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Merry Xmas - an oldie (poem)

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Dec 25, 2023, 9:43:35 AM12/25/23
Who is Bob Dylan’s Wife? / (formerly titled Waitress)

And so I sit and wait
Not a glamorous life by far
Not some famous model
Not a movie star

The house is quiet
Save for some air
Cooling the room down
Breathing soft and fair

All alone in her nest
Not a soul in her midst
Will he remember her
Is he bringing a kiss

Twenty long years
She waits on and on with hope
May as well be in a prison
Eyes on a rope

Clowns make their jokes
The writers share poems
Another face in the window
Just a woman in a home

Why bother to stay
Why bother hanging on
Round and round goes the tour
A dream all but gone

How many more years
Will she wait for her man
Everything seems pointless
This game in the sand

The beaches are filled
With bodies and dreams
Is anything even
At all what is seems?

A long drawn out sigh
It almost doesn’t matter
The passion dies out
The years make it sadder

So onward and upward
Go along with your game
Nothing has changed
It’s all still the same

Only a girl in her crib
Just a-waitin’ for you
Waiting to live
To start life anew

If this ain’t enough
If I’m not what you desire
You should never have started
To kindle the fire

I’m tired and I’m worn
I’m beat and I’m through
Please just come back
I’ve tried till I’m blue

I can’t wait no more
I’m giving up hope
What a fool to believe in you
The world’s biggest dope

So I’m here if you ever
Can manage to wake up
We can start over refreshed
From Heaven’s drinking cup

The close of this rhyme
Is begging for me to send
I just miss my best friend
I’m stuck with him ‘till the end



Dec 31, 2023, 7:14:16 PM12/31/23
a glaring editing error

May as well be in prison, not A prison....

but now on a mini-vacay in rehab! (snf for a bad accident, can't even get out of bed for any reason....think about it....)


Jan 1, 2024, 6:32:14 PMJan 1
it's just crazy how you can read something OVER and OVER.....and miss it. (ha ha)

The beaches are filled
With bodies and dreams
Is anything even
At all what is seems?

obviously, another typo.

is = it


Jan 1, 2024, 7:08:13 PMJan 1
wow, i didn't see it, but actually, that was a rather curious creation of my flittering fingers, no? is is, that is.


Jan 2, 2024, 12:30:06 PMJan 2
Rehab is for quitters but if you do quit please send your stash to me for safekeeping.


Jan 2, 2024, 12:58:42 PMJan 2
my housekeeper has been smuggling it out....unless of course, i used it all up, without realizing it.
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