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Craig Pinkerton

Feb 5, 2002, 1:38:26 PM2/5/02

Sorry to post this publicly, but my emails to you over the past few days get
returned. I just tried your site again, and it's still down.

I'm sorry to hear of the troubles with your site.
I know that you take issue with I've read your most recent
jabs at dylantree. While I don't understand your attitude, I have no
ill-feelings towards you, and CERTAINLY don't want to see attacks against
your site. I've seen other AngelFire sites down as well, however. Is the
problem with them?
If these are truly attacks only against you, I would like to offer you a
temporary haven for your site at bobsboots 'till you can get things cleared
up. I will donate the space in order to show a united front against attacks
of any Dylan related site.

Let me know,

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