the shotgun drives by and
BLAM! they blow Dennis off the bike and the
bike blows up, as the shot starts to pull back
there's Dylan's scratchy voice going 'And a
question in your nerves is lit and there is no
answer that's fit,' and it was the most perfect
juxtaposition of music and film that I've ever
heard or seen in my life. It was better than the
score to Out Of Africa! And Dylan didn't let them
use it! Bob is not that smart about movies."
(Wish he'd quoted from the song correctly, but

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