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Finally updated webpage

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May 14, 2007, 3:26:10 AM5/14/07
Finally gave my webpage a much-needed update.

WBLM = Marking this as returned, according to posts here. It's been
on-again off-again for years now. I evidently jumped the gun when
dropping them from the page a few months ago, since evidently, they're
back. The time they play the show seems to be inconsistent, and they
don't play it every week, though.

KEGR = New station! A good one, too.

WOZZ = Another new station! Not to be confused with KOZZ, which was a
former station.

Did a lot of updating of the "graveyard", of stations that formerly
carried the show but no longer.

Tried to account as best I remembered, for our old friends: KURE,
WIPS, KOZZ, my hometown station KOZT, and let's not forget WQMA.

Buried WKTG and WTKW. WKTG seems to have dropped all streaming
entirely from their homepage, and WTKW at least has the courtesy to
tell us why (rate hikes, natch).

Also, by burying WTKW, the time has come to declare Windows Media the
winner. For the first time ever, 100% of all remaining stations are
Windows Media.

Thus, I'm dropping the classification by format from the page. As of
now on, it will just be sorted by time of day. Since most modern
media players these days are getting good at playing each other's
format anyways, there isn't the need anymore to download a grab-bag of
individual players, like there was in the early days of online

A question about some remaining stations.

WPYX, KLFX = Clear Channel stations. Haven't heard Dr. D in weeks on
these. Has the show been dropped for sure? Couldn't find any
postings on this newsgroup recently. I couldn't imagine a huge
corporation like Clear Channel actually giving in to Talonian's demand
to be paid for the show. (Isn't radio supposed to work the other way

WKIT, KYYS = I know both of these independently-owned stations loved
playing Dr. D back in the day. Has Talonian gotten to them too, or
are they still playing?

Also, I know the links at the bottom are badly outdated. I'll get to
them soon. Suggestions are welcome!

Try to Stay Demented if possible,

R H Draney

May 14, 2007, 4:49:58 AM5/14/07
Krellan filted:

>Finally gave my webpage a much-needed update.
>Also, I know the links at the bottom are badly outdated. I'll get to
>them soon. Suggestions are welcome!

One that especially needs fixing is "The Doctor Is In!" that's still going to

I believe the new page is


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May 14, 2007, 4:55:25 PM5/14/07
KYYS streams the show
"R H Draney" <> wrote in message

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May 14, 2007, 7:18:43 PM5/14/07
I think the Doctor ain't currently on WKIT or WPYX. (So Stephen King's
station didn't carry the Doctoe's Bobby Borris Pickett memorial!)

WPYX's decision is probably due to the impossibility of competing with
the dementia of the New York State legilature.

Also, WBLM didn't carry it last night and some weeks it has seemingly
carried only one hour.

By the way, CHUMFM.COM has a one hour funny program at 11 PM EDT and
it is streamed by HTTP MP3, buried in a Macromedia Flash control in a
browser box.

Wayne S Garmil

May 16, 2007, 12:38:09 PM5/16/07
In article <>,

Tester <> wrote:
>WPYX's decision is probably due to the impossibility of competing with
>the dementia of the New York State legilature.

Heh! Not quite. The WPYX programming director just got frustrated
over never knowing if they would have that week's show or not. For
a number of months, they were always missing 1 or 2 shows a month due
it never arriving. In the end, he cancelled the show effective April
1st when that show as well did not arrive. I think WPYX only got one
of the four March shows, so I can understand why he made this

My speculation is: Talonian kept "forgetting" to send the show to WPYX
due to them streaming it online. So I wonder when KEGR will start
having the same missing show problem.


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